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Luke Hemmings One Shot - Caught

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Category - One Shot

Smut or Fluff? - Fluff

Requested? - Nah. Thought this one up on my own.

Pairing(s) - Luke Hemmings/Reader

Word Count - 3,298

Summary - You’re raised in a highly religious family, but the things you do and have gotten away with aren’t so holy.

Author’s Additional Comments - This is my first time writing in third person so bear with me lol. And I need help with a decision. If you happen to read this, can you tell me if there should be a Part Two or not? Thanksssss and enjoy!

Y/N rolled her eyes as she shoved another fork of salad into her mouth.

Currently, she was sat at the dinner table with her mom Janet, her dad Robert, her boyfriend Christian, and his mother Helen. God, how she hated the both of them. Helen was always going on and on about how great Christian is and all of his achievements. At first, Y/N was a little impressed. But, as time went on, it became all Helen talked about and it got so annoying. And if she wasn’t talking about his achievements, she was talking about her “wonderfully marvelous” husband.

Some time ago, Christian asked out Y/N in front of her parents. Her parents loved him and he knew that, so of course she was pressured to say yes. That was four months ago. Four months, she’s been in this dreadful relationship. The whipped cream on top of the ice cream is that they’ve never done anything past kissing without tongue. The cherry on top is that he only ever talks about himself and how “great” he is at everything.

They both come from rich, highly religious families. No sex and no touching before marriage, that was the rule. Their parents expect them to get married and have no more than two kids. Y/N would be damned if she stayed with that snob for the rest of her life.

She may come from a highly religious family, she may love God, but man has she committed sins.

The first one is cheating. She has a boyfriend on the side named Luke because with a guy like Christian, who wouldn’t have one? The second is having sex before marriage. She’s already had sex with Luke, multiple times actually. The third sin is rebellion. She’s sneaked out so many times just to meet up with Luke during the night that she’s lost count. The fourth is lying. She’s lied to her parents so many times just to go see him without being questioned. The fifth is having a tattoo. Luke took her to get her first tattoo and she got the Aries animal totem on the back of her left shoulder blade. It was so easy to hide it from her parents, considering they don’t allow her to wear shirts without at least ¾ of a sleeve. There’s more, that’s just a fair few.

“Y/N, honey, have you ever gone fishing before?” Helen asked, breaking Y/N from her day dreams of her side boyfriend.

She simply shook her head, taking a sip of her grape juice.

“Wonderful, maybe Christian can take you. Would you like that?” Janet piped up.

“More than anything.” Y/N mumbled sarcastically.

“You know Christian once caught a halibut? He’s almost a professional.” Helen chuckled.

“Mother, stop. You’re embarrassing me.” Christian blushed with a smile.

Y/N bit her tongue. She was about to blurt ‘shut up, you love it when she brags about you’, but she stopped herself. She shoved another forkful of salad into her mouth and softly sighed as she chewed.

“Y/N, you shouldn’t stuff your face like that. Its un-ladylike. C'mon now, you have manners.” Helen scolded.

Y/N mentally scowled at her and swallowed her salad. She shoved in another forkful, then spoke, “I’m so sorry that my eating habits have disturbed you so greatly.”

“Y/N!” This time, Robert spoke up. “Apologize. Sarcasm is not accepted, you know that.”

“Its quite alright. I’m used to dealing with immature girls, I am a teacher after all.” Helen replied.

“Mother!” Christian piped up, shooting his mother a glare.

Y/N was about to reply back to her, but her mother shot her a warning glare. She sighed with a roll of her eyes and hurried to finish her salad, not saying another word. When she was done, she gulped down her grape juice and stood up from the table, which caught everyone’s attention.

“I’m heading to bed now.” She announced.

She was about to leave the table, but her mother stopped her. “Sweetie, our main course hasn’t been served.”

“I’m not that hungry.” She shrugged.

She was about to leave the table again, but this time, Helen spoke up. “Good night then, Y/N.”

To that, Y/N responded with a very loud, very “un-ladylike” belch and headed to her room, smirking at the disgusted look on Helen’s face.


Half an hour later, Y/N was blasting All Time Low in her ears and reading The Outsiders. She was so distracted that she didn’t notice her tall, blonde boyfriend climb into her room through her window. He saw that she was lost in her book and her music and he smirked. He tip toed over to her and raised his hand up high, then landed it smack down on her butt. She squealed and almost panicked, but once she saw it was him, she started laughing.

“Christ, Luke! You almost gave me a heart attack!” She laughed loudly when she took her earphones out of her ears.

He was laughing also and he flopped down on her bed. She threw her book across the room and crawled on top of him, straddling him, and he placed his hands on her hips.

“Why are you here so early? You usually don’t come until midnight.” She said.

“I didn’t wanna wait that long.” He shrugged.

