at first i tried to follow a tutorial

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I spent the past few hours attempting and failing at making some hand paws that fit... i have never made them before and am less than amateur at sewing. I just dont know what im doing wrong. I followed tutorials and everything and it took me five tries to get to a point where they almost fit right. Advice...? I keep making the base of my fingers too narrow or my stitching too long or too tight i just dont know

I had this issue too. Maybe the following things will help

  • “seam allowance” on the fingers about 0,5cm on each side, more if possible
  • I sew the fingers first bevor cut them. Means that they look like a mitten when pinned together. I sew the fingers with the machine and cut into the seam allowance to seperate the fingers
How do I make an instagram edit like this one below?

I tried to make this as simple as I could so you can make a ig edit even if you’ve never touched photoshop before. You’re gonna need photoshop some patience and follow my steps. I will explain everything under the cut: 

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hello! how did you learn making themes? can you teach me too? or link me to some tutorials? i have a really great idea of a theme hahahah but dont know how to make it o.o

I learned by following lots of online tutorials!

Code Academy is a really good place to start, as it covers the basics and is pretty easy to use and walks you through things step by step.

W3Schools was harder to follow when I first started, but now I use it all the time. Similar to Code Academy, it has live demos for you to experiment with. 

There’s also this learn to code masterpost I reblogged a while back that lists more sites you can use to learn.

I honestly wouldn’t recommended starting to use bases to make themes without any other knowledge on how to code things, because unless you found a really thorough base, you’ll probably end up making a lot of mistakes. 

But once you have a decent understanding of how things work, and especially if you’re not sure how to start making a theme, experiment with bases! I have a base code here, and theme-hunter has a good collection of bases too.

Please make sure you look at the theme docs

I’ve seen so many theme makers make mistakes that would’ve been easily fixable had they read through them. While there’s not really tutorials on there, it’s full of features that a lot of theme makers don’t even realize they can use! (there’s also a very basic markup of a theme on there)

If you ever have a specific question about coding, Stack Overflow probably already answered it.

I think that’s pretty much it? I might add more to this later. And I’m usually okay with answering some theme making questions, so if you want to know how I made a certain thing, just ask!

Hair tutorial.:D

So finally here the little hair tutorial I promised.:)
I didnt do one for each hetalia character because well hair is hair and once you get the hang of it it will be easier than to follow a recipe.:)

Note too that I dont really have a right idea on how myself I do it I just…draw it. so I tried to make it simple. in any case I hope this help.

After a while you might be able to do it without a base sketch to help you but really its important to know the bases first hand.:)

There!!:D thats mostly how I do it!:D then for a certain character I will check ref to see his hairstyle and try to adapt it to my art style.:) experiment!

This will be my last tutorial too for a while because I want to focus on other more quality things and because I assure you that there is better tutorial out there about everything than what I can give you. ;)


After seeing Himaruya’s Emofuri animations I was inspired to try some of my own! This took ages to do because I had to follow so many tutorials and his glasses kept stuffing up, but I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end!! I’d definitely recommend the program although it’s a bit confusing at first haha


These are a bunch of experiments I tried out some days ago.

The bottom image was made by following this cool tutorial by ncrossanimation which is the first tutorial I’ve found that use blacks for shading - which is something most tutorials doesn’t recommend ppl to do (which is understandable).

But it is possible to use blacks for shading - if you know how to do it. I guess it’s the same kind of advice about learning anatomy before you stylize it.

I sorta wanna challenge my coloring skills and see how I should “break” this “unwritten rule”. I guess the best choice is to do art studies on older oil paintings since those often had black paint used for shading, yet still look great.