at him getting hit with the helmet

I've officially seen it all

Context: So I started a new campaign with some friends, and one of the players made a character named Scruffy, who’s literally just a janitor, with Talent sets for stealth, using his mop as a weapon, and sassing opponents. The party gets sent to an allied country to help take care of a Hive threat, and during their free time before heading out, they find an arena called the Prison of Elders. Scruffy decides to enter, and faces off against a career gladiator.

Scruffy (OOC): Alright, I’m going to spend a Fate Chip and activate MM-HMM at the Ultimate level. I call four. *rolls 1d6 and gets a 4* He takes -2 to all stats he has points in.

Me (GM): *exasperated sigh* alright, you successfully MM-HMM him. This twelve-foot Eliksni beast seems to shrink by half a foot. What else are you doing?

Scruffy (OOC): I’m charging at him, and rolling Fitness to get as close as possible.

Me: You make it about 50 feet, and that’s your turn. The gladiator also charges forwards and is now right in front of you. He’s trying to shove his shotgun in your belly. Roll Initiative.

Scruffy (OOC): I notice… I got a crit to dodge.

Me: Not only do you successfully dodge, you plant your mop in the metal floor and pole-dance to avoid the shotgun blast. He is very confused. Your turn.

Scruffy (OOC): I’m smacking him with my mop. *rolls* HOLY SHIT THAT’S A TRUE CRIT!

He then shows me his dice, he indeed gets a true crit.

Me: Fucking okay, let me paint this word picture in everyone’s heads. These two come out on either side of the arena. They bow, and then Scruffy MM-HMMs at his opponent and charges forward. The gladiator also charges forward and tries to shove his shotgun in Scruffy’s belly, but Scruffy plops down his mop in the metal floor and pole-dances on it, making the shotgun blast miss. Scruffy then gets off his mop, brings it around in a hammer-swing and smacks this poor gladiator upside the head so hard that his helmet shatters and he hits the ground dead. This gladiator had a 5 armor and 35 HP, and you literally did exactly enough damage to one-tap him in less than 10 seconds. I need to fucking retire I’m so done right now.

Scruffy: I know better than to bring a knife to a gunfight. That’s why I bring my mop.

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andreil in a hospital?

One of the things Andrew has recently grown more comfortable with is touch. He still doesn’t love it, won’t accept it from most people, but thanks to the cats he’s less likely to jump or default to his knives if something brushes against his legs.

Which is good, because even though the apartment is empty other than them and King definitely prefers Neil, she’s snaking between Andrew’s legs anyway. He stoops slightly to brush her back with one hand—he doesn’t indulge them the way Neil does, but Neil isn’t here to see it, and the cats can’t talk, so ultimately, no harm done.

He needs to stop thinking about Neil so much when Neil isn’t here. It’s a normal occurrence—they both live in Chicago, but they play for rival teams, so their schedules aren’t perfectly lined up. Neil is in Washington this weekend for a game, and Andrew has a home game against Kansas City.

Andrew’s phone vibrates—undoubtedly a text from Neil. He opens it immediately and thinks about how unlikely he is to ever admit to anyone how much he misses Neil. Except for maybe Neil himself, and only if he was on his deathbed or something.

Neil’s text reads, good luck tonight! and is accompanied by a selfie of him and Dan. Cute.


The game is a brutal one, even from between the goalposts. Andrew takes a nasty hit during a brawl early on but doesn’t get benched until the second half, when a fourth ball clatters hard enough against his helmet to leave his vision swimming.

He resolutely does not check the score for Neil’s game—he’ll find out via phone call as soon as it ends anyway, or else a reporter will ask him about it as they leave or someone will announce it to the entire court (crosstown rivals and all that)—and so it’s not until his phone suddenly explodes with messages and tweets that he knows something has happened.

A call breaks through it—from one Dan Wilds, who is currently with Neil, which must have something to do with his phone being swamped with notifications—and he manages to answer it before it, too, disappears into the mess.

“What is it?” he says.

“Andrew? You good?”

He hates niceties and small talk, especially when they get in the way of his finding out necessary information. “Where is Neil?”

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Pink Bug Drug

“Hey, Lance, you have a visual on Keith?” Pidge asked.

Lance peered through the scope on his sniper rifle, the technology zeroing in on Keith despite being forty feet up an alien tree. Through the dense canopy, he could see the red armor dart in between the sentries posted, dispatching them quickly with little to-do.

He tore off his helmet; sweat matting his black hair to his forehead and neck. Shaking his head, with the help of the scope, he could see every drop of sweat that was flung off of him. Setting his helmet down he took a leather-like strip he got from a planet from a hidden compartment in his armor to tie his hair up, a stumpy little ponytail in the back of his head.