“And you chose tonight to come three hours earlier? My parents are still awake and we still have guests over.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, I saw through the window. Is that your little boyfriend?” He teased and laughed a bit harder.

“Shut up.” She chuckled also and slapped his chest. “For your information, he’s almost a professional at fishing.” She joked.

“Oooh, impressive, but I’m a professional at fucking his girlfriend.” He smirked and pulled her down for a kiss.

He was about to deepen it, but there was a knock on the door. They both pulled away and gasped, their heads turning toward the door quickly. She hurriedly scrambled off of Luke and panicked for a few seconds before aggressively pointing toward the closet, signaling for him to hide in there. He ran in and quietly closed the door.

“Come in!” Y/N called, sitting cross-legged on her bed and trying to slow down her heart.

The door opened and in came Christian and Y/N internally rolled her eyes. He shut the door behind him and walked over to the bed, sitting down next to her.

“Sorry about my mom down there. She doesn’t mean to be so rude, you know.” He apologized half-heartedly.

“Yeah.” She mumbled, picking at her nails.

“Besides, you were a little rude too. Stuffing your face with salad? Burping? That’s beyond rude for a lady. You’re lucky she likes you, or she would’ve made me break up with you on the spot.”

Luke’s mouth dropped open, but Y/N just glared at Christian. She was used to him sticking up for his mother, even when she was wrong.

“Oh no, what ever will I do without a pretentious middle-aged woman in her late 40’s and her stuck-up, snobby son in my life?” The words tumbled out of her mouth before she could stop them.

Christian gasped, deeply offended, and Luke bit his lip to hold back a snicker.

“You either take that back or I’ll…I’ll…” He trailed off, trying to think of something.

“You’ll what? Break up with me? Go on then. You’d be doing me a favor.”

Christian’s cheeks began to turn pink from anger and he got up from the bed, storming out of the room. Y/N let out a breath and got up from the bed, going to the closet to let Luke out.

“He’s such a cock.” Luke laughed. “I can’t believe your parents actually like him.”

“They like anyone who’s rich and athletic.” She shrugged. “But kiss me.” She whined, pouting.

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss her, sliding his arms around her waist. He pulled her close and held her there, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues played with each other for a bit and Luke’s hands glided down, cupping her ass and giving it a squeeze. She let out a soft moan and broke the kiss, beginning to kiss down to his neck. He hissed when she began sucking on the skin and gave a smack to her ass, squeezing it after. Right when she began to go lower, they froze when they heard Helen’s voice, along with Y/N’s parents.

“Pretentious, am I?” Is what she said.

From the sounds of it, Y/N’s parents were trying to stop her, babbling profusely. Luke quickly detached himself from Y/N and backed into the closet. As soon as Y/N closed the closet door, her room door flew open and there stood an angry Helen.

“Pretentious? Pretentious? I am far from pretentious! How dare you call me anything out my name!” She yelled at Y/N.

“Helen, you’re overreacting, don’t you think?” Janet chuckled nervously.

“No, I’m not. Janet, control your daughter please.” Helen ordered, placing her hands on her hips and holding her head higher.

Janet sighed and looked at her daughter with sympathetic eyes. That only fueled the anger in Y/N.

“No need. Just get out of my room.” Y/N spoke to all of them, glaring at Helen.

“Excuse me–” Helen started, but Y/N cut her off.

“I said get out! I’m sick of you and your attitude and your son! Get out of my room!” She yelled.

“Y/N! What is your problem?!” Robert shouted.

Everything! I don’t like Helen! In fact, she makes me feel like shit whenever she’s around! I absolutely despise Christian! He doesn’t know how to talk about anything except how supposedly great he is at everything and he makes me feel like I don’t try hard enough! I hate both of them! I seriously don’t get how everybody missed it! Even Luke sees it and he’s never even met them!” Y/N’s eyes widened and she hurriedly covered her mouth once that last sentence tumbled out.

Luke heard everything from inside the closet and he almost stopped breathing.

“Who’s Luke?” Robert asked, narrowing his eyes.

She gulped hard, trying to quickly think of a lie.

“Luke is…” She trailed off.

“Y/N, no…” He whispered to himself.

Because of the quietness in the room, he was easily heard. Y/N swore she felt her heart stop beating.

“Who was that?” Janet asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Wh-Who was what? I didn’t hear anything.” Y/N rushed out nervously.

“Mhm. Step aside, Y/N.” She ordered, walking toward the closet.

Y/N just stood there, looking like a deer in headlights.

“Don’t be thick, Y/N. Your mother said step aside.” Robert spoke as he grabbed her arm and pulled her aside.

Luke was panicking by now. Her closet was only a small walk-in and her clothes were all hung up neatly, leaving nowhere to hide.

'Fuck, aren’t rich people supposed to have larger closets?’ He thought.

