at his point there's a lot of awesome characters on the other side


I’ll just start this off by axing off a HUGE group of characters right off the bat: the traitor is not a teacher, has to be from class A and cannot be from any other class, and is not a “minor” member of class A, such as Mineta or Sero. I am assuming that those characters who have been somewhat involved in the main plotline of the story are those that have the potential to be the traitor. After cutting it down from that, I’ll just run through specific instances.

Of course it’s not Midoriya, or the story would make no sense; same with Bakugou due to having been kidnapped. I’m cutting out Iida, Todoroki, and Momo for their involvement in helping to rescue Bakugou in the AfO arc, and also because they all have a family history in heroics.  Froppy I’m cutting out more because of the way the story is written makes her a really awkward fit as traitor. Denki is one of the theories I’ve seen floating around, but I think that from the most recent arc, there’s a little too much leaning away from Denki having the capacity for being a traitor.

Kirishima, although I definitely wouldn’t be too surprised if it did turn out to be him, still doesn’t fit the bill for me. My initial reason was that Kirishima obviously wants to save Bakugou from the villains during that particular arc - he initiates the entire thing. While even despite on that, I was open to the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, but thinking on it there are two other reasons I can’t sink my teeth in. The first is that Kirishima is just… so honest?? and also Bakugou’s kinda-probably best friend? If the villains really wanted Bakugou to join the villain side, Kirishima probably would have known, and also he could have easily spoken to Bakugou about STUFF and weeded out whether or not Bakugou was really villain material. He also strikes me as honest enough to bide his time with Bakugou and then when the time came, literally just saying ‘hey, Bakugou join me on the villains’ side.’

My second reason is crucial: Kirishima is just not AS close to Midoriya as pretty much every other main character. While I’m sure Midoriya would be upset if Kirishima was the traitor, it wouldn’t have the same effect as a lot of the other main characters in the series. The shock factor for Midoriya, appropriately, would be more like “oh no, how could you?”  and I don’t think that’s what Horikoshi wants. Good traitor reveals are big, painful, and close to the heart. They’re someone who the main character trusts, and a lot of the time, a character who’s been there from the start.

So who is left?

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I was wondering if any [past or present] Jonerys, Pro-Daenerys fans like myself feel this way.....?

Firstly Id say please be nice i just enjoy analyzing the shit out of fandoms I like, (im a history/polysci major ((with an emphasis on Peace Justice and & Conflict Studies)) all i do is analyze and try to be diplomatic lmao) but considering all they petty drama between both ships as well as pro/anti Daenerys stans ON BOTH SIDES I’m going to be “That Person” and at least ask for people to be respectful/civil, I want to hear from everyone and their metas/what they think which is why i tagged like, all the tags, no matter if you love her/the ship or cant stand it, as long as everyone can keep civil

So firstly I’ve loved Dany both books and show from the beginning. She’s gorgeous, wants to be the best person she can be, and her hair/fashion style game is always ON POINT.  That being said, somewhere around season 5 i think i’ve found my opinion on her cooling a little bit, ep after ep, till now. Like I still like her bc she was my first character love on the show but I’ve def soured in my opinion on her. Maybe it’s because I love learning about the subject that im more baised (im hoping thats the case) but she just seemed to have no interest in actual governance, just the reputation (esp of being the ‘rebel queen’)/the awe/the power/the thrill of the adoration that went along with it to the point where I feel like though she still wants to be a ‘good queen’ or at least wants to be seen that way, she doesnt want to do much work for the title. Like yeah she freed all the slaves and that was a def progressive and awesome move on her part (major props! slavery is sin and im glad someone recognized that who had the power to do something about it) but she didnt handle that aftermath or ensuing problems well at all nor really mulled heavily on the subject to find the best solution. She just got fustrated with pretty basic/common (albeit complex in themselves) issues of standard governance and kind of went agh! fuck this! (obv not actual quotes but that was the vibe I got). And then ESPECIALLY after season 7 her character has kind of nagged at me in the back of brain which i hate but its inherent like its just a feeling i cant help it?? I just dont know why to be honest that Im feeling so negative towards this character i used to love.  The whole ‘ bEnD thE knEe ‘ thing w/ Jon and yet pinning it on Jon’s pride not equally on his and her own was more than a little hypocritical, when hon they can discuss it later like at that point they have two common enemies the WW and Cersei they both want to do away with, and then again with the Bend the Knee or Die bit w/ the Lannister soldiers. In fact the whole sequence before that point felt kind of villinous I dearsay, I mean  deliberately burning the harvest that most of westeros needs for the winter or even strategically not willing to try, and well, nOOt intentionally burn the food considering its winter, the harvest is over (so likely not much is gonna grow in the time being) when she has a G I A N T ass army of her own to think of feeding???? Like i get it is war shit happens soldiers die but the F O O D ? Was that an impuslive in the moment mistake or did she just not give a fuck? And back to the aftermath scene/Bend the Knee 2.0, her speech was again quite hypocritical…and burning dickon?????? not willing to keep prisoners???? either bend or die??? I actually am glad she did away with Papa Tarly bc he was an awful human, but dickon????? a young idealistic man about to loose his father??? the heir to a major ally/house???? And honestly that bend or die strategy is soooooo dumb bc now she cant trust any of them like theyre only bending the knee out of self preservation homie, no one wants to die. they bend  the knee to survive and now they all of the sudden think youre their queen? Nah fam, prisoners were better, all you got are spies in your camps or people willing to backstab you at the smallest promise of coin. And i dont want that for my girl

