at first she's like ugh wtf

hallura headcanons
  • Hunk and Allura spend a lot of time together with the mice! They end up giving them baths together and watches them doing little performances together during the Castle downtime. 
  • Allura likes to sit on the counter while Hunk is either cooking/working on engineering. 
    • Hunk likes to listen to her talk about Altea or answer her questions she has about Earth and its customs because she has a lot
    • When Lance or Pidge aren’t around, he’ll ask Allura to test taste his food and he gets really happy when Allura breaks out into a grin and says, “Hunk, this is absolutely delicious!”
  • When things get tense and nervous, Hunk will hide behind Allura unconsciously. 
    • Allura is a calm presence and really helps Hunk when his anxiety gets the better of him. 
  • Hunk is really comforting to her when he catches her alone and letting herself feel emotions. He’ll try and give her reassurance through a hug or by trying to distract her with little interesting tidbits to help her through it. 
    • Hunk: Hey, Allura.
      Allura: Yes, Hunk?
      Hunk, smirking: Coran’s mousestache.
      Allura: [spits out her space juice and bursts into laughter]
      Everyone else: ?
  • Hunk is really protective over Allura. Anyone who yells at her or decides to be an ass will be met with a pissed off Hunk telling you that you better apologize or else.
  • This is straight up canon now, but Hunk is the first to go after Allura if she gets hurt or gets cut off from the rest of the team during missions.
  • Also, Hunk is really stuttery and nervous around Allura after he realizes he likes her, meanwhile Allura is a mix between Wtf Idk How To Do This and asking Lance what Earth courting is like.
    • Allura: So…. Hunk…. You come here often?
      Hunk: Allura, this is the hangar.
      Allura, muttering: Ugh, I told Lance that line wouldn’t work.
      Hunk: What?
      Allura: NOTHING !

Honestly I feel like Heather would ignore the hell out of her at first like “ugh how come this stupid child can see me wtf” but if Veronica’s daughter is anything like her mother she won’t give up and she’ll persist until Heather actually talks to her and it would be so funny because Heather totally wouldn’t censor herself at all and Veronica’s daughter would be like “mom what does ‘stop pulling on my dick’ mean??” But bad language would be the least of Veronica’s concerns tbh

Hi guys… I hope you all had a good weekend and you’re ready for Monday tomorrow.. or maybe you’re like me and had school today #noweekend lol… basically I’m about to do a rambly rant so get ready lol nah but seriously is anyone else getting really tired of this plastic surgery talk? I know I am.. I honestly don’t even know how to respond to half the messages we get… like I’m so sick of talking about her boobs and her lips and now her chin? Oh and about her “rib removal” (wtf) like first it was about how she’s lying about her height, then it was her scars, now this… like you guys love drama lmao.. idk it’s just getting so old now, there’s really nothing left to say.. we can argue, spread rumours, speculate but like …. ugh I don’t know.. every day we get multiple messages along the lines of — did she gets her boobs done?? Omg her lip fillers are so obviously!, I can’t believe how fake she is now!!1!…. like it’s to the point where I just wanna reply with “who cares” to every message haha

I honestly don’t think Alexis needs or needed anything done, and I don’t want anyone who looks up to her to think they need to go under the knife to be beautiful .. at the same time I’m not going to sit here and bash her and call her fake and plastic because at the end of the day it’s her life and her body and really isn’t any of my business and REALLY we don’t know what she has or hasn’t done, I’m not confirming or denying anything because I can’t, only she can!!! But like can we just change the subject now? Please? I feel like we’re beating a dead horse… or whatever that expression is lol.. I really appreciate everyone who sends kind messages it’s very sweet.. let’s focus on the positivity.. Please 💛💛 if you read this ily - keira xo

here is stuff i wrote to the ppl i love

hi im not cool and savvy so ya a follow forever is not a thing but since it’s been a month and a day since i made my blog i thought y not do a ppl i love post to show I APPRECIATE U! cause i feel like i never tell my friends that i love them lol and ya its seperated in bullet points cuz lol y not im gonna but  keepreadinf cuz ya

  • ANONS I LOVE YOU ! i’ve never gotten anon hate and tbh IDK WHY SOME OF U CARE ABOUT ME SO MUCH like when im like starving myself u tell me to take care of me and when i ask for asks you guys leave them? ALSO SO MANY PEOPLE CALLED ME PRETTY WHICH IM NOT BUT SELF ESTEEM BOOST ILYYYY this blog wouldn’t be alive without u guys

