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OKAY SO, we know Soshitsu, the fourth OVA of tri. comes out next month, alrighty? That’s cool, I am excited, I’m sure you’re lowkey excited as well. I just have a small tiny issue. You see, every OVA we’ve gotten different protagonists; in the first one we got Taichi and Yamato.

In the second one we got Mimi and good old Jou.

In the third one it was Koushiro and Takeru’s time to shine.

In all of these films we got different posters and promotionals with the protagonists of each OVA, which was pretty awesome, we got some really cool stuff. Meiko was in some of them but you know where I’m heading to, I hope.

Flash forward to the fourth OVA, where SORA, Taichi and Yamato are going to be protagonists, but mainly SORA, okay? Do we all agree here?

AND I WAS SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH OF TAIORATO TRASH I AM!!! I was super excited because I thought we were gonna get so many Taiorato posters and promotionals and Taiorato was gonna be in the front page of every Animedia and Otomedia issue and I was gonna be LIVING.

Well, we’re almost one month away from the movie`s release and guess what? Zero. Not a single new Taiorato promotional we’ve gotten since the movie poster, instead we got more Taiyama. 

WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE TAIYAMA. We’ve gotten Taiyama with every single OVA, and I understand, they’re the real Digimon protagonists and that’s what really sells merchandise and magazines. I GET IT. But this was supposed to be a Taiorato film damn it. Would it really kill it off if you could draw Sora in the middle or the corner?

I’m just so disappointed, I wanted to see Sora shine, not only in the film but in all the extra material as well. Everyone’s gotten their time, why must Sora get overshadowed by Taichi and Yamato?? 

It makes me sad and just so agsafguekfs. But anyway, I hope she gets to shine in the movie at least, if not I’ll have to go and burn something up.

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Only Got Eyes For You


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Prompt: “Your cute when your mad”

Summary: Another girl flirts with Isaac and you get jealous, but Isaac thinks it’s cute when you get mad.

Isaac just got from France and you couldn’t be anymore excited. You had missed him terribly and to have him back in your life, not to mention in your arms was just everything to you. It was the first day back at school for Isaac, sure his been here plenty of times but things have changed slightly. New atmosphere new people and of course new subjects.

“So you and I have 3 classes together, which is pretty good.” you told Isaac as you two made your way towards the building.

Isaac clearly wasn’t listening because when you looked up you saw that his attention was directly focused at Theo. He was caught up on the supernatural that currently resided in Beacon Hills, even though Scott trusted Theo there were some people that didn’t. It was mainly Stiles but now Isaac was jumping on the bandwagon with him.

“What’s his deal anyway?” he asked.

You weren’t exactly sure, all you knew was he came back to Beacon Hills and wanted to be apart of Scott’s pack. “All I know is that he want’s a pack”.

“Yeah well he better not mess with Scott”.

You smiled, Isaac was still the same person you meet a year ago and his loyalty to Scott hasn’t changed either. It was refreshing to see that Isaac being away for so long didn’t change him.

“Come on let’s head inside”. you pulled him along so he wouldn’t have to stare at Theo anymore.

Since Isaac didn’t have a locker just yet you offered to place his things in yours. As you were re-arranging things around so Isaac would have a space to put his books in, a random girl you didn’t even know the name of came up to where you and Isaac where standing.

“Hi Isaac, I’m glad you back. How was France?” she asked him in a voice that made you roll your eyes.

He starched the back of his neck, clearly not used to having girls flirt with him. And uncomfortable with the position he was now put in.

“Um yeah it was good. Just glad to be back in Beacon Hills”.

She batted her fake eyelashes and smiled at him before placing her hand on his arm. That move made your cheeks go red with jealously and you slammed the locker door. The girl looked in your direction and gave you a mean girl glance, which was not only predictable but extremely overused.

“So Isaac there is this party going on tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to come?”.

Issac looked to you and back to the girl before answering, “I’ll think about it”. That’s all she needed to hear before she skipped away leaving you livid at what just unfolded right in front of your eyes. Juggling the books in your arms you headed the the classroom across from the lockers, since that’s where your next class was going to be.