IDK the whole “im gonna BREAK THE WHEEL,,,,,,,,yet im stating my claim mainly on my housename (aka the predominant force of said wheel for a literal dynasty) and the fact that i can scare people who otherwise are unconvinced bc lets be real westeros has had a bad run of rulers a lot of which were Targs in the past couple decades, into submission bc ill burn you otherwise???” doesnt sit well with me nor does it feel like the character ive been rooting for the past five-ish seasons. She just doesnt seem to put into effort on understanding Westeros, why things go wrong, being self-critical or sharing the blame,thinking on what a “good” ruler would do…. anyone else feeling this way and if so do you think this is just shitty writing? D&D butchering her character? or a new arc for her? perhaps the way shes always been? She just seems like a tantruming child bratty and entitled idk (a beautiful child but still) 

As for jonerys…… im not gonna go into it much but how are other shippers happy????????? I honestly dont understand. I was SO looking forward to this season/this ship. like so much! But it felt so forced? And i know a lot of people claim its cause its rushed but tbh we’ve had a lot of romances in a similar time frame that felt like A C T U A L romances…..even Talisa/Robb who the Northerners will prob compare any of this too were so much better. THIS WAS MY EPIC SHIP DUDE. I feel the dany side of things (took a while but theres def heart eyes) and yet Jon???? He felt hollow. Still does even after sex. Im so disapointed but more than that I cant see the romance or the chemistry. He looks constipated. Hes never smiled like with his teeth around her the way hes done w others he cares deepily about (ygritte, toramund, sansa, even fkin gendry in the first scene they had together). He never reveals anything about himself. And between the “my queen” ep (and remember he was look warm when discussing her to toramund throughout it) and the previous the only thing that changed was that he saw the actual difference dragons made against WW. You could argue she saved them all too but that doesnt make you fall in love w someone out of the blue and also people have saved his ass before and??? Sansa w the vale anyone??? (Not an argument for jonsa js its happened) (though ill admit ive transitioned to loathing jonerys and loving jonsa more as a potential couple in the space of seven eps where if you asked me I wouldve been like PSH u cray. I never thought it would happen in a mill years but D&D ruined my ship and here i am! Shipping aside tho since its best too look at these things as neutral as possible).  Anyways the sigh of his after she left and when he pretended to be asleep…. idk. The only scene that felt genuine and where Jon smiled and it didnt look like a full on grimace and they actually kinda joked around was really nice and at the pit at the finale and if they do a LOT more of basic romance stuff like that I could ship it again but. It was followed by boatsex and boy. 

I was hoping boatsex might rekindle my like for the two together. I could see the chemistry the passion. I was hoping the passion would overwhelm me and make up for the rest. But instead……like there was no foreplay, it lasted 2 seconds, and it was overplayed by brans voice and a reminder of future conflict or at the very least major angst b/w the two. i didnt see the parallel between regear and lyanna playing alongside their scene as anything romantic or that it should be taken as such. and the look they shared…. I was hoping jon would bring it bc Dany’s look in her eyes is like soooo smitten and adorable and say what you will I still have a space in my heart for her and still dont want her to suffer, but again Jon looks like oh shit/constipated. And not in a good oh shit way either. 

There is a bunch more too but Imma stop there bc Im just tired at this point. 

So many things were just….off this season. And it cant all be blamed on the “rushed” time frame. I’ve read the undercover lover theory and hon it makes the most sense (not perfect sense but still, more than what we’ve been poorly spoon fed) but im not willing to believe it just yet. Still, maybe D&D are just butchering a lot of things like making the romance believable and stuff for the sake of time that could be true i guess. But they like to go AHA GOT U so 

Idk I dont find a lot of meta in the jonerys tag bc honestly (((((i think its bc the tag and ship are more popular and theirs more people both good and bad)))) it doesnt seem like snowballing theories is something all fans take really well in the tag at all. But whatever. I really want to know, is there any meta or theories im missing to either validate the icky feeling Im haveing about D or her “romance” or on the flipside anything that might make me change my mind about it? Theories, meta people!

