at first it was a girl

Clary is out here trying to salvage the little bit left of her messed up family after her mother died and Kat is killing it, acting-wise.

Sebastian is out here trying to get some type of love (however creepy the feelings he’s having toward a girl that he knows is his sister) from his family and Will is killing it, acting-wise.


So after seeing this post (with the second screencap), I just *had* to re-start Endless Summer. How could I NOT want to see Jake confront MC about where they stand?

… I ended up restarting the book twice to get it right.

It happens as soon as MC breaks the time loop, but only if you do the following:

- Chapter 1: Choose Jake, but don’t start dating him yet. 
This one is the first crucial step. Might sound ‘duh’, but fact is, I had chosen to spend time with another LI (out of curiosity) in the first book restart. In the end, the scene didn’t happen.

- Chapter 2: Go to the lake with Jake. Spend time with him.
I’m not actually sure whether or not it’d make a difference if you chose to spend time with Estela as well, or if you chose to go through with all three options of what you can do at the lake. But I think it’s safe to say that the lake scenes do play a part.

The steps sound a lot more obvious now that I typed them. Haha, I’ll blame the lack of sleep.

EDIT: It will probably not make a difference whether or not MC sides with Jake concerning Rourke. I sided with Sean, and I still got this scene in the end. The only way I could see this be relevant is whether you’d need that last point to boost MC’s relationship with Jake to ‘Friends’.

I’m sure it won’t come as a shock to know that, as we get older, we become too busy for things we were once invested in. For me, that’s fanfiction and Tumblr. The more I invest in personal projects, the less time I have to enjoy this place. I want to grow and develop my writing style. To publish my own work. I’m growing older. Getting married. Beginning my life together with Matt. So I won’t be here forever.

When I do finally delete this Tumblr, I will leave my writing blog open ( @xensorcell ), as a means of staying in touch and posting my work.

This post is my way of saying that anyone who wants to stay in touch, whether you’re a mutual or not, I have other social media where you can find and contact me. I have Facebook, email, instagram(s), Snapchat, etc. All you have to do is ask.

I don’t intend to one day just vanish. But there will come a day when I do say goodbye. And I want everyone to remember that this fandom and the people who follow/interact with me made my life happier and more fulfilling. There were cases when the people here quite literally kept me alive. You, and this site, as drama filled as it can be, will always live in my heart.



HEY IT’S A FURRY or maybe a pinchy?  It’s miss Kali Crab!  I haven’t made a ‘sona to draw in like 10 years lmao.  anyway I love crabs and I like drawing crab critters so this is her anthro design, there’s also an actual hermit crab design + cool monster crab design that I’ll post later because SHE IS  A VERY FAB CRAB

+ DID U KNO: some species of hermit crab form a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones!  A crab will peel off an anemone(s) from somewhere and plant it firmly on it’s shell.  The stinging tendrils of the anemone provide protection from the crab’s many predators.  In return, the anemone gets plenty of scraps from the crab’s meals.  IT’S SUPER CUTE and I love it and that’s why she has 2 friends with her lol.