He cleared his throat. “Uh, ye-yeah, I got a visual.”

“You okay there, buddy?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Hunk. Just need some water. This is a very humid planet. Just stay on standby until we need ya.”

“Well, it should be relatively low populated. Whoever was here before must have either gone underground or escaped when the Galra arrived.” Pidge intoned, sounding just like a nature documentary voice over. When he said so he could hear her eye roll over the comms. “Really?”

“Well, I’m not calling it your hacker voice.”

“Uuuggghhhhhh. Shut uuuppp!”

“Guys,” the voice of reason sighed.

“Sorry, Shiro,” they chorused.

Lance cleared his throat again. “Well, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone here but me and Keith. And a few sentries but they’re dead now.”

“Hmm, okay, just be careful, you too Keith, okay? The scans said the place was abandoned but you can’t be too sure.”

“Uh, yeah, he can’t hear you, he took his helmet off.”

”Goddamnit Keith.”

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(Here you go, @princess-tentacles !! This was so much fun to write! Enjoy!)

Uno. Dos. Tres.” Lance counted gently, scattering kisses on Keith’s cheeks after each number with a soft grin. “Now you try.”

“Uno… Dos… Trace.” Keith attempted, frowning slightly when Lance began laughing.


“’Trace’? Where are you from, Texas??”

A deadpan look from Keith had Lance laughing harder as he cleared his throat, shifting in place next to Keith on his bed as the blue paladin leaned his lips closer. “Tres. Come on, Keith. You gotta do the tongue roll.”

You’re a tongue roll…” Keith bit under his breath as he exhaled, trying again. “Tres.”

“Well, you have the word down at least… so that’s deserving enough of a kiss.” Lance teased as he leaned down, his nose gently brushing against the other’s before he planted a soft kiss on Keith’s chapped lips. “We can practice the tongue roll later.” Lance rose his eyebrow, wiggling it slightly, which sent a blushing Keith into a laughing fit.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Hey, whatever helps you learn it.” Lance teased, leaning his head back down with a smile, “now, let’s keep going. Cuatro…”

Enemy fire rained down on a mission gone sour. The group had gotten separated in the fire fight, with Keith and Lance being the last ones to attempt to make it to their lions. They had a clear view of Red and Blue ahead of them, but between their position behind safe cover and the salvation of their lions stretched a dozen or so Galra sentries. Half with blasters, half with swords.

“I’ll go in and distract them, you make a run for Blue. I’ll be right behind you.” Keith said quickly, already crouching for attack. He could take them, he thought. His primary objective was making sure his team was safe. Making sure Lance was safe.

“That is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, they’ll outnumber you in a heartbeat! Keith!” Lance reached out, but the stubborn red paladin had already pulled up his shield and bolted out of the safety of their cover. This sparked gunfire from the sentries toward Keith, and away from Lance’s position. He cursed under his breath before he began the dash from his cover to Blue. About half way, he glanced over to Keith. Not so surprisingly, Keith was kicking ass. Lance felt a swell of pride in his chest, though that emotion was immediately trumped by fear as he witnessed a sword-handed sentry set to swing at Keith from behind. He immediately brought his bayard up into position, lining up his shot with an exhale. He brought the sentry down, the blast whizzing right past Keith’s helmet. This caused the red paladin to give a brief look over at Lance, eyes wide with gratitude.

Though as much as Lance had gained the attention of Keith, he’d gained the attention of one of the few sentries left. Before Lance could pull up his shield, and before Keith could cut it down, it fired a shot at Lance– a direct hit to his chest plate bringing him down hard.

Lance!!” Keith screamed as his bayard tore through the last of the sentries before sprinting toward the blue paladin, heart pounding in his ears.

Keith dropped down, pulling Lance around so he could get a better look at the damage. The armor was shattered around the impact point, melted around the edges. He couldn’t see the injuries beyond the hole in the chest plate, but the way Lance’s face was scrunched with pain said everything.

“Lance, are you with me??” He tried to keep his voice steady, glancing around to make sure the coast was still clear. “You’re fine, you’re okay… come on, we need to get you to the lions–”

The scream of pain that erupted from Lance at Keith’s slightest tug told him he wasn’t taking Lance anywhere.

Keith’s shaky hand reached up to press the comms button on his helmet, “Shiro! Lance is hit! I can’t get him to the lions! I– Shit–  I need help!”

“We’re on our way, Keith! Sit tight!”

“K-Keith…” Lance whimpered out, his breathing rapid in panic, “h-how bad is it? God I can’t even– I can’t– I’m sorry–”

Lance panicking was the last thing he needed to be doing right now.