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I’m high key stressed about school. Today my chemistry teacher asked to talk to me about make up work and he was so sincere and caring and said I could ask for help and get as much time as needed and he said “obviously you’ve been out awhile. and we know because they tell…well you know.” and I just nodded and he just looks at me but it was this concerned, worried, saddened face and it broke my heart but I’m surprised he actually cares. I was kept saying thank you because I appreciated it so much. And my English teacher asked if I was okay and I said yeah and then he just went on saying how I have to do my research paper but he hasn’t given me any instruction or anything! and my math teacher OH MY GOSH. he such an attitude. he had a smirk on his face when he said “welcome back” and he literally did not say anything about any assignments I missed so I had to freaking wait until I could talk to his student teacher and when I went to turn in a homework assignment he gave before I left he just takes it and smirks without looking at me like wtf?? and my history teacher hasn’t said anything to me either and neither have 2 of my others teachers for others classes. And I’m failing like 4 classes!! ugh. my gym teacher cares too though. she said welcome back and she asked where I was and I just mumbled something because she obviously already know and I didn’t want to admit it and she said I scared her. I asked why and she just said well for the first few days I thought you were sick but then I don’t know. I’m glad you’re back though. None of them said anything today though. I don’t know. Like, there’s a few that care but some don’t at all and I haven’t even been home for a week and I’m struggling so hard already academically and mentally. I’m already thinking about attempting suicide again. I feel like I should maybe reach out to a teacher who cares but I don’t know how to being it up…I wish they’d just ask lol

The Search for Mamiko's Suzuki-kun [Mayu x Mikorin]

I have a lot of feelings about Nozaki Mayu (Nozaki’s little bro) and Mikorin so I decided to write.

Also for those who don’t know how he looks like, here’s a very helpful visual:

ugh mayu is so hot wtf

spoilers about the gsnk manga below, obviously.


It happened on one of those conversations. Hori was drawing the background of the chapter climax when he suddenly stopped and stared at the main pairing, eyes narrowing. “You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but…” He placed his pen down, looking over at Sakura with a thoughtful expression. “Mamiko is based on Mikoshiba, right?”

Sakura smiled and nodded. “Yeah!” She answered. “Nozaki-kun told me. At first I didn’t really get it, but… well, it’s obvious, right?”

Hori nodded slowly. “Then… who is Suzuki based on?”

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Yet another long-overdue and hastily-drawn-at-the-last-minute thingy, inspired by one throwaway line in Reciprocity.  This one was supposed to be Nat and Pepper enjoying tea, but somehow turned into something about Pepper being a tea snob and Nat being too good at compartmentalizing.  :)

I kind of imagine Pepper slowly getting Nat to slow down a bit and actually enjoy tea as something with flavor and nuance, instead of just downing whatever has the highest caffeine/alcohol content around.  At the very least Nat could start associating it with relaxed hangouts with Pepper.

(#4/10 days of fandom)

just because @taylorswift looks like what society would define as a “model” doesn’t mean that she can’t be an advocate for body positivity. it seems that people keep on commenting on her body and criticizing her for her “nudity”. The fact that Taylor had to show pictures of herself in her bodysuit just shows how messed up this all is. She shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place. What she does with her body is her own DAMN business and NO motherf**ker should be able to say otherwise. UGH Besides no one should decide who gets to advocate for body positivity and who can’t. That’s the whole point of a movement. Get as many people as you can to advocate for an important issue, in the hopes of changing things and getting a point across, regardless of who they are or what they look like. Seems that some people forgot about that. 

WTF Is Invalidation?


Go to any Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) program and you’ll probably hear that word over and over and over… and over. Of course you know what it means- but do you?

Picture this. Phoebe’s had an atrocious day at work and all she wants to do is go home and chug cheap whiskey from a fish bowl like the classy adult she is.

Her partner walks through the door before she can take the first shameless slurp.

Larry: Hi, ponycakes! How was your day?

Phoebe: Ugh, it was awful. You know Fiona from accounting? Yeah, well apparently she’s sleeping with my boss’s husband and she’ll probably be fired and she was the only person there who didn’t treat me like a carpet. And THEN my allergist called and said we’ll have to reschedule and what exactly am I supposed to do at Marcy’s wedding if I can’t eat the cantaloupe fritters?

Larry: So? Don’t eat the cantaloupe fritters.

Phoebe: It’s a cantaloupe-themed wedding! She lives on a cantaloupe farm!

Larry: Well, that’s what you get for having such weird friends. Why do you care so much about what people think about you, anyway? Stop making such a big fuss about everything and get over it.

Phoebe: You know what? Forget it. I don’t know why I even bother telling you anything since you totally DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING I SAY! 

Larry: FINE! Go whine to your friends about how I don’t care about your problems. Maybe I’d care about them if they were ACTUAL PROBLEMS!


That escalated quickly.

Could this have gone differently?