Before you left Isaac stepped in front of you, “You know I’m not going to go, right?” he took a few of the books from you to make the load lightly and easier to carry.

“I think she’s expecting you to go” you answered.

“I have other plans, so she’s just going to have to deal with me not being there”.

Curious to what those other plans are you went ahead and asked him “Oh? And what are those other plans?”.

He smiled wide and you didn’t know who much you missed seeing him smile until just now, “Well there’s this girl that I missed immensely while I was away, and I was wondering if she wanted to spend a night in? We could order some takeaway and watch some movies, maybe even cuddle while we’re at it?’.

Your cheeks got a hint of blush to them and you would be lying if you weren’t absolutely ecstatic at his plans. "I think that girl would love to spend the night in”.

He leaned down and kissed you ever so sweetly on the cheek, “Than I’m looking forward to it. By the way your cute when your mad”.

He returned back those books he was holding for you and the bell rang to indicate to the students left, that class was now about to start. You made your way to the classroom door, but didn’t enter until you took one last look at Isaac, who was making his way down the hallway into another classroom.

Entering the classroom you sat down at the desk in the back, and couldn’t manage to wipe the smile on your face. The teacher started talking but your brain was zoning out and all you could do was stare at the clock ticking away, praying that time would go by fast. Tonight it was just going to be you and Isaac, and there was nothing in the world that you wanted more than that.

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Yeah marriage was pretty scary (mainly because of the fucking bill!!!!!) as it’s a big step even if you’ve been with someone for years :) but it was absolutely worth it.

And I most certainly can recommend some Batjokes fics! There’s this list here which has a whole load of stories and authors on it and this one which isn’t exclusively Batjokes but has a few on there not mentioned on the first one.

I hope that’s some help :D

Some advice for sorting out your priorities and how to not get lost in studyblr aesthetic, I guess?

 Before I begin, I apologise for my english, it’s not my first language. Forgive me for typos and grammar mistakes. 

Also, before you start reading, keep in mind that I have nothing against studyblr community or people who are trying hard to make their blogs look aesthetic and pretty. This is mainly aimed at people who simply can’t do that and feel bad about themeselves because of that. But, there will also be some (well, a lot of actually) advice that can apply to anyone, so feel free to dig in!

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wtf is this houjin yatsurugui/....? are there pretty girls?

houyatsu is a local hero show!

for all of the chiba prefecture, i think? but mainly for the town of kisarazu. some parts of the “lore” are based around the legend of yamato takeru, so each season features a protagonist with that same name. it’s cute and fun and has very nicely done action scenes imo, better than most of the mainstream toku that’s been airing lately. and there is at least one pretty girl every season, some of whom get to transform and none of whom die!

here’s a link to the first season. (hit the CC button for subs. they’re not super great translation-wise and they occasionally give out altogether but it’s a pretty straightforward show so it’s not too hard to get past.)

What made you fall in love with Nightcrawler? How did you discover him?

reblog and add your story.

Here is mine:

In Highschool was when I first fell in love with him, though I cannot clearly remember what first introduced me to him. But I can pretty clearly remember what clenched him forever in my heart and the version of him I consider my version (tho I love all of the ones I come across really). And that would be the prequel comic for X2: Xmen United, mainly this page here.

The way he is drawn in this comic and his personality here is what is Kurt to me. I loved his happy attitude in the face of this horrible situation and the hatred and torture he went through. I also like that he is portrayed as someone who isnt superhuman and can be broken, though it broke me too. There is a limit, but he bounces back. 

Also the colors are yummy and he is drawn adorably.  

Around the same time I was also introduced to Excalibur , Xmen Evolution and of course the sneak peek of X2 with Nightcrawler in the White house, so i really cant remember what came first (and i am also dating myself here lol ). But I think i just happened to see him on the cover of a comic somewhere and was intrigued. 

lumy-sims  asked:

☀📺😍✏ can answer in private :)

☀ - Story about your day.

I just went out with some friends basically all day and then I just went to study some stuff for an exam. (Pretty boring I know).

📺 - Top 5 favorite TV shows?