I just want to reiderate im not trying to hate on anyone or any point of view and I will flag any comment anti one ship or person or another if its plain hateful or rude. I just want to understand it and see what Im missing, esp because of how much I was looking forward to her arc and jonerys’ dynamic and how much the words “falling short” dont seem to cover it. And to see if im not the only one to either have critique on the ship or her character [or even actually change ships]

Also i apologize for how much ive said “IDK” i just….. I DONT KNOW 

Todoroki vs Bakugou and Midoriya

Not a shipping post.

Let’s talk about Todoroki and the way he relates to people.
Specifically, to Midoriya and Bakugou.
I think it’s safe to say that the three of them are, at this point in the story, the Main Three. They’re arguably the strongest boy in class 1-A. They’re also, as I mentioned briefly before foils for each other.
So how do they relate?

Where Midoriya strikes up an easy friendship with Iida and Ururaka from the start, and Bakugou seems to become bro’s with Kirishima fairly early on, Todoroki is… slow to warm up to people.
The kid has spent his childhood isolated, so that’s easy to understand.
If you want to go symbolic, you could also say that his fire side, and how he uses it, quite literally makes him warm up to people. Getting to grips with that side of himself is a major part of his character development, and as he becomes more attuned to his own personality, it makes sense that he’d become more comfortable with other people as well.

 Sports Festival

Let’s start at de sports festival, because we get some very nice development for all three of them.

 Todoroki vs Midoriya

Todoroki singles Midoriya out fairly early on, when he does that whole ‘declaration of war’ thing. At this point, I don’t think he does this purely based on merit? The kid he’s 'going to beat’ barely made it into UA, he’s nowhere near the top of the class but Todoroki can recognize a quality seedling when he sees one.
He watched Midoriya’s fight with Bakugou in the Heroes & Villains exercise, he watched Midoriya jump in during the villain invasion.
And what he recognized there was that out of all of his classmates,
Midoriya is the one most like All Might.
He even says this, at some point.

And while it’s played off as a joke, with him assuming he’s All Might’s illegitimate son, he’s not… that far off, really?
Either way, it’s this link that draws him to Midoriya.
Todoroki, you see, is an All Might fanboy. (they literally all are)
He may have been 'created’ as an Endeavour 2.0, to BEAT All Might, but in those moments with his mom, what he truly wanted was to be LIKE All Might.
He wants to be that kind of hero.
All Might himself mentions that the both of them had the same sort of vibe.
Among his peers, Midoriya is the closest to All Might 2.0, in type of power, in general disposition and in the sense that they’re literally pretty close.
It makes sense that Todoroki would see him as 'the one to beat’.

(why is everything so long)

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anonymous asked:

When you're writing fanfiction do you think it's necessary to describe characters (example: Kageyama was a high school student with black hair, blue eyes…) or is it fine to assume that since everyone probably knows the characters there's no need to describe them? Besides that do you think direct description of characters is necessary at all or should it be subtle? I hope this makes sense, but basically I'm just curious as to how much description do you think is necessary? (Regarding AUs as well)

Ooooh interesting question! I would definitely say this varies from author to author, and is ultimately up to you. But I do personally find some methods of character description to be easier to read than others!

Like you mentioned: when dealing with fanfic, you can reasonably assume your reader knows very well who the characters are and what they look like. But, on the flip side, oftentimes one of the many reasons people like reading about these characters are because… we like the way they look! Whether we think they’re unique or cute or gorgeous or bad ass or whatever, generally, we’re probably pretty attached to their physical looks in some way. So I think it is fine to sprinkle those descriptors about both in canon and AU fics, in a way that feels organic.

When thinking of an “organic” description, very rarely would I list character attributes like in the “black haired, blue-eyed high school student” example (I realize you may have just tossed that out there, but it’s good to state this anyway, I guess). I’d generally advise people to stay away from laundry list descriptions, even in original fiction, because they’re less engaging to read. 

Some authors love to describe their characters often, and at length, while others won’t spare more than one sentence out of an entire novel to tell readers what their cast looks like. I tend towards the former, because I love describing shit, and also because I write romances, where you’ll find an upward trend in character descriptions usually lies. But if you’re going for direct, try to get more than just their looks into the description. The below example is from my fic A Couple of Awesome Players, a canon-divergent AU where KageHina befriend each other in middle school:

The first thing Shouyou notices is that [Kageyama’s] head, with his hair laying shiny and flat on it, is almost perfectly round, much like a volleyball—which is fitting, because Kageyama might be one hundred percent made up of love for the sport. He started coming to the gym so that he could play on the days he doesn’t have practice to begin with.

Kageyama has big, round, blue eyes, and a slightly blank expression, unless he’s talking about volleyball—then his round face lights up like a bulb, shiny and excited. His hair looks like someone took a stencil with the English letter M and stuck it right over the front of his bangs, cutting out two windows for his eyes.

I’ve spent a lot of words on describing Kageyama across all my fics, and these are still some of my favorites. Instead of it being all about “black hair, blue eyes”, it’s more about “this kid is a dork, but he is the cutest volleyball dork”. I wanted to quickly establish him as soft and endearing, because that’s how he was when he was young, and hopefully it worked. 