Taking a steeling breath, Keith pulled off Lance’s helmet before cupping the blue paladin’s cheeks. “Lance? Lance, look at me. I need you to stay calm.” He looked around, scrambling for anything to take the panicking paladin’s mind off of the situation. He only needed a little time before the others got here for backup.

“Let’s–let’s practice counting again, okay?? I still need your help so let’s count together.” Keith rushed out.

Lance opened his eyes slightly, looking at him as he sucked in a tight breath and gave a nod.

U-Uno… Dos…” Lance started, voice wavering.

“Uno… Dos… Tres–”

A shaky gasp and chuckle left Lance’s lips, prompting Keith’s mouth to shut abruptly. “What? Is everything okay? What’s wrong–”

“You… did the tongue roll.” Lance muttered with a weak smile, “I-I knew you weren’t a hopeless case…”

Keith blinked a few times and chuckled, brushing Lance’s sweaty hair off his forehead as he caught sight of the other lions flying toward their position. They were going to be okay.

“When we’re back at the castle I expect extra kisses for that one. Now, let’s keep going. Cuatro…”  

The Foxes face Breckenridge again and Breckenridge’s players are just as aggressive

  • Everyone’s getting knocked around
  • Aaron’s striker slams him shoulder-first into the wall
  • It takes a second, but Aaron gets back up
  • Aaron is doing a convincing job of pretending he isn’t hurting
  • But Andrew can see through it from the sidelines
  • Because Andrew has experience watching Aaron for injuries
  • And seeing when Aaron is in pain and trying to pretend he isn’t
  • At half, Andrew tells everyone how Renee is playing goal again second half
  • Everyone argues, especially Wymack, Kevin, and Neil
  • Andrew insists they can have Renee in goal or no one
  • Wymack and the team think it’s just Andrew being his usual aggressively indifferent self
  • But then Neil and Renee get a clue that there’s more to it when Andrew ignores Neil’s arguments and hauls Aaron off
  • Andrew tells Aaron they’re switching equipment and uniforms

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Mutual Destruction - Jeff Atkins x Reader // Part One

ManEater!(fem)reader and Womaniser!Jeff (lemme know if this is good enough to carry on, I’m planning for it to have multiple parts)

Part Two

Playlist (optional):

Muse - OCAD

Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

If there was one thing she loved, it was a good challenge. Montgomery De La Cruz was a BIG challenge. Huge. Thriving jock and pretty well known with the ladies, she’d had her eye on the boy for a while, wondering what flavour girl baseball players were into.

Helmet down by his side, he ruffled through his hair as he leaned against the batting cages taking a breather. Yum. He was well built, and his cheekbones were so sharp they would slice her if she wasn’t careful.

However, Y/N wasn’t a feelings kinda gal, and word on the street had it that Monty was a feelings kinda guy, beneath the hotheaded jock exterior.

It was a hot summers day, and Y/N was certainly feeling hot right now. She sucked on her necklace, it was a nervous habit of hers. She was sat in the bleachers, arms out behind her, soaking up the sun. Today, she had a free period, and although there was initial intent to study, it had all gone out the window the second she had seen that cute little baseball outfit that fit Monty oh-so-well.

Although he was in her social circles, and they had the occasional conversation, she didn’t know Monty too well. She’d witnessed a fair few fights between the boy and people who’d got on his nerves, and wondered if his temper translated elsewhere, too.

She watched as Cruz leaned his foot up behind him, and his wandering eyes found her. She smiled mischievously, and began to make her way over to him.

The net created a barrier between the two of them. Monty turned as he saw Y/N approaching.

“L/N.” he announced, holding his helmet in both hands. “What gives me the pleasure?”

“I’m a little bored over there, and you looked like you were taking a break, so I thought, I’ll go talk to him.” She smirked, lacing her fingers through the netting. The boy smirked in response.

“Well, you don’t have long, I should be back soon-ish.” He teased. “I was wondering, we’ve known each other years right? So how come we never went out?” She raised her sculpted eyebrow.

Monty chuckled. “You’ve always been too busy with other guys, Y/N.”

“That’s not true. You’ve just never had the balls to ask me out.” She joked.

“I have, L/N, multiple times. You’ve always turned me down.” He looked sincere.

“I’m starting to see that was a mistake.” She fiddled with the netting, keeping her eyes on Monty.

“CRUZ, BACK ON PLAY!” Jeff Atkins called to the boy in front of her.

“I’ll see you round, Cruz.” She walked backwards, loosely waving her fingers at him, before collecting her things and deciding the library would be best to study.

“Damn man, timing.” Monty was pissed at Jeff.

“You’ll get no where with that one anyway, I did you a favour.” Jeff said as he raised his bat to the ball coming toward him. Monty stuffed his helmet back onto his head.

“How would you know? She was into me, man.” Monty argued.