That’s when the closet door opened.


Now, everyone, including Luke, was sitting downstairs in the living room in silence. Its been silent for about 10 minutes now, and then Janet spoke up.

“Y/N, I’m gonna ask the obvious question here. Who is this boy?”

“L-Luke…” She stuttered, nervously playing with her fingers.

Luke hated it when she did that because it showed she was highly uncomfortable. Out of habit, he took one of her hands and held it in both of his in an attempt to calm her down.

“Excuse me, why are you touching my girlfriend?” Christian spoke up, glaring at Luke.

Luke only looked at Y/N and she looked back at him. He could tell she was going to start crying any minute. He only nodded his head as a signal for her to go on and tell them. Y/N widened her eyes and shook her head frantically. He sighed lightly and nodded again, then spoke up.

“Because Y/N’s not only your girlfriend. She’s mine.” He confessed, causing everyone except for Y/N to gasp.

“How dare you say such a–” Helen started, but Y/N cut her off.

“Its true. Like I said upstairs, I don’t even like Christian. He’s annoying and bratty and conceited and everything that I hate in a person. The only thing going for him is his looks.” Christian opened his mouth to protest, but Luke shot him a glare to shut him up before he even spoke. Y/N swallowed a lump in her throat and continued speaking. “But Luke is so good to me, Mom and Dad. He understands me and he’s there for me whenever he can be. He’s so sweet and down-to-earth and I swear if you gave him a chance, you’d like him too.”

When she was done, Luke was smiling like a goofball and he pulled her closer to him, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Disgusting.” Helen muttered.

“Look at that in his lip, Y/N. Tell me what you think that is.” Janet said.

Y/N sighed. She knew what her mother was talking about. She was talking about Luke’s lip piercing.

“Mom–” Before Y/N could even begin her sentence, her dad butted in.

“Its not only that either. Take a look at what he’s wearing. Nothing but black. You know we don’t allow people in our family like this. Ones who damage their body. God gave us this body and he would not want us to change it in anyway. We don’t need to make any holes that weren’t given to us at birth and we don’t need any markings either. You know that.”

Y/N’s heart began beating faster. She gulped and decided right now to tell them about her tattoo. If they were going to pick on Luke, they’d have to pick on her too. Its only fair.

“I have a tattoo as well, actually.” She muttered quietly, but they still heard it.

“-Good heavens-”

“-Oh my-”

“-Lord have mercy-”


They all said at the same time. Robert was about to explode, but Janet was rubbing his thigh in hopes to calm him down. Helen looked even more disgusted, and Christian looked down right disappointed in her. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down as well, and then spoke up.

“What else haven’t you told us about?” She asked calmly.

Y/N gave Luke a nervous glance before replying. She told her mother about sneaking out, Luke sneaking in, lying to them to be able to spend time with Luke, drinking from time to time, getting high off of marijuana, and she even told them about the sex with Luke. By the time she was done, everyone looked at her as though she was foreign to them. It was silent for a moment, then her father spoke up.

“That’s it. You’re no daughter of mine.” He spoke with disgust, eyeing Y/N as if she were an animal instead of his daughter.

“What? How can you say that?” Y/N breathed out, feeling the tears begin to rush down her cheeks.

“I’m washing my hands of you. You’re no longer our daughter. We dedicate 17 years of our lives to teaching you about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and this is the thanks we get?”

“Wh-What…Mom?” She looked to her mom for some sort of comfort, but found none.

“Oh my god…” Luke whispered, feeling a pain in his chest.

“Go pack your stuff and get out.” Y/N’s mother said coldly, nothing but hatred in her eyes.




On the ride to Luke’s house, it was silent. The radio wasn’t playing and they weren’t talking like they usually do. Luke’s hand was placed on Y/N’s thigh while the other was on the steering wheel. It was the best comfort he could do while driving and surprisingly, it kind of helped her. She knew he felt bad and guilty that she had lost her parents, even though none of it was his fault.

She just wished her parents took the time to get to know him before they judged him so harshly. She was sure they would’ve liked him if they gave him a chance. Then again, as soon as she told them all the stuff she’d done, they were so quick to drop her. That got her thinking that maybe they didn’t love her so much in the first place.

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N. You’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.” Luke spoke up, breaking the silence for reassurance.

She planted a false smile on her face, but didn’t look away from the window.

Shortly, they arrived at Luke’s house and began carrying Y/N’s suitcases inside. She didn’t pack all of her belongings, just stuff she didn’t want to leave behind. Considering they were nearly rushing Y/N and Luke out of the door, there was no time to gather all of her stuff. As they were going upstairs with them, they were stopped by Jack, Luke’s older brother.

“What’s all this?” He asked, referring to Y/N’s suitcases.