Speaking of which, I tend to do a lot more character description in AUs, both because the characters are often meeting for the first time, and because of all the differences, which are just fun to describe. It helps establish the variations in each universe, while still showing how the characters remain the same: 

Then the mechanic rolls out from underneath the car slowly, like he’s not quite sure why somebody would request it of him, and Hinata wonders if he is maybe dreaming.

Kageyama is not stocky, or weedy. He’s tall as hell, when he finally stands up. His coveralls are shoved down to his waist, probably due to the heat, and the white sleeveless undershirt he is wearing below them sticks to his body from the sheen of sweat on his skin. The shirt clings to the kind of muscles that Hinata has never believed existed on people who don’t model for a living. His arms are distracting, toned, smeared with dirt and grease, and highlighted and shiny from perspiration. His shoulders and chest are no better, broad and strong.

He’s frowning at them slightly, dark blue eyes trained on Hinata. He swipes his arm across his forehead, leaving a smudge of grease there, before sweeping his black hair out of his face.

That’s from Speed Demons! Even when I’m being pretty straightforward, I try to break up the description, or toss in descriptors with action (eyes), or use the setting to amplify different aspects of the characters looks (hair, The Bod). Also: Hinata is noticing how hot this guy he’s been confronted with is, and he’s not being subtle. It’s pretty direct overall, but hopefully manages to keep from bombarding the reader with bullet points, and instead integrates itself into the narrative as it flows.

And it still might not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure! To sum up, I think character descriptions are a style thing, more than anything else. If you don’t feel like including them, don’t force the words onto the page. Describe what feels important to you. But in fanfics, because we already know these characters, put your own spin on it. 

Your readers know what X character looks like – so if you want to tell us about that, tell us something new about them, too. 

Tell us something we’ve never heard before :)

anonymous asked:

Could Barry have aspergers?

First, and I genuinely don’t mean this as any sort of attack, I just want to note that Aspergers = autism spectrum. Aspergers used to refer to a related spectrum but was often considered “milder” than autism, and modern research and clinicians have realized that they’re ultimately the same (broad) spectrum and the issue was their diagnostic tools classifying people on “severity”. There are issues with separating people into “high functioning” and “low functioning” groups the way the Aspergers/autism distinction does and there’s just… a lot of stuff that goes into this.

That being said, I think what you’re really asking for is more a question of “could Barry be neurodivergent, and specifically could he be somewhere on the the autism spectrum?”

And the answer is: of course! Why not?

For the purposes of headcanons, I always say: go for it, if it works for you.

For the purposes of canon-analysis, it’s a bit harder. Writers will sometimes write neurodivergent characters without even consciously realizing they’re doing it, because as human beings we recognize behavioral patterns and think “well this person is like that” without always knowing how to name or identify where that characterization comes from. This is part of the reason some characters get coded as neurodivergent without it ever being made explicit in the text (there are other, sometimes more insidious reasons as well but we don’t need to chat about them here).

I’m not sure if I’m the world’s best person to write an analysis of Barry as being on the autism spectrum specifically, because although my husband and some good friends of my are on the spectrum, I myself am not. I can take a stab at it for you though since I’ve been learning and reading a lot in the past few years about it (and may one day come back to that question I got like 2 years ago about Len being on the autism spectrum because… yeah, he really is I think). 

Anyway, hopefully what I say will ring true for people, fully realizing that of course all people on the spectrum are going to have slightly different experiences.

Before I do that, however, I also want to say that my personal headcanons for Barry are really that he’s ADHD, which is a related form of neurodivergence, and one that I’m more closely tied to (I’m not diagnosed but I show a ton of the signs and symptoms for it and it seems to run in my family, so I have more personal experience with it). So a lot of this discussion might end up looking more like general indicators of neurodivergence that can fall into autism spectrum and/or ADHD or both, as they do overlap a good deal.


Some canon discussion/evidence?

Well, first, Barry’s single-minded focus. Neurodivergent people can have difficulties with switching attention and can get totally absorbed by things, and Barry’s no different. Once he has a goal or a thought in mind, the rest of the world sort of gets put on mute, it seems. From searching for the Man in Yellow to Saving Iris to whatever the goal of the day is, that becomes ‘it’ for him for a little while.

That helps lead me to ‘special interests’ and hyperfixation. From what I can tell, Barry ran a blog on ‘the impossible’ and raced across the country looking for cryptids and other impossible events whenever he had the opportunity. I would say that this could be classified as a special interest for him. He likely has others or has had more in the past: musicals (maybe even specific ones), specific aspects of the sciences that he’s pursued, the Speed Force, etc.