Jeff raised his eyebrows. “No, she wasn’t. She does that with everyone.”

“Shut up, Jeff, you wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. You do that with everyone.” Monty hit the incoming ball with excessive force.


“You’re stupid.”

Jeff chuckled. “Whatever you say, man, don’t cry to me when she chews you up and spits you out.”

“You talking about Y/N L/N?” Bryce Walker swaggered up to the batting cages, swinging his bat around.

“She was flirting with me real hard.” Monty smirked at Bryce.

“I agree with Jeff, don’t go near her. Major whore.” He spat.

“That’s not what i meant, Bryce. I just meant that she’s not the girl for our delicate little Monty.” Jeff was Bryce’s #1 hater. He was just a huge asshole and Jeff didn’t roll with that.

“But she is a slut. I can’t believe you’d even try to go there, Cruz.” He chuckled to himself.

“Shut the fuck up Bryce, she can do what she wants.” Jeff tried to drown out his sickly voice by concentrating 100% on hitting the balls coming his way, maybe pretending they were Bryce’s head.


Y/N shoved her books into her locker, she’d done enough work for the day. From nowhere, she could sense a presence that made her more than slightly uneasy. Chills climbed up her bones, a feeling she recognised oh so well, anytime he was near. Turning, her suspicions were confirmed. Zach Dempsey. The boy who had blown her heart out of her chest and ripped it into so many pieces she could no longer feel it. Not even all the walls she’d put up since could stop the wound stinging each and every time she saw his face, or heard his voice. It was a struggle to see the blindingly adorable smile plastered to his face and not feel something. He had made her who she was today, whether that was a good thing, or a bad thing.

From the corner of her eye, she watched as he joked around with his friends, clearly so unaffected by her proximity. There was no need for her to torture herself like this.

“Hey, Y/N.” Montgomery had come up behind her and leant against the lockers, whilst she had been in deep in her thoughts.

“You’re back?” Her usual confident charisma returned to her as though there had been no slip in the first place. She smirked at the boy, closing her locker and mimicking his actions.

“Looks like I am. So, i have a question?” Monty was nervous, she could tell.


“How do you feel about Rosie’s?” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“They do pretty awesome milkshakes.” She replied coolly.

“How do you feel about going with me? Tonight maybe, 7ish?” Proposed Monty, coughing slightly.

She grinned cheekily. “I might turn up, I’ll see how I’m feeling.”


“Y/N, can I have a word with you?” Mrs Reed, the psychology teacher, stopped her as she was leaving.

“Uh, yeah, what is it?” Y/N asked.

“As much as you like to hide at the back and pretend you know nothing, you do have the highest grades in the class.” Mrs Reed began.

“I know, I’m sorry.” Apologised Y/N.

“Don’t be, but I would like you to do me a favour. How do you feel about tutoring?” She asked.

“In psychology?” Y/N was baffled.

“Well, yes.”

“I suppose I wouldn’t be opposed to it, it would probably help me study.” Despite hating to admit to it, Y/N was top of most of her classes, and worked very hard for her grades.

“I have suggested to Mr Jeff Atkins that you may tutor him in psychology.”

“Jeff? He needs tutoring?” This shocked her. Jeff Atkins was a baseball champion, and one of the most popular guys at school. They were acquainted with each other.

“I believe so, if he wants a baseball scholarship to colleges next year, he will need at least a C.”

“What’s he on right now?”

“Anything below a C.”

“But how? Psychology is simple-”

“Not to everyone, Miss L/N.”

“Right, sorry.”

“Do Monday lunchtimes and after school Wednesday’s work for you? You will get extra credit if you decide to do this.” Her eyes scorched Y/N. She was clearly determined to help Jeff out.

“Yeah that works. Thank you, Mrs Reed.” Y/N smiled before leaving the classroom.

How on earth was she going to tutor Jeff Atkins in psychology?

I Hate You {Part Two}

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Theo x Reader

Part Three

“(Y/N)!” Greenburg yelled and you jumped, turning wide eyed until relief ran through you and you saw your friend and neighbour grinning at you.

“Hey, sorry I was…” You muttered and he shrugged tossing you your kit.

“Worried I was Theo out to get you?” He asked playfully which made you blush. “Don’t worry he won’t get through me.” You froze when he tripped over air and almost fell on his face.

“I’m so thrilled that you’re protecting me.” You giggled and headed to the girls changing room.

You could feel Theo watching you from the stands. He never left you alone for long and you could swear that even at night it felt like he was there lurking nearby. Even when girls flocked around him he’d be looking at you, often pushing them out of his way to hurry over to you only for you to run off.

“Can I hit him with a ball, I could do it… ok Danny could do it.” Greenburg grumbled, glaring at Theo who glared right on back.

