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Hey, new beekeepers! If you are in the US Birmingham area and are looking for bees, I am starting a beesness called Hive Dynamics that involves giving colonies that I extract to new beekeepers for a super low price! I get calls for extractions and removals from all over now, so I’ll probably have plenty of bees soon.

Want bees?
It will work like this:

First, all you must do is give me your contact information, and I will tell you your place in the “bee queue”. Then, once I am called for an extraction, I will call the next person in the queue to let them know. Once the bees are in my possession, or about to be, I will call you so that we can schedule a place to meet so that I can give you your bees! You don’t have to pay a cent before you get the bees, because there is no guarantee that I will get them myself. I will be sure to tell you whether or not I know for sure that there is a queen, and any other suggestions relating to the colony and it’s wellbeing. If there is comb you will get it, and any queen cups or cells that I find will be given to you too. I will only be able to hold the bees for about one day before putting them in a temporary hive, so if you want the colony price without the hive box, it will need to happen quickly. Bees don’t like being kept in buckets.

I’m thinking of charging 70$ per colony, but I’m not sure if that is too much considering the uncertainty. If you have any sort of ideas as to how I could make this process better or smoother in any way, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m here to get more bees in to more homes, and want to do it as efficiently as possible. The hive boxes that they will be transported in after a day will simply be 5-sided wooden boxes with a hatch lid and a hole in it. Nothing fancy, but just a place for them to settle down in. Pre-waxed frames or top bars may be added for ease of access and transfer. They will add approximately 35$ to the total price. This price may vary as time goes on so don’t hold me to it. Xp

Please spread the word too! I can’t really advertise much, so word of mouth is basically all I have. I will hopefully have a website soon, so that will be nice too.

Horus Lupercal

The road to Terra is open. The time has come for us to take the war to the Emperor in his most impregnable fastness! We will make immediate preparation for the invasion of Terra and an assault on the Imperial Palace. Make no mistake, and it will be ours, my brothers! This will be no easy task, for the Emperor and his deluded followers will fight hard to prevent us from interfering with his plans for godhood. Doubtless much blood has yet to be spilled, theirs and our own, but the prize is the galaxy itself…Are you with me?"— Warmaster Horus, Master of Istvaan

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Marching back home after a hive check. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #bees #beehive #beekeeping #urbanbeekeeping #armadalerooftophoney #cioccolatabella (at Armadale, Victoria, Australia)

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scaldedcoffee  asked:

How the hell do you get rid of ants in your house. I think theyre carpenter ants bc our old wooden house is old and falling apart, but tbh there are bigger ants I think are carpenter ants and smaller ones everywhere. If you aren't familiar with this already please don't go out of your way to help me but it you happen to know any good ways to deter them I'd be super appreciative. 🐜🚫 tbh if they were bees I would be cooler with that than ants lol

Before the bees I was made queen of an ant colony residing beneath my warehouse. The only thing that worked after literally months was practically costing my residence in cinnamon and orange oil. All the entry points. Whole house still smells like a damn pastry.

I also recommend getting a b vitamin complex. Grind it up and use it like a salt line to vanish demons. Put it at all the entry points so that they must walk through it. It eats them, but not before they take it home to their hive.

I had another experience recently. A friend had ants and made an offering of a bag of cheap dog food. The ants built their hive in it and stayed out of the house. However, my ant cake did me no good. Instead, I ended up with more bloody ants.

Baking soda strewn about their exit points is also effective at blocking them, because they don’t like walking over it.

This is the sum total of my knowledge of repelling ants.

I don’t think that Horuss and I would be able to share homes anytime(and I mean anytime) soon after getting together. I think he’s got a lot of hardware everywhere, like an organized chaos. He thinks it’s totally organized  and I look at it like it’s some kind of mechanic nightmare. Gears, bolts, sheet metal and scraps everywhere. Piles yes, but it’s everywhere. It doesn’t bother him but I gotta’ take deep breath and understand he’s got his way while I keep my home pristine and a safe haven for everything else. 

okay but I’ve gotten to the point where I actually love the idea of Dave and Karkat knowing right away that they’re gonna build a home (hive) together but then also deciding to ask Jade if she wants to be their roommate because she spent so much time alone without anyone that they know she doesn’t want to live alone and they don’t want that for her so they’re like “okay obvi she can room with us”, but what I can’t  decide on is if they both right away bring it up casually like “Yo Karkat, my dude my love, we should ask Jade if she wants to room with us, yeah?” “Dave, I could not agree more.” OR if they both think they should ask Jade to room with them, but they’re also both worried the other won’t be on board so they don’t bring it up directly they just kind of skirt around the idea while they’re building the hive like “So we should definitely build a guest bedroom, in case we have guests.” “Dude good call. A guest room, in case, someone needs to stay with us, you know, hypothetically.” and these conversations go on for awhile until finally they both can’t deal and one of them just shouts “I THINK WE SHOULD ASK JADE TO BE OUR ROOMMATE!!” and the other is just like “OH THANK GOD!!!!” “YOU THINK WE SHOULD ASK JADE TO BE OUR ROOMMATE??” “YES!!!!!” and they’re both so happy and relieved that they’re on the same page the the conversation quickly devolves into them talking about how much they love each other, and now they’re both crying for some reason