Also, and I’m sorry if this ends up stereotyping slightly, people on the autism spectrum generally have advanced abilities in mechanical understanding (and score noticeably different as early as the age of 4 on tests of engineering/mechanical types of knowledge) and Barry demonstrates this type of understanding time and again in the show.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

He uses those abilities all the time at crime scenes, and as the Flash as well, like when fighting Zoom and using gravity to his advantage. He pursued a career in the sciences and uses chemistry, physics, and mathematics in his everyday life (and when working on things such as the speed equation). 

A little less “stereotype” and we see Barry’s physical behavior. 

In S1, he was often physical awkward in that he was clumsy and backing into doors, always running, and seemed to have… too much energy? It’s been said elsewhere that speedsters, or at least Bart (from the future), were introduced in part as a metaphor for ADHD (and that at least Bart’s arc was supposed to help educate people about ADHD because comics can be awesome like that). So that spectrum of “too much energy, almost clumsy because of it, always moving and kinetic and touching or doing something or running out the door” has made me think of Barry as having ADHD and thinking of his behavior more from than perspective. But from an autism spectrum perspective, you sometimes see a lot of the same behaviors. Clumsiness is common, from what I’ve read (though of course, not for everyone. My husband is the least clumsy person I know). And being late! Barry is often late, and that can be a sign of ADHD for sure (I’m always late, my husband always wants to be exactly on time… it’s an issue).

Originally posted by superflarrowgifs

In terms of sensory processing, I can’t think of anything too specific. Certain fabrics, textures, foods, or physical sensations can all be important to people on the autism spectrum due to how they process sensory information, but I don’t think canon provides us with much information for how Barry deals with sensation. I also can’t think of any evidence of physical stimming off the top of my head but sometimes that won’t be obvious anyway. Barry keeps chemistry toys in his lab (we’ve seen them in background shots a few times) but nothing else really comes to mind there. He paces a lot? Is standing whenever it’s an option, really? Rubs his hand over his hair/ head whenever he’s tense or anxious? None of that is specific to neurodivergence (over, say, anxiety) but it is still technically self-stimulation behavior.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

In terms of speech patterns, I can’t think of any really canon examples of atypical speech patterns that might imply autism spectrum neurodivergence (in contrast to say, Julian, who is sometimes overly formal or literal to the point of awkward, which can be a sign of autism spectrum for some people). Barry does info dump a little sometimes about things related to speed (a new special interest? It would make sense) or other information, but the show doesn’t often give us conversations that aren’t related to the plot so it’s hard to say. 

(That being said, one of the things that used to be used to “distinguish” autism spectrum from Aspergers was the children with Aspergers didn’t show the same language-related issues in childhood, and now that we understand autism as more of a constellation of behaviors, not all of which will be present in the same person, it’s not overly surprising not to find it here. Also, Barry really doesn’t use almost any adjectives or flowery language, even few adverbs, and he sticks to either simple or exact words for things [in contrast to Wally who’s word-choice is a lot more diverse!] so maybe we do see a bit of evidence through that? His speech is relatively straightforward?)

Originally posted by ccrogues

(precise, specific, informative)

Sociality… well we know that Barry didn’t have many friends as a kid, especially after his mother died. He talks about having been bullied and we know he was a big anime nerd and part of a lot of clubs in high school. That’s not evidence in and of itself of neurodivergence because neurotypical kids get bullied all the time as well, but some of it could be a sign, especially because it’s clear through the clubs etc. that he was trying to put himself out there and maybe it wasn’t working. 

Originally posted by speedstergifs

He clearly gets along just fine with other people who are on the side of scientifically-oriented (i.e., all of the Star Labs team, Felicity, eventually Julian) and other people who are smart and kind (Iris, Oliver) so it’s definitely not that Barry can’t make friends. But kids can be cruel and neurodivergence can be easier to notice in childhood for one reason or another (including because people haven’t ‘learned’ to hide or suppress their own signs as well, and it sucks that people would ever ‘have’ to but that’s what childhood teaches some folks).

In either case, there’s evidence he had issue socializing and pretty much only had Iris as a close friend until he hit adulthood? And it’s also clear that although he’s “liked” at the precinct, he doesn’t really have friends there and he sticks out, at least not until Patty came along.

Last points: again, not to stereotype, but anecdotally at least, there does seem to be some potential overlap between people on the autism spectrum and the asexual spectrum, and a lot of people headcanon or interpret Barry as being demisexual? Which makes a lot of sense to me, and could be part of an interpretation of Barry as being neurodivergent. (Though it really should be clearly noted that people can be on the autism spectrum without being on the asexual spectrum and vice versa, and I don’t want to imply otherwise!)

And… I think that’s most of what I have to say? I’d have gifs for more of this but honestly they aren’t easy to find for this topic ^^;

And I invite people to make additions to this post if they have any more headcanons or canon examples, or clarifying information? 