I dont really watch TV, mainly national channels, BUT here are some!
1. Orphan Black
2. Im latelly really enjoying watching Catfish XD
3. I have only watched it a bit, but I liked it and totally recommend it, GoT.
4. Narcos is pretty interesting 🤔
5. Its kinda fun to watch novelas XD

  😍 - Do you have a crush?

Yep :)

✏ - Random fact about yourself. (1)

Mmm, what could it be? 🤔 OKAY I HAVE ONE! Not many people know it, but, yes I was born in Peru, BUT my “first” language isn’t Spanish. I grew up with my uncles, which dont speak Spanish, so English was the first language I started speaking. That’s why I had to go to some therapies while growing up XD 

✏️ - Want any tattoos? (2)

Im not really a fan of huuuge tattoos and having a lot of them, but I really want to get at least 5+ small tattoos :D

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Aw shit, I had a feeling I forgot to post these here. 

Little known fact, before I was a devoted follower of the Church of Miyamoto, I was a Sega/Sony baby. And one of the first video games I ever played was, you guessed it, Crash Bandicoot. Despite my taste in games changing over the years, I still see the original trilogy as my favorite gaming series. Mainly because it felt like I was playing a cartoon. The good folks at Naughty Dog did a fantastic job in capturing the “Looney Tunes-esque” personality into both the character of Crash and in the games…

But when I saw the trailer for the N.Sane Trilogy, that pretty much confirmed what I wanted to get for X-mas. So with that being said, here’s my tribute to the gaming world’s favorite marsupial.

And Ripper Roo is one of my favorite video game boss designs. 

So today I started making the components to a couple Easter projects/experiments I’m working on. One is gonna be quite camp and pink. The other more neutral and indulgent looking. If they look as good as they look in my mind I’ll make sure I post them on here first ;). 

It’s good to be getting creative again. I’ve been feeling pretty down the last two weeks. Mainly because I’m just not in a place I want to be in my life at the moment, things in my mind have been a little crappy. Lying in bed sulking and thinking too much of the past and wishing I could go back isn’t going to help. The only person who is going to help me feel better is ME. So I need to get my head down, do what I love, work hard and remind myself why I’m doing all of this; to be happy and to get to that place in my life I want to be.


When I first moved here, I was pretty homesick. And then I met Molly… and she was from a different country, too. And she missed her family just as much. But that wasn’t gonna stop her from having fun. And she wanted me to have fun, too. She took me to her favorite clubs, on walks in this beautiful park. She introduced me to London takeout. And she told me that only an “eejit” calls it “takeout” over here. It’s “takeaway”. And whenever I was down, um… she always knew how to make me laugh. Mainly because almost anything could make her laugh. And when she got going, you really couldn’t stop her. It was seriously a problem. But that’s the thing about Molly… is nothing really stopped her. Ever. I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep going now that she’s stopped.

Spaceman // ch.1

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I tagged mostly everyone who liked the post ❤️ here it is guys. I’m terrible at smut. It’ll get better I promise !
I wanted to start off by saying that this fanfic is dedicated to all the My Mad Fat Diary fans out there. Most of us weren’t very happy with the ending of Series 3 so I decided, as a fan and an aspiring author to create this for my favorite fandom ever. So here it is, the first chapter of ‘Spaceman’ which picks up pretty much right after the ending of Series 2. This is a mainly Rinn focused fic and is in the point of view of the real Finn Nelson, we all know and love. I will try my absolute best to capture the actions, emotions and thoughts of him as best as I can and if you have any suggestions, requests or thoughts please do not hesitate to go into my ask box.
Enjoy, yours truly, Kar..