“Long story short, Y/N’s gonna have to stay with us for a while.” Luke replied, biting his lip.

“And did you run this by Mom?” Jack questioned, raising his eyebrows.

“Well, um…no…but you don’t understand. Y/N’s really in need here. I’ll tell Mom tomorrow, alright?”

“If you don’t, I will.” He turned to head up the stairs, but stopped and turned around. “Oh by the way, hello Y/N.” He smiled.

She waved in response and Jack headed upstairs. Jack wasn’t a mean brother, him and Luke were the closest actually. But he was very strict with Luke so Mama Liz wouldn’t have to be. He did his best to keep Luke out of trouble and 9 times out of 10, it worked.

“Luke…” Y/N sighed. “Jack’s right. I shouldn’t be here if your mom doesn’t know what’s up.”

“I know he’s right. But I’m not about to let you go out into the night when its almost 11:00. You’re staying, regardless.” Luke ordered.

He was right. Y/N knew he was right. It would be dangerous for her to leave at this time of night. She only nodded and followed him up the stairs, down the familiar hallway and into his bedroom. They set her suitcases down on the floor and Y/N immediately flopped onto Luke’s bed, burying her face into a pillow.

“C'mon, look on the bright side. At least we don’t have to sneak around anymore.” Luke chuckled as he sat down next to her. When he got no reaction, he sighed and tried again. “At least you don’t have to deal with Christian and his mother from hell.” The only reaction he got this time was a shrug of one shoulder. He tried once again. “At least you can be yourself around me and my family without getting judged.”

That made her lift her head up from the pillow and she looked at him with a sad, but also relieved smile.

“Yeah. You’re right.” She spoke up. “I just wish my parents weren’t so cold. The thing was I knew they’d be overly dramatic about it, but I didn’t think they would go so far as to disowning me.” As she thought about it, she hung her head low. “It sucks so bad to know that your parents were never really there for you from the beginning. To know that if you were ever truly yourself in front of your parents, then they’d forget about you in the snap of a finger.” Tears threatened to fall as she spoke, but she held them back. She didn’t feel like crying anymore. “It just sucks.” She finished, her voice cracking.

“Oh, baby. C'mere.” Luke said softly, opening his arms for her.

She immediately sat up and fell into them, nuzzling her face into his neck. He rubbed her back softly in soothing circles to help her calm down.

“Don’t worry, okay? We’ll get through this. You’ll always have me.” He promised.

Sooooo Part Two?

obsessedrandomness asked:

HELLO THERE GORGEOUSLY TALENTED GINGERSNAP! (our-stitch-lab here!) <3 Meet the Stitcher Day 5 one-word prompt: Camsten + Skyline! =]

Here you go! This became something kind of off-topic, and it was more sunset than skyline, but hopefully it’s okay.

“This is ridiculous.” Cameron puffed from somewhere behind her. Kirsten rolled her eyes.

“It’s good for you.”

“Broccoli is good for you. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for you. This is torture. I think I’m having a stroke.” His whining hadn’t stopped for nearly forty-five minutes now. At first Kirsten had thought it was irritating, but now she just found it amusing.

“A lot of people hike, Cameron. We live in California, it won’t kill you to try it once.”

“Actually, I think it might. I think it is.”

She stopped, turning to face him with a skeptical expression. They’d been hiking for six hours so far, and he was barely breaking a sweat. He liked to call himself a nerd, and sure, he was. But she’d seen what he looked like under all that plaid and that was not the build of someone who didn’t take care of himself. He would deny it, probably, but she also happened to know that he went running almost as often as she did. She wasn’t sure what the point of all this complaining was, because it certainly had nothing to do with him being out of shape.

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Wake Up Call

- - -

He was tired.


Beyond exhausted, actually.

He was so tired he thought he might actually sink into the mattress and disappear for the next ten days. In fact, that would have been a wonderful way to spend the rest of his life - sleeping off this week that had managed to wear him ragged.

If there was anything he absolutely needed right now, it was to close his eyes and let his body rest, but there were things he had to do first, like undress. Nightwing rolled onto his back, somehow managing to shimmy out of his uniform and drop it onto the floor without another thought. With a sloppy kiss to Starfire’s forehead, he fell back under the covers and closed his eyes, feeling her stir against him.

“You’re home.”

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AU and pairing challenge! Um, okay, so I'm in a library. Aang fallen asleep at the desk of a library computer and Katara's the librarian who has to kick him out?

Thank you so much for the ask, friend! :D Surprisingly, this isn’t the first Kataang library fic I’ve done, that would be here :P Nonetheless, thank you for the prompt, I adore it! Hope you enjoy <3


It isn’t hard, really, Katara thought, as she heard the grumblings from the library’s computer lab. We have signs put up and everything. Computers shut off at 9:45, library closes at 10, people. Not that hard!

