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Anne x Phillip: A New Chapter

A couple of days ago I got a prompt about Anne and Phillip expecting their first child and how Phillip supports her. I liked it so much that I decided to write it down in a couple of parts. Hope you like it!

Phillip x Anne: A new chapter


Anne and WD were practicing a new routine when it happened again. Anne felt dizzy and had to come down to catch her breath. She wasn’t feeling great these last couple of weeks and even though she tried to hide it as much as possible, the others saw that there was something wrong. Lettie, who had been watching brother and sister practicing, came running towards the younger girl and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay? You seem a little queasy.”  Lettie says worriedly, while she helped Anne towards a seat. Anne sits down, places her head in her hands, trying to stop the world from spinning.

Her brother lowers as well and looks very concerned: “This is the third time today, maybe we should take a break” “But the new routine” Anne replies softly, she really doesn’t want to go back in the air, but they must finish their routine, otherwise they won’t be ready for the next show. “Right now, you’re more important” WD says without hesitation. Anne sighs heavily, she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Or maybe she does, a little voice in her head says, which she tries to push away. It can’t be…

“I think you need some rest, and maybe a doctor” Lettie says motherly. Anne wants to argue and say she’s fine, but when she tries to stand up she has to sit down again because of the nausea. “Okay, but don’t tell Phillip. He’ll just worry for nothing and- “she starts but it’s already too late because the ringmaster comes rushing in, he runs towards the three and seems worried. “What happened? Did you fall? Are you hurt? Do I have to take you to the hospital?!” he rambles, finally reaching her and taking her hands in his. “I’m fine, Phillip. Just was feeling a little dizzy, probably caught a flu. Nothing to worry about.” She says with a forced smile. He calmed down, seeing that she didn’t seemed terribly injured or anything. “Okay, we’re going to leave you alone. Take care, Anne” Lettie says, grabbing WD by the arm to give the two of them some space. WD keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure his sister is indeed fine.

Anne sighs relieved when they are gone, she hates to be mothered. She just hates being the center of attention (outside of the show). Then suddenly she realizes that she’s not alone, she looks down at her hands which are still intertwined with the ones from her husband. He sits on his knees in front of her and his blue eyes are fixed on her face. Anne blushes because of the intensity. She expects him to stay something, but he remains silent. “What’s wrong?” she asks with lifted eyebrows.

“You’re seriously asking me that?” he asks roughly. She isn’t used to that from him. “Phillip…” she says confused but he cuts her off. “This isn’t the first time you had to stop because you’re not feeling well, is it?” he asks, looking her straight in the eye. She sees no point in lying, even though she’d rather kept it for herself. “No, it isn’t” she mutters, a bit ashamed. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Phillip’s voice not harsh anymore, but soft and insecure. “I thought I made sure from the beginning that you could always talk to me, about anything.” “Yes of course” Anne says louder. She doesn’t want him to think that she can’t talk to him, that it’s his fault. “Then why didn’t you come to me Anne?! I thought that a few months ago, we made the promise to tell each other everything. I’m your husband for God’s sake!” the disappointment present in his voice makes Anne’s heart wrench. “Because I didn’t want you to be concerned. And maybe because I was in denial, I didn’t want to admit to myself that it might be more than just a one time thing…” She says, tears welling up in her eyes.

“No, no don’t cry please. I don’t want to make you upset. I just felt bad because I seemed to be the one knowing. Anne, please” Phillip begs, he moves to the seat next to her and pulls her in for a tight embrace. He can’t believe he just made her cry. “Shhht” he says while holding her tightly, stroking her curly hair. “Phillip, there is something I need to tell you” she says, letting him a little bit go so she can see his worried face. She doesn’t know how but she has to tell him. “I-I think… I’m not one hundred percent sure but… Please don’t be mad-“Phillip who has no clue what she’s trying to say, just looks at her very confused. She takes a few deep breaths, wipes away the tears from her face and finally says the words she had such a hard time with even thinking them: “I’m late, very late… and then I started feeling dizzy and nauseous, I kept telling myself it meant nothing but…” Phillip has this puzzling look on his face and when she says the next words he’s finally able to put them together. “I think that I – that we – that I’m pregnant”

Phillip stares at her with his mouth open. That thought never crossed his mind, but he should’ve known. Startled his head bowed down to Anne’s belly, could it be? “Phillip say something” Anne said, biting her lip in angst, fear that he might run away. Like her father did when he heard about her. One of the reasons she was so afraid. “Oh Anne” he says and a smile breaks out on his face. He pulls her in a tight hug and even lifts her up a little. Anne chuckles nervously from the shock. Both of them are standing now and Phillip can’t take his eyes of the girl in front of him. “we’re going to have a-“ he whispers and he puts his hands on her stomach. “Wait Phillip, there’s no prove. There is a chance that I’m not” and a part of her hopes it, but she doesn’t say it out loud. Not now that she’s seen the hopeful look on his face. He’s really ready for it, but is she?

“So, what now?” Phillip asks, still this dreamy look on his face. He always wanted to become a dad, and since Anne came into his life even more, because it would finally mean something. They would be a real family, not a crappy pretended one like the one he had grown up in. “I have to go see a doctor, to be completely sure” Anne says and her face falls. So, it’s really time to find out the truth. After that appointment she had to face the facts, whether they told her she was pregnant or not.

“I’ll go with you of course” Phillip said without hesitation. “You are?” Of course the thought had crossed her mind and she had hoped he would say that he would come with, but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. “Duh, you’re my wife” he simply answers. She can’t help but smile he replies with an even bigger one. Anne wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. No matter what was going to happen, at least they had each other.

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