[TRANS] 160518 CeCi Magazine Interview

Q: it’s exactly one month since your debut, how is your feel?
A: it feels new and fun. because we’re standing in the stage and not in practice room, we could found our flaws and I think we can do more better in the future

Q: is there something that you envy from NCT U member?
A: Mark’s freshness (smile). Mark has positive personality and it’s perfect.

Q: with “The Merchant” OST, you must felt something special because you’re revealed with solo song first?
A: when I got such a good chance as rookies, I felt pressure because public will listen to my song and it might affect public’s opinion about rookies but I felt excited too

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anonymous asked:

July, thinking about Levi makes me feel devastated... I always think of him as a very good person inside who is 'forced' to do horrible things out of his own volition. This thought always brings me to tears: what was he feeling when he did inhumane things that conflicted with his conscience? He's killing and torturing people, but I think if there's another way, he would never do things like that. He never seemed he wanted to do it. But he knew it should be done and he had no other choices. (c)

© Maybe he ignored his feelings most of the time, but he’s not heartless. Underneath his as flat as wall expression and aloof personality, he’s caring and compassionate (though he expressed it in odd ways). He’s sensitive enough to notice people around him were feeling down. Someone who abandoned his heart would never act like that. Do you think Levi is a good person? I don’t know why I’m asking you this, I just want to lie down on my bed, roll under my blanket and cry for Levi…

/walks around with a tin cup like that guy in Ben Hurr.

Tears for Levi? Tears for Levi? /shakes cup

Anyway, despite this fandom’s babbling about what Armin says regarding what makes a ‘good’ person (which I do agree with, but only in part), I think Levi is–well, disenchanted with the world. In my attempt to keep this response at a reasonable length, I’ll point out two things:

  1. The way he treated Historia when she didn’t immediately agree to do what he wanted her to do, and
  2. The way he treated the Central Military Police guy (with the awesome mustache).

He has no patience and no time for games, not even in his own mind. I don’t think he wants to be a ‘bad’ person; his reasons are at least understandable (though certainly not justified). The reality here is that Levi personally seems to believe that, following the torture of Sannes, the only way to get information from other people is to hurt them or give a good show of physical force. 

(More under cut.)

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Some Character Comparisons

This is a trend I’ve been seeing in cartoons a lot recently. Its not a bad trope at all and all of the examples I’m writing about are still good characters, but I’m a bit worried about it falling into cliche territory. I’m talking of course about pairing the strait man and the cloudcookoolander.

Theres very little point in me actually writing this except to see what these characters have in common and what makes these characters unique.

So anyways, the first two characters I’m gonna talk about are the ones I feel I know the best.

Mild un-detailed spoilers ahead

Dipper and Mabel Pines

Originally posted by pacificanortwest

Given the nature of this show and its ongoing story arc, both of these characters have developed beyond the regular trope into something more. The two are still based heavily on the smart/ weird contrast, but both also contain aspects of the other’s personality.

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Dipper is typically the smart one and the strait man of the group, but he’s been shown drifting into silly territory at various points throughout the series. Heck, its been an established part of his character since the very beginning. In the episode Double Dipper, both he and Mabel are seen playing around with silly string, and in Not What He Seems, he and Mabel both shoot illegal fireworks that set the mystery shack on fire. There are a ton of straight man characters out there who are absolute killjoys whenever they show up on screen, and an unhealthy amount of those characters tend to be the main character. Its nice to know that Dipper avoids this trend.

Another thing about this character is the fact that he seems to somewhat aware of the trope and occasionally tried to play it up. In Society of the blind eye, he mentions something along the lines of “I’m supposed to be the Smart Guy!” Usually when he’s shown playing this up, it completely backfires on him.

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That’s just one example of it happening, and that was just a one off joke, but sometimes it affects the entire plot. Anyone who’s seen sock opera knows how wrong Dipper can be. 

Last thing about him, I swear… Dipper believes in the supernatural and puts his faith in the journals. This guy is the exact opposite of a skeptic. Typical straight men would be.

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Mabel pines is the weird one of the two. While characters like Dipper tend to have a comprehensible line of thinking, a lot of the fun that comes with Mabel comes from her thinking slightly to the left and off into infinity. But just because she thinks this way doesn’t mean she’s not smart or incapable of being serious. Both Sock Opera and Not What He Seems come to mind, though theres also an entire episode dedicated to showing how her brand of silliness can actually cause a lot of good. Other episodes even show her using her creativity to solve some of the problems they come across. 

Perhaps on the negative side of her personality (and this is not, I repeat not a dig on the show! This is a great character flaw for a character like her, and only shows how well this show is written) is her unknowing selfishness and her apparent lack of empathy. She makes fun of Dipper without ever meaning any harm and sometimes puts her own goals in the way of some of the other characters. Sock Opera, which I already mentioned featured one of Dipper’s defining flaws, also displays Mabel’s own issues to the point where its kinda the point of the episode (this episode, by the way, is a much watch. One of the best episodes so far). Actually, somewhere though season 2, I kinda noticed that Mabel somehow made her way from deuteragonist to straight up protagonist. This is a good thing.