The slow moving, still angrily muttering, crowd exited the lab and ambled to the library’s exit. Rolling her eyes, Katara got the cleaning supplies and made her way into the lab. She always liked this part of the day. Cleaning made her feel productive, and the quiet hum of sleeping computer machinery reminded her of her brother. Efficiently, she pulled out the disinfecting wipes and began to clean the keyboards and monitors. Rounding the corner, she suddenly came across someone slumped over a solitary computer station, and she sighed.

Lips pursed, she stepped up and tapped the sleeping figure on his shoulder. No response. “Excuse me? Sir?” She said normally, starting to feel an eye twitch at the forced politeness she needed to project at work. After she still didn’t receive a response, however, she gave up and shook his shoulder hard. “Excuse me!” She called, right near his ear.

He awoke with an interrupted snore, bolting upwards in his seat. “Whazzit?”

Katara tried her hardest to continue frowning, but it was heard when she noticed that the stranger had a sticky note stuck to his bald head. She bit back a smile, and pointed to it. The man seemed coherent now and hurriedly he ripped it off with a chuckle. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“Actually, sir, I’m sorry to wake you, but we’re closing now.” Katara held up her cleaning supplies as evidence.

The stranger glanced around the lab, comprehension dawning as he realized they were alone. “Oh!” He immediately started to gather his things up, grinning sheepishly. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I was just studying.”

He sounded genuinely apologetic, and Katara was a bit taken aback at his politeness. “No worries,” she assured him, and he glanced up at her gratefully. “It happens, sir!”

He laughed at that. “It’s Aang! No need for ‘sir’.” At that moment, the warning noise went off over the library’s loudspeakers that meant only five minutes remained before closing. Aang began to haphazardly throw his belongings into his backpack, now, and Katara wiped off his station, turning to leave.

“Wait!” She turned at Aang’s call.

“Yes?” Her weight shifted from foot to foot as he caught up with her. They walked out of the lab together towards the library’s front doors.

“Do you, er… Work here often?” Aang rubbed the back of his neck.

Katara smiled to herself at his embarrassment, but kindly. “Every day.”

“Oh! Good!” Aang said happily, then blanched. “Um, I mean good for you! It’s a nice place to work!”

“It is, I suppose,” Katara answered, and they stopped at the front entrance to the library. They were the last two in the place. “Well, I need to lock up,” she said apologetically and jingled a key set, her hand on the push bar.

“Right, right, of course. Well!” Aang coughed to try and clear the awkwardness. “I’ll, uh, be back tomorrow too, probably!”

Katara smiled warmly at him, opening the door for him. “Looking forward to it.” And she meant it.

Aang stepped outside. He grinned, then looked as though he had just remembered something very important. “Wait! What’s your name?”

Her grin became a little more mischievous as Katara told him, “We’re closed, sir. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” She closed the door, and could hear his laughter through the glass.

“Have a good night!” he called to her, as she locked the door.


Send me an AU and a pairing and I’ll write a drabble!

The Black Canary

Kirsten’s POV
Today was Cameron’s first day back and it was a relatively easy case allowing for us to have halloween night off.  
“So are we still on for tonight?” Linus asked from the back of the elevator.
“Of course and don’t be late picking us up.” Camille said looking up from something on her phone. I let out a small sigh of relief though she must have thought it was out of annoyance because she rolled her eyes at me. I would never admit this to them but I actually liked Halloween it meant that I could be whoever I wanted for one night.
On the drive back to the house I thought about tonight. Although I wanted to go I was worried about it. Once Cameron had woken up his mother made sure that he had the best uninterrupted care possible for recovery. He had been home for about a week but I didn’t go a visit although Camille had practically begged me to. I’m pretty sure that I was angry at him thought that was in conflict with the fact that I wanted nothing more than to spend time near him. When we got back Camille asked if I needed help getting ready but I simple said no before going to my room.
I spent the next few hours getting ready and just as I finished putting my mask on I heard the doorbell ring. I stared at my outfit in the mirror and suddenly felt that maybe it was too much, but there was nothing to do about that now I grabbed my jacket and put it on as I made my way to the front room.
Camille had let the boys into the house and they were talking in the entry way. Camille and Linus had dressed up as Ash and Misty (though the only way I knew was because Camille had “complained” about their costumes for weeks) and although Cameron was facing away from me I knew that he was going as Clark Kent.
Camille noticed me first and her mouth feel open, Linus stuttered off when he finally noticed me ending their conversation and causing Cameron to turn around. His eyes moved up and down my body as I let my eyes fully take in his costume. His mouth dropped open and he couldn’t seem to think of anything to say as his face turned slightly red.
“I guess you really didn’t need my help after all” Camille said jarring the boys back into reality. Linus had a shit eating grin on his face while Cameron although still slightly flushed was smirking.
“The Black Canary?” He asked in a slightly gravely voice. I gave a small smile and nodded. I knew that he was thinking of the weekend that I was sick and he forced me to watch Arrow.
“Well, are we going?” I asked clearly impatient.