“You two will you pay attention, (Y/L/N) try and get past McCall.” Coach yelled at you.

“Yes coach.” You mumbled

“Good luck.” Stiles whispered, sneaking forwards to grab you by the waist and give you a shove as you pushed off which propelled you forwards quick enough for Scott to underestimate where you were going.

“Better luck next time McCall.” You hooted and grinned, tapping your helmet against Greenburg’s.

Once you were done with practise you headed to your locker, glancing over at Theo’s where girls had swarmed around him, flirting and laughing despite the fact that he’d fixed his eyes on you. He shook his head when you quickly turned away, a panicked tightness set in your chest until Greenburg came over to walk home with you.

“See you in a bit.” He called heading into his house which was just next door.

“So, you two dating?” Theo asked making you yelp when you turned to see him leaning against the other neighbour’s mail box.

“What’re you doing here?” You asked and shuffled towards your gate, fumbling in your pocket for your keys so you could hurry to the door.

“I came to ask if you wanted dinner at my house… my Mom will cook?” He looked at you expectantly, nodding in defeat.

“I have to go.” You mumbled and ran to the front door.

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Dating Jason Todd Includes

A/N: Another obligatory Dating Headcanons! I wasn’t planning on writing today but it’s my birthday so happy birthday to me!! How could I resist some Jason Todd? I do plan on doing full on NSFW headcanons for Jaybird and Dickiebird, but idk when so…

Warnings: slightly NSFW. Nothing big.

  • You’d think big bad rooty-tooty-shooty Jason Todd would be one of those cool, chill boyfriends? Think again.
  • Big softy. 24/7.
  • Pet names. Things like ‘Princess’, ‘Babe’, or ‘Doll’. Even if he’s just calling you from across the room. Likes to shorten your name or call you by your initials too.
  • Only really calls you by your full name if he’s hurt. Like after late night patrols. 
  • Likes letting you patch him up after. Doesn’t really like showing you crowbar-related scars. He’ll sit on the floor scarfing down cold leftovers while you bandage him up.
  • Favorite past time is taking you on motorcycle rides. He likes the wind and the speed but also likes feeling you there and knowing you’re safe.
  • Very Protective. Like Super Protective. Will start a bar fight with any cat-callers, creeps, and assholes. Hell, he’ll fight Dick if he’s getting to flirty with the one-liners.
  • Always getting to wear his leather jacket (don’t mind the bullets in the pockets, he needs them).
  • Whenever he goes out and knows he’ll be awhile/going someplace dangerous, he gives you one of his spare helmets to hold onto, just for comforts sake.
  • That boy has a sex drive in him. He can go any time and anywhere. Yes I mean anywhere.
  • Prefers sleepy morning sex, after a long night of patrol when he’s well-rested enough to hit all the right spots.
  • Surprisingly he’s very vocal during. Likes to try daring positions.
  • Likes lazy mornings too. He’s use to being a hero (or anti-hero) at night and in the past, Bruce’s socialite ward, so now he likes mornings where he can just mill around and relax.
  • Likes holding you from behind and shoulder kisses. Loves kissing the side of your head and neck.
  • Favorite past time is also reading with you in his arms. He’ll ask ‘You done?’ every time before he turns the page, just to make sure he’s not going too quick. Also loves little library and book store runs with you. Will def wait outside as you get your favorite book signed by it’s author.
  • Overall a big sweetie. He would start caring a bit more and watching his steps more closely now that he has a home and someone waiting for him in it. 

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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to play soccer mom? Not one where Steve played your soccer son

well, last week i kicked the heads off of about fifteen robots, and then used them as projectiles to hit other robots with. does that count as soccer? afterwards i yelled at steve for taking his helmet off dramatically in the middle of a fight. he got a concussion. again.

its not there to prevent hat hair steven, its so you DONT DIE. which is also my job, and i can use all the help i can get. 

maybe we should get him a pair of sunglasses or something, so he has something he can remove at a dramatic point mid-combat without actually losing safety equipment. sometimes i think the star-spangled show actually made his tendency towards the dramatic even worse. 

Hate To Love You - Brett Talbot Imagine

Prompt: The readers hatred for Brett might be reconsidered

Warnings: couple swear word

Word Count: 1,290

Pairing: Brett Talbot x Werewolf! Reader

A/N: Hope you like it :)


You weren’t much a sporty type of person, but if it meant being there to support your best friend, then sporty type you will be. Liam and Mason convinced you to stay after school to watch Liam do drills. You thought nothing of it until he forgot to mention that Brett would be there. 

You weren’t very fond of Brett. You both came off of the wrong foot. He was rude and cocky. Not to mention, he held a grudge against Liam’s temper problem. It wasn’t his fault he had a disorder. Liam tries his best to maintain his inner anger. Yet it doesn’t always work out when he’s tempted.