Lastly, her own emotional depth seems to be be developed far beyond the rainbows and unicorns typical of her type of character. As Alex Hirsch put it “If you think Mabel’s just glitter and sweaters after watching NWHS, then I can’t help you.

Wander and Sylvia

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I usually find myself watching Wander over Yonder shortly after and episode of Gravity falls. This one seems to be kinda interesting in that the gender roles seem to be both played strait and played with at the same time.

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Sylvia plays the straight man of the pairing like Dipper, and while she is smart, its clear that her actual physical strength and her attitude are her defining features. Thats usually reserved for the dumb muscle of the group. Admittedly female straight men are common enough to be a cliche, especially on Disney Channel, but Sylvia seems different. Her personality is bigger than the typical female straight men, and much more entertaining.

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Wander is undeniably male and likely identifies as such, but he also seems have the “I love all things” nature female characters of this type usually have. When paired with a female straight man like sylvia, the male character is usually shown as being really, really stereotypically male (think Homer and Marge), but Wander doesn’t seem to follow that type, just as Sylvia doesn’t follow hers. Also, like Mabel, Wander seems to use his silliness to solve a lot of his own problems.

Ultimately, though, the best part about this pairing is that neither character is superior to the other. They’re not each others sidekicks, they’re best friends wandering the galaxy as equals. This is less like Cosmo and Wanda, and more like Finn and Jake.

Star and Marco

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Star vs the Forces of Evil is the show that kind of provoked this post. I’ve been watching this a lot lately actually. I previously reviewed both the premier and Blood Moon Ball and ultimately this series tends to be pretty awesome, if a bit flawed at times.

The thing I like about this show is the chemistry between the two main characters. This show is practically a romantic comedy, and honestly, instead of giving these two separate entries like the two above, I really wanna go ahead and talk about how these two act together vs when the two are apart.

When the two are together, they make a great team. Marco needs star to liven up his life while Star needs Marco to bring her down to Earth and serve as her conscience.  When the two are apart, things get a little weird.

Star can be very mean spirited and violent, and with Marco out of her life, there’s nothing stopping her from making a mess of everything. This might be chalked up to poor writing, but I actually kinda think its intentional. The girl has horns for crying out loud!

And without Star, well Marco might be kind of boring. In the pilot all he did was play it safe, and having him on his own would make for a very boring series. 

Funny thing is, and this might be the most controversial thing I say in this thing,  you would kinda hate these characters if they were all by themselves. But when these two are together and keeping each other in check, you get a very likeable pair of characters perfect for a show that all but announces these two to be a couple.

Wirt and Greg

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I’ve seen two episodes of Over the Garden Wall and am working on watching more, but from what I can tell, a lot of the silliness from Greg’s age comes from his age. The other characters on this list have the silly one the same age as the smart one, but Greg seems to get an actual excuse. Theres no reason to think that Greg remains as silly as he is as he ages.

Wirt seems to me to be quite a bit like Dipper, if maybe slightly more introverted. 

I really wish I could examine this more. This definitely looks like a good show.

Special Case The Crystal Gems

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This is a bit different from the above character in that the silly characters and the serious characters are doubled. On the Silly Side you have Steven and Amethyst, and on the Serious Side you have Pearl and Garnet. None of these characters are even remotely flat in any way, except for maybe in the Uncle Grandpa episode, but whatever.

Steven Universe actually plays with this trope quite a bit. Amethyst acts the way does to hide the fact that she’s an emotional wreck, while Garnet is actually made of up of two other gems who seem to represent this trope as well. Also of note is that Steven is also this way when paired with Connie.

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ok i am hella salty about cas and how he has been benched most this season, and now misha saying that there will be no closure for cas because there is no time? -_- theres all these blogs over analyzing everything and saying its not too bad and we gotta read between lines but i have a right to feel bitter about cas dammit! thoughts?


(Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t have a short answer, plus I was on a JIB high, forgive me. :p)

First of all; I follow a ton of bitter Cas girls, and if I watched the show more closely than I currently do (which is a stray episode every now and then), I’d probably fit into that category as well. :p

Still, I also follow plenty of blogs that are a lot more positive about Cas’ story arc for this season, because honestly I do like reading from different points of view, and I think it’s interesting to see where both sides are coming from.

There is some awesome meta out there, and I’ll gladly admit that sometimes things are pointed out to me that make me go; ‘Okay… yeah, they have a point, I didn’t think of it that way’. I greatly respect what these meta writers are doing, and they often pick up on really cool things that I hadn’t even considered.

That being said, to get back to your question; basically the two things that Cas fans have been waiting for this season, are A) for Cas’ PTSD/not feeling loved being addressed, B) Cas finally getting to talk to God and get some closure after his endless journey from soldier-of-Heaven, to human, to everything in between.