I looked into her eyes as her robe dropped to her feet. My fingers wind themselves in between the strands of her long dark hair. I give her a small reassuring smile as I give her a soft kiss, taking her lips between mine and closing my eyes as I live in this moment with her. Her lips shake as she kisses me and I pull back to rest my forehead onto hers and whisper softly,
“You don’t have to be afraid of me, I know you’re nervous but just remember I think you’re beautiful.” she nods her head slowly and I open my eyes to scan over her body. I don’t know why she hides from me, I think she’s perfect, every curve, birthmark, scar. I place my fingertips on the top of her thigh and look at her raising my eyebrow for permission and she nods slowly. I slide my fingers over every scar and examine them. I can feel pain in my chest knowing that she did this to herself, there’s so much to love about her and I wish she could see it, I want to make her see it.
I grab her hand and lead her to the bed, laying her down slowly.
“You alright?” I ask her quietly.
“Yeah, i’m alright.” she smiles softly and I nod as I kiss her again. I move slowly and gently because I know she’s scared because I can finally see her, all of her, she can no longer hide from me. She puts her hands in my hair as I lean over to kiss the soft skin on her neck, she smells of lotion and vanilla. I hear her inhale slowly as I bite softly and I smirk against her neck. She laughs quietly but pauses suddenly once I rest my hand on her side.
“We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready-” I reassure her, looking in her eyes again. She shakes her head quickly.
“No-no. This is okay, it’s fine yeah? Your hands are just cold.” She responds. I know she’s worried, I don’t wanna make things awkward so I sit up and rub my hands together, breathing onto them to “warm them up” and I put my hand back on the curve of her side and look at her with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah.” she says simply with a closed lip smile. I continue kissing her, her lips, her face, her neck, her chest, her arms as I move my way, gradually down her body. I feel as if she’s given me some kind of gift by letting me see her and touch her, her presence means everything to me and in this moment I don’t think i’ll ever be happier than when i’m with her. My fingers slide down between her thighs as I begin to rub her clit slowly. She doesn’t panic because this is something i’d done many times before. Her fingers tug my hair slightly and I look up at her to make sure she’s enjoying it. Her eyes are closed, chin tilted toward the ceiling and her bottom lip is tucked tightly between her teeth. I feel myself harden against her thigh as I watch her, she’s mine, only mine and she wants me, she likes me. I stop my self reassurance and slide my fingers inside her. She lets out a low, muffled whine as I slowly, but surely pick up the pace. This is everything to me, she is everything to me. The time flies by as I watch her face contort with pleasure, before she covers her mouth and let’s a muffled version of my name roll off her lips. I feel her tighten around my fingers, she came faster than usual but I suppose she’s just thinking about how this isn’t the only thing we’ll be doing tonight. I awkwardly sit up and reach over to pull a condom from my jeans pocket. I’m not facing her but I can feel her eyes watch me with every move I make, for some reason I feel extremely nervous, this is new to me. I rip the condom open with my front teeth and set it’s wrapper on the nightstand. I roll it on slowly, biting my lip slightly. Slowly, slowly. I keep telling myself, you don’t wanna hurt her Finn. I’m extremely scared to turn and face her, i’m not trying to sound conceited or anything but when i’m hard it can be… intimidating, if you get what I mean. I don’t want to scare her or anything. I could turn the lights off- but then I wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful she is and she’d think I don’t want to see her. I turn around slowly and her eyes immediately travel south. Jesus Rae. I clear my throat as her eyes widen. “Is everything okay?” I ask, genuinely concerned. Her eyes meet mine quickly and she gives me a nod.
“I’m gonna go slow and remember we don’t have to do anything you don’t want.”
“I want this Finn.” she says quietly.
“Okay-right,yeah.” I climb on top of her and settle myself gently between her thighs. I look in her eyes and move the hair from her face and kiss her lips softly. “You can tell me to stop if it’s bad, yeah?” I mumble against her lips. She gives me a small ‘Okay’ and I reach down and slowly slide myself into her. She gasps as I do and I have to close my eyes to stay calm. “You alright?” I finally ask opening my eyes and she’s looking at me biting her lip. It’s a sight to see, that’s for damn sure.
“Move.” She demands, breathless. Really?
“Are you sure? You don’t have to rush into this-” I say, I don’t wanna pressure you.
“I’m sure.” She says eagerly. It confuses me, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never taken anyones virginity so I’m not sure if this is normal for her to.. be this ready. I start thrusting into her slowly at a steady pace. She’s so beautiful, she feels so good. Her eyes flutter closed as her fingers pull at my back. Rae. She was moaning quietly in my ear, saying my name. Shit. I like this, I like her this. I wanna stay this close, if possible closer. Everything becomes a blur, it’s me and her and this moment. I feel like I love her. I want to tell her I love her. Her body moves against mine and everything’s moving so quickly. “Finn..Finn.. I think I-” she gasps before letting out a small cry as she comes around me. I groan dipping my head into her neck and pant as I thrust harder. “Fuck-” I cum inside her slowly bringing my hips to a stop. Oh shit. We lay there afterwards for a while, I twirl her hair around my fingers and leave kisses on her face. I hope it felt good. I hope I didn’t hurt her. “Was that okay?” I finally ask, giving in to the urge.
“It was amazing.” She answers, her smile beaming. I love her. I smile at her in return, continuing to play with her hair and touch her in any way I can.
“Your mum will kill me if she finds me here. Right.” I say chuckling.
“I don’t care.” She responds, rolling her eyes.
“I’ll leave in the morning.” I tell her, I’m relieved when she nods, I didn’t want to go, I don’t want to. “You look tired, go to bed girl.”
She moves herself closer to me and closes her eyes. I don’t sleep that night, I just watch her as if I’m protecting her, when really she’s protecting me.