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Successful Game (S)

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Words: ~5800
Genre: Smut, Baseballer! au
(I know I’m super late for this but it suddenly took over me.)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

As the daughter of the CEO who sponsors one of Korea's most successful baseball teams (Y/N) has the opportunity to go to every game - whether she wants to or not. However, she does find some joy in going there after seeing one of the members, Jeon Jungkook, for the first time. 

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A person in silver armor. Another person in black armor. They fight. The one in silver armor wins. They run up the tower. Inside the tower is Roman and Logan playing cards. The knight takes his helmet off. It’s Patton. They remark he was late. Patton says it’s because he stopped to play fetch with the three headed dog. The dark knight appears and removes his helmet. It’s Virgil. He says he let Patton win and then hits him over the head with his lance. Roman says this daydream sucks and Logan agrees objectively. Thomas is sitting on a chest nearby eating imaginary popcorn. He wanted it to happen exactly like this. He watches them argue. There’s a four way slap fight. Roman was wrong. This is exactly how the daydream was supposed to go. Roman gets pushed out the window by accident and we hear a cartoonish “I’m okay, and OW!” From below. Patton leaves and eats a cookie. Virgil and Logan play cards.

Rival Hockey Players!Jikook


Hockey had never been a game for the gentle-hearted. It was a ruthless physical sport that was charged with raw aggression.

It was a well known fact among the college hockey teams in Seoul that Jimin and Jungkook were two of the most aggressive players on their teams. Between the two of them, they’d knocked out over a dozen players and damaged three ice rinks.

Jungkook had knocked one guy’s tooth out after slamming him into the glass barrier and probably dislocated his jaw, if the way he cradled his face was any indicator as he was led out by a paramedic. Taehyung had grinned and knocked their helmets together before the puck dropped again and everyone went barreling into each other once more.

Jimin, although he was one of the smallest on his team, was infamously known for having slammed a player through the glass barrier. Not just against it, but literally broke through the glass and made him land in front of the stands. Of course, Yoongi and Seokjin found it hilarious and just laughed at him every time they pass him in the penalty box even though they were short-handed. Yeah, he’d gotten two minutes in the penalty box for roughing.

They both gotten in their fair share of fights too; it was unavoidable. When you’ve got twelve young, hormonal college guys on the ice at one time, there are bound to be some fights.

Of course, over the past two years, Jimin and Jungkook had grown a healthy rivalry between the two of them. Being that they were on opposite teams and would be playing each other every other week, there was a bit of competition.


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anonymous asked:

RFA + V + SAERAN hurting MC (physically) reaction?? (intentional or unintentional whatever)

wow I love drama! 


  • he was playing games as usual
  • and it was a bit… intense 
  • so he got a lot into the game 
  • but he lost 
  • he was just about to win 
  • but he didn’t 
  • and by accident he threw the control
  • and BAM! 
  • just in your head 
  • it wasn’t that bad 
  • “Yoosung, calm down. I am not bleeding so is fine” 
  • “No, I am an idiot. I didn’t wanted this. Sorry” 
  • feels super bad about it for days 
  • doesn’t play games when you’re there 
  • just to be sure 


  • this dude was going way to fast in the motorcycle 
  • and you were there 
  • “ZEN STOP” 
  • “what? I don’t want to” 
  • he was mad because the role he got was really bad and not even principal 
  • he was pissed 
  • and you screaming at him wasn’t getting it better
  • “then get out” 
  • he stopped in the middle of the street 
  • “Zen calm down”
  • but he just wanted to get you home so he could go somewhere alone 
  • “get back here… let’s go home” 
  • but you didn’t 
  • you wanted him to calm down first 
  • but that was not near to happen
  • “ugh fine…” 
  • and he fucking threw the helmet at you 
  • hitting you in your arm 
  • and since it weight a lot it also hurts a lot 
  • and you broke up 
  • started crying part because it hurts and also you were mad at the situation 
  • “MC no… please I wasn’t…” 
  • “Zen just take me home…” 
  • probably feels like shit now 
  • and for the rest of his life 
  • won’t talk for the rest of the ride 


  • She was practicing some judo moves 
  • it was a stressing time for her 
  • work was hard 
  • and Jumin was a jerk 
  • so she was practicing to calm her nerves a bit
  • and you were there doing some work 
  • not that close to her 
  • but also no that far 
  • and she made a bad move 
  • and it got to you 
  • “ouch” 
  • “MC I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Did it hurt?”
  • very concerned about you 
  • stop practicing and made some coffee for you 