So when we’re talking about the obvious-canon versus meta issue: ‘Sometimes you have to read between the lines’. Agreed! ‘Not everything has to be blatant’. Agreed! ‘You’re not always going to get what you want how you want it.’ Agreed!

And then we have the popular ‘it’s not the Castiel show!’ (This one has nothing to do with the meta community or others who analyze the show by the way, this one is mostly from the anti-Cas corner.) But again, agreed, it’s not the Cas show! So agreed, in all cases really, BUT only to a certain degree.

It depends on the show, it depends on how many main characters you have; do you have enough main characters to have that excuse to drop the ball on certain characters repeatedly because you simply have to juggle too many characters and their development, and there sadly isn’t enough screen time to explore everyone’s emotions every season?

I watch a lot of TV shows, and some of them have like 2 or 3 leads, and on top of that like 5 to 8 other main characters on the side who are all considered equally important. I can imagine that it’s one hell of a task to make sure that all of their stories are being told, plus to ensure that all of their emotions are being considered on a regular basis.

In my humble opinion though, for SPN that isn’t the case. Because there are only 4 regular characters to begin with, and that already includes the 2 leads; you have no excuse to not properly consider the emotions of the few main characters that you have. And although Cas is the biggest victim in this scenario, the same thing also happens with Sam and Dean at times. (But that’s a different story for a different day, lol.)

Regarding Cas; with all due respect, what we’re talking about here is one of the main characters, who’s also a fan favorite, and literally hasn’t been in like 75% of the season so far. And I’m guessing that a lot of Cas fans can deal, if they had the promise of at least one of the above things being addressed before season 11 ends. Maybe Cas talking to God, maybe Cas saving the day and proving his worth, maybe the Winchester’s talking to Cas to try and understand why he did what he did. But seeing as Misha already strongly hinted that there’s no time in the season finale to truly explore any of this, chances are that Cas fans will be left unsatisfied yet again.

So do I think that they are asking for too much for wanting to see at least some of this being addressed after a fairly Cas-less season? No. Do I understand why they’re bitter if once more Cas’ feelings are ignored altogether and there is again nothing to resolve any of his story arcs? Yes. Do I feel them when they’re not optimistic when they’re being told; but there will be season 12! Yes, I feel them, for the sole reason that they’ve been burned like that before. Whatever Cas goes through emotionally, is often already dropped if there’s like two episodes in between, let alone an entire hiatus.

The guy gets raped by a reaper, and it’s never addressed again, even more, they’re joking about it a couple of episodes later as if it’s nothing. Cas almost gets killed by MOC Dean at the end of S10, and again, it’s never properly addressed, no actual civilized talk follows outside of a gruff ‘I had it coming’ from Dean, as there should’ve been between two best friends. Now Jensen claimed at a con that there would be a talk, so it’ll be forever a guess whether it was cut or not filmed at all, but the fact remains, the Cas fans were again left with zilch, their only option being to ‘fill in the blanks’ themselves.

Besides, I do believe that some story lines take longer to play out, and need time. But to be honest Cas’ PTSD/depression was already introduced like three episodes in, and the Cas/God storyline has been there since season 5 (!!!). It’s utterly ridiculous if none of that isn’t at least briefly mentioned after Cas was sidelined for over half a season.

If you are, at this point, still reading, you deserve a medal!

Anyway, I think that reading between the lines is awesome, I think that meta can really add something to your experience as a viewer, and it has for me on a lot of occasions. But what I’m witnessing more and more often when it includes Cas, is people saying ‘that episode was okay, but as a Cas fan I’m very disappointed yet again’, and later on they wrestle themselves through like 10k of meta, and sleep on it, to THEN come to the conclusion that maybe it wasn’t all bad. They write or read several codas after the episode ends, to get the briefest hint of artificial satisfaction from it, and of course it is totally okay if that sometimes happens when there wasn’t time for your favorite character’s struggles to be addressed, but when it includes Cas, this happens like 90% of the time.

And that’s the entire point; sometimes you have to fill in some blanks yourself, read between the lines when it comes to your favorite characters. But on a show that has THIS FEW regulars, you shouldn’t always have to be forced to try THIS HARD. You shouldn’t have to try this hard all the time to get some simple satisfaction every once in a while about how your favorite character is handled.

Either a talk with God about everything that’s happened, or a talk with Dean/Sam about his depression, is the least that would make sense after all this. And I don’t think that people are bratty for demanding that for once Cas’ feelings aren’t swept under the rug. If anything, they should for once get a little tangible reward after hanging on for an entire season 11b with barely any Cas in it, without having to read through a post about the size of Canada to feel remotely okay about it when hiatus starts.

In the show’s defense, there’s still a chance that Misha didn’t speak the whole truth because spoiler alert, but we’ll find out soon enough either way. 

This is all just my opinion though, and I will kindly tag it with ‘negativity for ts’. :p