Episode 27 Thoughts

Haven’t posted much when it comes to MCL (thought I’m still quietly following along), but I thought I’d chime in with my thoughts on episode 27. I honestly didn’t mind Priya, I thought she’d be a good friend for Candy and really wanted to be nice to her (I missed a few illustrations on my first play because of it), what I did mind was not having more choices where we could get some of the illustrations without coming close to pulling an ‘Amber’ as it were, and being bitchy to Priya; some of those choices I would never have considered.

Some (many) of Candy’s thoughts were rather annoying and I found myself rolling my eyes, though I kept reminding myself that this is a teenage girl dealing with (it seems) her first real love interest (and I’m sure I had a thought or two that resembled hers in the past…)

Honestly, I think (when it comes to Lysander) the one Candy should be wary of is Nina, she seemed (at least to me) to be trying to do the same thing and confess to Lysander, so I look forward to see what happens with that.

I also enjoyed the way Rosa kept pushing Candy and threatening to tell him herself (the balcony idea was funny), and the teacher overhearing…I thought how funny (embarrassing for Candy) it would be if the teacher ended up spilling the secret in class while scolding Candy for wasting her time with that instead of studying for class or doing her homework. lol.   

DUDE so today was the first day of my psychology of gender class and at one point the professor started talking about “Bruce” Jenner and using “he”pronouns for her and I just rolled my eyes and I was like okay another semester of this great. I thought a professor who taught a class specifically about gender would have a more open-minded view of this particular topic.

BUT THEN one student asked who “Bruce” Jenner was and she does this cool thing where she allows students to answer other students questions and this one girl was like “Well, CAITLYN Jenner was an olympic athlete who is married to …” blah blah blah and THEN THE PROFESSOR IMMEDIATELY realized her mistake, corrected it (started calling Caitlyn by her name and using the correct pronouns) and, most importantly, EXPLAINED TO THE CLASS why what she had done earlier was incorrect!

Idk like, that made me really happy. Bc it was probably more effective as a teaching moment than if she had just used the correct name and pronouns from the beginning.

achiizuto // continued from this cinnamon roll right here

      ☢;; She could tell that he was surprised, and a red tint was painted of her cheeks. However, she didn’t want to pull away just yet; this wasn’t like her at all. Letting someone into her personal space, and allowing them to talk to her so casually. The esper buried her face into his neck, leaving a small kisses to tease and nibbling his ears. When he put his arms around her, she immediately froze and tensed up. ‘–What have I gotten myself into now…’ thought the woman. The distance that wasn’t too far in the first place was closed between them, and Kiyo lifted her head to look at Deidara. She stared blankly at his features, before scoffing. “–Whatever. You should try be touchy, too sometimes.” insulted Kiyo, rolling her eyes. She might have sounded rude, but all she wanted was attention from Deidara. “–Unlike you, I take what I want.”

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"What attracted you to Croc in the first place?"

“That hard to believe I liked him in the beginning? I thought we had something ‘special’.” The last word was accompanied by finger quotes and a rolling of the eyes. “Want to know how much that ‘special something’ was worth? A fifty foot drop.” She leaned back in her chair, side of her mouth still turned down in a half scowl. 

“But I did like him, because we were both… Different. And he could be kind, when he wasn’t cheating on me.”

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As soon as her fist connected with the woman’s face, an immense pain shot up her arm and Chell was soon whimpering and clutching her now injured hand. “I can’t say that you deserve that. I see your first reaction to me and my voice is murder,” the 'woman' said rolling her eyes, “And here I thought we had gone past that with the murder attempt and the actual time you did murder me. But I guess it doesn't matter what form I take. Some things just won’t ever change. You monster.”

can’t even curse because she broke her hand

A+ chell ur the best good job

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"I want the H"

The Leg hug

❝ Cant you wait, like, another thirty YEARS before you decide to go out on a date with Bart?
I don’t trust him. ❞ It’s her protege’s first date, and Artemis is reluctant on letting her go. - She’s been around speedsters long enough to know what kind of trouble they enjoy getting into. 

The mere thought of his grubby little hands all over Cissie causes her to gag.

Cissie’s too distracted with packing her own purse to even mumble some sort of response (other than the sarcastic huff followed by an over-dramatic eye roll). & Artemis decides to play along with her unpleasant attitude; perhaps embarrassing the younger archer would teach her a lesson.
If Artemis had to deal with it when she was her age from Oliver; surely Cissie would learn to deal with it, too.