Okay, I’m sorry if that sucked but I do hope you like it. I’d love feedback and tips and stuff. I’ll start my work on chapter 2 Saturday if you guys want it. Let me know. Yours Truly,

Here, have a fanfic

This is based on something that genuinely happened to a co-worker a while back - but I decided to have her read it first before posting it. She loved it, so on with the posting!

It’s obviously a ‘based on true events’ thing, not a blow-by-blow account. Mainly because Hiccstrid, but also because Astrid would not react in the perfectly professional and slightly mortified manner my colleague did… not on very little sleep and a lot of stress, anyway!

I’ve titled it ‘Customer Disservice’ but I’m not sure I like it. The only other title I could think to give it would’ve given the game away…

Anyhoo, it’s all under the cut and I’ll probably post some background headcanons if you want them :)

Special shout out to oh–you–pretty–things who rules, and elfpen who wanted to read some more fanfic, rather than just write them


Customer Disservice

Astrid was having the worst day. It was late, she was tired, she had an exam next week to study for, and working in customer services in a busy supermarket was hell.

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classicdaisycalico said: I’d LOVE to see your writing! (Also, despite this episode mainly happening in the minds of the characters, I’m still upset that Perci has basically been made into a Mary Sue both in and out of their thoughts.)

Here is my issue with Perci in this episode, and it’s not even her fault. I’m not upset that she was everyone’s love interest. I’m not upset that the episode was centered around her. What I’m upset about is that she ended up being used exactly how I feared she would be used when she was first introduced.

When I first saw her design, I thought she looked really pretty and really badass. But I was worried she was just going to be used as the popular girl that everyone liked and fought over. Then when I played Rise of Lyric, we got to know more about her and that she and her family actually have a really awesome history. She is actually a very important, no-nonsense kind of character. I was so happy and excited!

But then we have today’s episode. Granted, I know the show is supposed to be sillier and more watered down than the games’ story. But still, did we get to learn anything new about Perci or see her being appreciated as a worthy character? Not really, not until the end of the episode when we got to hear her point of view. Apparently not even Sonic and friends know her very well either since they were all very biased and not receptive to how she thinks or what she says. They all see her as a pretty face too. None of them cared that she could handle herself. Sonic and Knuckles were too busy trying to impress her and Amy was too busy being jealous, so much so that nobody was legitimately concerned for her.

It’s just unfortunate. From ROL, we know that Perci is important. In fact, I would go as far as to say I would actually really love to play her. And if you listen to some of the cut dialog from the games, you learn that Perci was supposed to be playable (and was actually someone that Amy got along with!)

I want to see more of Perci, but I want to see her being Perci. I want to know more about her. I want to see her being a friend and an ally. I don’t want everyone fighting over her just because she’s a pretty face, when there’s possibly so much more to her than that.

The Bachelorette, illustrated: Week 2

The Bachelorette producers wasted no time in setting up this season’s villain — Chad, a protein powder-guzzling alpha male, embodying the misogyny of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and the daily caloric intake of Michael Phelps.