  • Elizabeth was sick 
  • and you were taking care of her 
  • of course you loved her as much as Jumin 
  • but he was worried to death since he wasn’t able to be there with her 
  • returned from the office very late and tired 
  • to find you awake 
  • “Is everything fine?” 
  • Elizabeth was sleeping but you couldn’t 
  • “yes, go to sleep” 
  • and that little order made him a bit mad 
  • he was tired and got lot on his mind 
  • “don’t tell me what to do. I am in my house and I’d like to stay awake for a moment” 
  • and it happened that you weren’t in the best mood too 
  • taking care of the cat the whole day wasn’t easy 
  • and you started a fight 
  • of course you two said a lot of things 
  • usually the same as every other fight 
  • but… 
  • he told you to stop being lazy and do something for your life 
  • this got him so mad 
  • you both knew that Jumin actually worked pretty hard 
  • and he just pushed you aways from him 
  • but his force was a little more than what he thought 
  • and you fell on the floor 
  • “I’m leaving…” 
  • couldn’t say a single word 
  • he was so shocked about his own actions 
  • how could he do that to the most precious thing on his life 
  • probably bought a million things later for you 


  • You knew what it was to be with him 
  • some days he just didn’t wanted to see you 
  • it was not that bad 
  • usually talked to you about wanting his space for a couple hours 
  • but this wasn’t like that 
  • he didn’t wanted to speak 
  • or see anybody 
  • a bad day remembering things from his past… 
  • and you didn’t wanted that 
  • “Saeyoung, please let me in” 
  • you were actually worried at this point 
  • he didn’t answered for hours 
  • so you opened the door with the key 
  • and he was there 
  • sitting in the corner of the bed 
  • watching at some picture 
  • “Saeyoung… don’t do this to yourself” 
  • he looked up at you 
  • mad that you were there 
  • “leave me” 
  • but you didn’t 
  • and he stood up very fast 
  • took you by your wrists and throw you outside 
  • when he realized what was happening stoped 
  • to see how your wrists were all red 
  • from his own hands 
  • “MC…” 
  • couldn’t look at you 
  • looked himself again just to cry about how much an asshole he was to you and how you did deserved something better 


  • was working on some new photos 
  • and wanted you to help him a bit 
  • “just put those things in there” 
  • he was looking for a better light 
  • and was kind of focused on the camera 
  • while you were on the floor moving some things for the photo 
  • walked way to close to you 
  • and you were about to stand up 
  • when he let the camera down 
  • but it got on your head 
  • feeling like shit for not knowing you were there 
  • tons of apologies for the rest of the day 


  • this was one of those days 
  • were he was bad 
  • really bad 
  • nightmares and screams
  • of course you didn’t left his side
  • but he was getting a bit aggressive 
  • “Saeran… is me”
  • it was like he wasn’t actually in front of you 
  • but in front of someone else 
  • someone he hated 
  • didn’t recognized you 
  • and BAM 
  • hit you pretty hard in your arm
  • you screamed out of pain 
  • and he came back to reality 
  • just to see what he has done 
  • “It was me? MC… please forgive me” 
  • didn’t knew what to do 
  • a few tears came out of his eyes 
  • but you told him that is was okay 
  • because you knew what he was going through 
Jason Todd- Phone Call


Jason had finally gotten back to the apartment. He ripped off his hood, and threw his holsters onto the coffee table. He looks around the empty living room, and walks to the fridge to get a beer. It was going to be a long morning. 

Usually after his patrol, he would come to the apartment and find you sitting, but mainly sleeping, on the couch. You would wait at his apartment to make sure that he was okay. It didn’t matter that you had work the next morning. When you knew he had patrol, you would bring overnight clothes, and sit and wait on the couch for him. But tonight you were gone.

It’s been about two years of you dating. The first year was rocky since Jason didn’t really open up to you. But then you stayed at the mansion one night with him, and saw Dick in his Nightwing outfit. You wanted to see where Jason was growing up, so you had diner with Bruce, but nobody told Richard. 

So Jason told you most things. And that acceptance was good enough for you. When he was ready, he was ready. And he told you everything. About the Pit, his death, his plans as Red Hood. 

And after a while, Jason wanted to hit himself. Because he loved you. And he had told you everything one of his enemies would want to know. So he made you move in. So today and tomorrow is packing day. 

Jason had told you he didn’t go on patrol so you would finish packing quicker so he could live with you catch up on sleep. 

You weren’t on the couch tonight, but soon you would be every night. Or in the bed. He wouldn’t want you to sleep on the couch. He’d want you to sleep safe in his arms, on the queen sized bed. 

He sat on the couch, looking at the picture of you on his phone. But the screen soon showed your contact name. 

You were calling.

His brow raised, and he answered, putting you on speaker phone. He bends down on the couch to start untying his shoes, 

“Hey babe. What’s up? How’s the unpacking going?” 