❝ Look,  I know you’re eighteen now, but    The moment her protege stands from the bed and heads over to her dresser; Artemis drops to the floor and wraps her arms around her leg.
  ❝ —- You still have to listen to me! – Don’t leave me, Cissie! ❞


So after settling in and being here for a week, I started to send out job applications. I really miss my old job, probably just the co-workers because they were all awesome and funny and nerdy, but eso si que es. 

So within 24-hours of sending an app to Ulta, I got a call to come in for an interview. Honestly, I was put off by the manager and staff there. They were all cold and if I had been there as a customer and not an interviewee, I would have been completely without help. While the interview went well (aside from my demand for flexible hours with school being my priority), I already felt I did not want to work there. The manager had a weird habit of rolling her eyes back between thoughts and at first I felt as if she was dismissing my responses. I also did not realize (seeing as I had never been to that side of town) that this was probably the snootiest, boojiest shopping center I could have found.

Within 36-hours of the interview, I was offered a position. I accepted, almost begrudgingly, and scheduled to come in for orientation on Sept. 1st. That’s today. 

Yesterday, a position was posted at my school campus for a student assistant for the ESL and IEP. My AA is in Multicultural Studies, I have practically studied for this position. They have much more student friendly hours (seeing as it’s an on campus job) and a higher hourly wage. I talked with my boyfriend a little while, and he advised me to keep this make-up job until the ESL/IEP job was secure. However, I did not want to have a job for two weeks of training just to leave, especially if the staff was what I had seen on the day of my interview. 

Today within the span of an hour, I decided to go for this position, applied, and called Ulta to withdraw my acceptance. I do not have the job yet, but I would not have been happy at that location. I was eager to jump at my first opportunity to make money (being unemployed these past couple weeks has been rough), but I realize now that I should be patient and continue being picky for where I work. People keep telling me I can’t do that, I just have to accept money wherever there are jobs. Fuck that. I’m going after what I want and what my degree actually applies to. 

I have straight to their face insulted incredibly rude or obnoxious customers. This one guy pulled halfway past the speaker and held up the line for 15 minutes, I told him not to be such an idiot next time after he was a prick while ordering. This one lady started lecturing me at the window one night because she thought I was annoyed when I took her order, I just rolled my eyes and looked at her like she was stupid.

I spent the first year I worked here getting treated like shit by customers. Customers have threatened me, attacked me, and just been cunts in general. I don’t put up with their shit anymore. They want to be assholes, well then they’re gonna get some attitude with their meal, and that’s at no extra cost.

It’s even better because the management gives absolutely no fucks; as long as I’m not stealing out of the register they’ll placate any asshole customer and then tell me how fucking stupid they were behind their back.

The point I want to make here is this: don’t fucking treat fast food workers, or hell, ANY workers like shit if you want some service from them. Because these people can only take so much shit before they start fighting back.

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7) who is my problematic fav: well rn marita covarrubias bc im watching an ep with her n her rlly fake voice in that show makes my eyes roll back n not in the good way but like she’s so hot and also a vital instrument in this fine series
14) age: i just turned 22
21) do I believe in love at first sight: ummmmmmmmmmm a tentative yes like if I just see someone in a physical way I mean yea I think it’s natural to be like oOooh yeeeaaaahhhh but like once I was at target and this person who’d had walked in behind me I thought they were following me but they were actually just also there 2 buy holiday marshmallow peeps and I mean like they followed me 2 the aisle and well… That’s love
28) one thing I’d change about myself: not to be shy all the fucking time I mean I am afraid to ask for a Togo box at a restaurant I am so shy I hate it
35) what languages do I know: i can speak French and Spanish
42) I love when people…… Have a really good sense of humor about like everything and make me laugh
49) something I want to do more than anything else: Right now? I want 2 go home and take off these tights and crawl in bed and watch tv but in like a greater sense…… Um… I want to be successful in my career I suppose?

Someone asked to post this anonymously. It’s about this article.

What’s your thoughts on this? I think it’s interesting how EW and NP had a similar experience(coming out of a big blockbuster) and outcome (deciding to go back to acting) but when about schooling and acting differently.

I have to admit my very first reaction was to roll my eyes. :P It seems like Portman, from what I’ve seen, did work hard to get that degree. She also admitted that her fame helped with her admission, which most likely is true let’s be honest. Not sure how much of the ‘imposter syndrome’ is true here, but I do see some differences between them. Also the similarities are something I have noticed and people have pointed out in the past.

From stranger to strangers

From Stranger to Strangers.

We recently moved to this place Aditya Nagar where I pursued my kindergarten to schooling as well  collage.