We then move onto the first challenge, which is the classic “save the damsel-in-distress from a burning building” exercise. Grant has an unfair advantage here, being an actual firefighter and all, and is the first to win a one-on-one with JoJo. In the interest of fairness, I propose that the next Bachelorette group activities explore the other professions of the rest of the contestants, mainly the “Hipster” and the “Canadian.”

But wait! The part of the challenge where they hack away at shapes on the ground with axes looked pretty familiar, like the most fun Mario Party game of my dreams:

Moving on! Derek is the first to have a one-on-one date with JoJo, in which they have to make a series of tough decisions (“The first of many!” Derek chirps with just a tinge of desperation) like “Sky or Sea” and “North or South.” The whirlwind day ends on them having a romantic dinner by the Golden Gate Bridge, where they reminisce about just what a great, spontaneous day they had! My favorite part of The Bachelorette is when they pretend like their dates aren’t completely preplanned and every minute detail down what leafy vegetable will get stuck in their teeth during dinner hasn’t already been decided for them.

The next day, JoJo & co. find themselves at ESPN, where they stumble upon a taping of SportsNation. JoJo says some stuff about sports (“Sports: I like ‘em!” -JoJo, basically) and all of the guys are like, “WIFEY MATERIAL!” And that’s exactly what they do: practice proposing to JoJo with a giant rose and cheesy one-liners.

Chad rolls his eyes and makes petty comments about each of the guys’ lines, but when it’s his turn to woo JoJo, all he does is pout about how he can’t possibly find anything nice to say about her. He calls out the other guys for claiming to love JoJo, despite not knowing anything about her yet. True! Chad is making a surprising amount of sense here, as if he himself is not a person who decided of his own volition to enter a reality dating competition show. What other inconvenient truths will you drop on us, Chad?

Oh. Okay.

Pretty. Odd. (a song by song break down)

Hello, here I am yet again to tell you everything about another panic! album so you can rethink your life while re-listening to the entire album.

While reading please keep in mind that Pretty. Odd. is Panic!’s age of self exploration, it was very different from there first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. The theme of the writing in this work mainly points to finding yourself. And even with as much as we know all these years later only the band knows the real meaning. Also for those of you are new to Panic!, the band line up when this album was released was Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker. All songs were written by Ryan unless otherwise stated.

Note: I have tried very hard to keep Ryden out of each individual description but keep in mind that Ryan is the Sun and Brendon is the Moon. 

  • We’re So Starving
    • This is a simple intro into the new album. They’re saying that they’re still the same band, not the same sound. They’re still Panic, and they still love their fans. 
  • Nine in the Afternoon
    • About: This song was written by the full band together, while it was literally 9 in the afternoon. Essentially they’re saying that they’re back in studio where they started their career, except for their previous style is dead, which will be come more and more apparent throughout the album. They mention that maybe they shouldn’t read what the tabloids say, but they’ve looked anyway, and they feel good about this album. Pretty much everywhere you look and its been said if you ask Pete Wentz, he’ll tell you they were all high while writing this. Your pupils dilate when your high which would be the reason our boys comment on the size of each other’s eyes. (they also mention feeling good as lovers. take from that what you want, it’s not 2008 anymore so i’m gonna leave it be.)
    • This is the only song from Pretty. Odd. still preformed live since mid-2011.

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Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve completely abandoned this blog the past month or so, but I am finally up on San Juan Island doing my internship! It has been fantastic so far and I am so in love with this place. If you want more details about it, visit my little blog at I think I’ll just be posting mainly pictures on here.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photos from the first day. We saw a resting group of J’s and K’s, including pretty much every matriline EXCEPT THE ONES WITH THE NEW CALVES. You’d be amazed how close they come to the rocks in front of the Lime Kiln lighthouse. I’ve already seen breaches, tail slaps, pec slaps, cartwheels… the whole thing.

(pictured above is J22 Oreo & J34 Doublestuf, and and K26 Lobo in the 3rd and last photos)

I hope I don’t need to remind anybody about this, but please don’t steal these photos without credit :)