“There’s a guy. He has been in a van across the street all day. When I moved the truck into the parking lot, I notice that the building he’s in front of is for sale.” Jason straightened up at all of this, quickly retieing his boot. 

“Are you sure he wasn’t waiting for someone inside the building?”

“I’ve been in the walkway, which is mainly window. My apartment, which looks over the van. And I’ve been outside. Nobody has come in or out all day. No lights on, and the front door is padlocked.” Jason grabbed his belt, putting it back on.

“Stay inside. Act like we didn’t have this conversation, and warm up leftovers. Read. Put on a show about reading, but once you have established that you aren’t paying attention, get away from the window. Lock the door. Stay in the bathroom until I say so. I hid a gun in the cupboard.”

“Okay. I love you. Don’t get hurt. And thank you.” That put a smile on his face. Love. He loved you more than anything, and he would do anything for you. 

“I love you too.”

‘Okay (YN), it’s clear.” Jason rapped against the door, out of breath. You opened the door to find him, blood on his face. He decided to wear a domino mask without his helmet. Jason quickly wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you tightly to his chest. You were right. And that van was filled with a squad of Black Mask’s goons. It was a hit squad.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this.” You sigh into his chest.

“You aren’t dragging me, if I want to be where you are, stupid. I love you. You’re my world.” Jason smiled, but at the same time, his heart broke. He didn’t want to put you this close to danger, but the only way to be okay is by staying at his side. 

What a double edged sword. 

But you could never be a sword.

You are the sun to Jason.

His everything, and he wouldn’t give you up for the world.

I’m fine

Lance let out a sharp howl, one not heard by the others over the loud cannon.

“S-Shiro-” He choked out, immediately getting cut off.

“Not now Lance. Hunk fire!” Was the black paladins response. Lance let out another groan.

“Babe? Babe are you okay?” Keith voice made through.

“Lance are you alright?” Allura’s followed, both etched with worry.

“’M fi-fine. I’m good.” He forced, retracting his bayard.

“Lance get to your lion! We need back up!” Pidge shrieked, pulling her lion back.

“Yes ma'am! I’ve got you covered!” He stumbled towards his lion.


“That was a tough one.” Pidge chuckled, taking off her helmet, walking with the others down the hall. Lances hand was intertwined with Keiths hand, the other, usually holding onto shiros was dangling at his side as he talked with the princess about voltron. He had zoned out, lost in his head, lost in the pain that swallowed him.

“Keith…” He moaned out, knees buckling under him. His vision went black when he hit the ground.

“Lance?!” At the sound of Keiths voice, Shiro whipped his head around, worry in his eyes.  His face paled when he saw Lance laying motionless on the ground. Keith’s gaze moved to Shiro who nodded following Keith out of the room in a run.

It was a few hours before Lance gained consciousness. Shiro was the one next to him when he shot up, his breathing heavy and tears in his eyes.

“I- you’re okay..” Lance breathed, noticeably ignoring the pain in his side. “You’re okay.” He repeated, leaning into the biggers shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” Shiro croaked. “I’m so so sorry- I should’ve seen you were hurt and made sure you were okay but I didn’t and you blacked out and-” Shiro was silenced with lips against his, soft lips, Lances lips. He relaxed, gently kissing back.

“You’re fine baby. I swear.” He smiled softly. “You too Keith. My 2007 emo. You’re fine.” Shiro glanced back at his boyfriend. He didn’t even hear him come back in. He watched as the dark haired male crawled into bed, wrapping his arms around the cubans waist and hiding his face in Lances back.

“I love you. I love you both.” Shiro whispered, looking down.

“And you already know we love you too.” Lance responded, his smiled getting wider.


for @ajmynyard

i cant seem to write any long fics today but here have a smol smitten andrew watching an unaware neil

based on this post

Neil Josten is beautiful and he is dangerous. It’s something about the brutality in his eyes, the way he can part a crowd without even realizing it. He is a force to be reckoned with, a force that never even wanted to be such a thing.

In all of his attempts to blend in, to become invisible, all he manages to do is paint himself up like a neon sign.

Andrew could watch him for hours and not get bored. He’s seen every inch of Neil’s skin, run his hands along every scar and mark and freckle. He hates it, but Neil is the only thing that manages to distract him.

And, considering how boring practice is, it’s much more entertaining to watch Neil.

Today, he stands in the goal, eyes on Neil as the rest of the team check the lacing on their shoes and stretch out the last of their aches from yesterday’s practice.

Neil, completely unaware of anyone’s eyes on him, as per usual, bends down, stretching out his hamstrings, giving Andrew a perfect view of the curve of his back, the taut muscle of his legs, the pull of the fabric of his shorts.

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