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So this lady seems pleasant enough t first. She has a thick Ethiopian accent but that’s really not a surprise around these parts. I’m ringing up her knife set and she seems bubbly and happy until…

Her card doesn’t swipe

I apologize and she huffs and starts tapping her foot like bitch calm down.

“You have to type in the numbers! This store is stupid it never swipes here!”

Then why you acting so surprised when you knew this was going to happen.

I type in the number and the machine still doesn’t like it. It sends up an error message that I don’t recognize (but I was later told happens when someone reports a card as STOLEN)


I have been. Bitch I did it five times all the while you’ve been writhing and whining like a five year old in front of my register


“Sorry ma’m I can’t do anything with this I’m sorry”

She glares at me “you’re sorry? YOU’RE SORRY??? NO. YOU’RE SORRY!!!”


Then she SAUNTERS out like the prissiest drag queen at the ball. Flipping her hair and everything.

I tell my manager this later and he’s like “did she have an accent?”

At first I thought he was being low-key racist like wtf man she did but that doesn’t mean-

“Because I have a lady in here with an accent that tries to pull this bullshit with stolen credit cards”

Hoooo boy.

Bitch better watch out the next time he comes in I am writing that card number down and calling the cops.

anonymous asked:

Um can I request something?? So like you don't have to do it but maybe a blurb thing about Mikey meeting your mom (who is over protective and kinda nuts) (nuts as in super funny) because your parents divorced so kinda like a meet the parents thing but not cause divorce.. (You don't have to do it, I don't wanna bother)

o m g okay so like

imagine that michael had been over to have dinner with you and your mum. And you just really really really wanted her to like him, because, yeah, she’s like over protective and you knew she would be heaps cautious with letting you two be in a relationship and stuff. So you would totally be absolutely freaking out before hand, like, you’d be in your room just pacing up and down and fretting and hoping that michael didn’t say anything stupid so that she would hate him

And then Michael would send you a text asking like, ‘I’m still coming over for dinner tonight yeah? xx’ and you’d be like, 'yeah, I’m nervous for you to meet mum :/’ and he would be acting super casual about it ???????? like, ‘I’m sure it’ll be chilled :) xx’ and you’re just like with your head in your hands like no this is probably gonna go so horrible because michael is stupidly outgoing and will accidentally say something wrong like ugh

SO THEN when he finally comes over and knocks on the door, you’d like bolt downstairs so that you could get to the door first, but then you’d make eye contact with your mum, and she’d see you were rushing to the door and idk, she would want to be the first one to let him in and see him first so she would race to the door and you’d be like wtf omg and you’d literally have to run and yOU’D BOTH BE PUSHING EACH OTHER OUT THE WAY TO GET TO THE DOOR FIRST AND WIN THIS STUPID RACE AND THEn you would just freeze. And you’d just stand there. (and meanwhile she would open the door bc you were just frozen and suddenly deep in thought) And you’d just think like.. this whole time you’ve been worried about michael being considered weird. But in reality, you and her and the weird ones. 

And anyway you’d somehow steal michael off to your room after he’d politely greeted your mum, and you’d hide in there until dinner was ready

and then when it was, you’d sit next to michael, and then your mum would sit across from michael. And omg. It would just be like a full on job interview, like, she would be asking him every question under the damn sun, like, 'so what are your plans for the future?’ and 'how often do you have to go on tour’ and ‘what is your net income’ and omfg, you’d literally just be sitting on the side like groaning everytime she spoke. But michael would be totally fine? Like, he would seriously just be so calm about it all. And ugh he’d be all like talking about the band plans and stuff and then he’d slip in, 'And of course I’ll fit in looking after [y/n] in there as well.’ And omggggg he’d would see you flipping out next to him, and he’d just squeeze your thigh under the table and look at you and smile, and you’re just thinking, how are you so calm!??!??!?!?!?/!?/!1

Anyway, to your surprise, Michael would somehow manage to keep the conversation semi-light, and before you know it, he would literally be laughing and talking about funny TV shows with your mum and they’d just be in full on banter and having a fantastic time and idk

I just feel like it would all be okay in the end. And because they were both kind of a little bit crazy, they’d end up getting along so well. And then you wouldn’t be able to get a word in because their conversation would be on fire, but you wouldn’t really mind

And he would offer to help her with the dishes and stuff and they would end up blabbering on about who even knows anymore, and iT WOULD KINDA GET TO A POINT WHERE IT WAS LIKE YOU WEREN’T EVEN THERE?!??!!?/?/


And then after he’d gone home, he’d message you like, ‘Your mum’s awesome! xxx’ and you’d be joking like, 'yeah maybe you should date her instead of me’ and then after a while of him typing and then backspacing and typing and backspacing, he’d be like, 'she’s not quite as sexy and beautiful as you though ;) xx’