Afternoon was hot as hell during summer and Sun lets no chance of survival for those who do not own a AC our family and neighboring family aunts kept gossiping about whatever possible topics they could enlighten themselves to show their act of


I had my exams approaching in the coming week.. I had to still my ass to the study chair and eyes glued to books pretending to study & not dream of any naked thoughts rolling my brain storm. Meanwhile a new face stranger to eyes curls the door sound pushing it in, disturbing the concentration with her duende(personal magnetism to attract someone) her Pulchritude(beauty) was one of those nymphs(pari) she was beautiful as was my first thought that popped up.

With that suit (attire, dress) had put on I couldn’t do nothing but admire her as a lifelong partner

Without even uttering a word she moved towards kitchen for preparing coffee where I accidently met her while the thirst for water had us to interrogate for the conversation between the two people.

As I got in and the sound enhanced by glasses created a strange shiver of someone trespassing her yet strange and beautiful face I couldn’t help but ended up asking what’s that you’re preparing? With enough confidence gathered she uttered COFFEE.

“We are running out of LPG so my mother &aunty demands for a coffee.

It left me with WOOW! Statement for her voice was like a beautiful Beethoven’s symphony, she sounded like my ears always desired for their built. LULz I mean it!

With that she left my mansion , and some research about her got to know she’s my neighbor who’s came a few days back , that surely left one beautiful impact that could lead to somewhere on my life track.

Days passed by last seen her I couldn’t make out if it was just a Infatuation or was I in love with her (Attraction between teenagers calling it love)

Days passed by while I was busy preparing for exams yet they were as a stubborn relative whom you do not like but ends up till your home.. It was around 3 in the noon while I was surprised to see her visit my home again for sewing a dress couldn’t predict if she loved doing it or not! Where’s I was sitting behind her couldn’t resist to see her open hair so long & jet black ,just ended up complimenting about it. For that she uttered ohhh!! And hid that under the scarf she had put on. To that I added what is that you doing? To which she said NOTHING MUCH, flapping her legs on the machine.

The sense when you like someone and wish to talk conversation starters dies likes beheaded by ISIS!

I wished to make the conversation much longer ,I had made up my mind to build a bridge on my side no matter what those sleepless nights ,humming in self ,listening to Romantic tracks were the hunch (like of) I was in love with her.

Leaving no chance of her disappearance again for days I couldn’t untwined (couldn’t stop) I wrote my contact number an kept it on the sewing machine expecting her to take it along, the moment my heart beat so hard I almost assumed it to come out of my chest, the question that lies behind is did she ever felt like me ?!!

After passing some moments she left to her home carrying that number card along that surely left a feeling I couldn’t describe in words…

Days passed by expecting her to call up or even drop a text…

Done with my exams while I rested my face dug under pillow I see my phone Buzz!! We often wonder on new numbers so did I! With the response who’s it?

Phone Buzzed!!

It’s me “Imaan” that name always sounded beautiful even the one whom I don’t like uttered ,Love is blind Deaf &Dumb too… the conversation chained for hours with increased testosterone and double in heart beat almost turning human into Dogs or Babies. Either one of them.  

She had to fear her family meanwhile texting me, that’s like you want to cheat and score a 100 to my point of view.

Those silly conversations lasted long, purposing of owning a cell phone gave fructifying results. I am not much of technical person but the world needs to thank Graham Bell before starting up any kind of telic relationship so was ours.

From favorite colors to favorite dish, from you had lunch? To why did you skip your food?

Somebody who does care about your existence, one who always wants to be a part of your daily plans, no matter the world

Fades away but you still tend to cross the bridge the world fears to even think of that’s LOVE <3

We almost started to know about our likings disliking being angry on silly matters skipping meals for one not showing proper concerns, from questions what made you fall in love with me? To being mute and not responding thousands of thoughts that hover into your mind but quiet surprised to see one answer I just did like you no reasons involved.

No work ever was so time consuming that I didn’t find time for her!

That was a most surprising day when she called up one morning to say

“I don’t understand what’s happening with me”

I replied “is everything alright?”

“I am happy for no reason; I might end up being caught for blushing at phone screen”

“I have to say this, I don’t understand if it is a perfect timing for me or not, I am in love with you”

That had to be me who have said it, but that took my breath away… I was in love with her the first day I saw her. Everything started to give meaning to its existence, I was in love with the moment wished that moment could stop forever.

Giving reasons to family we started dating each other… Time passed by since we were together.

Every story has to have that vamp music and scenes that leaves your dreams horrifying.

"My parents are looking for a Groom, what plans you’ve got?”

That paused that moment for a while with wrinkles on forehead the day started appearing dark,

I replied “ don’t worry I would be talking to my parents about it soon”

“You better hurry”

She seemed much tensed than I was..

With days worrying about it I thought of speaking to my parents, mom has always been helpful and its obvious one speaks to

Mother about certain topics coz it’s better to get to conclusion without being embarrassed or getting beaten up.

That didn’t go better with that too…

With all due respect and hopes expecting my family to understand what I feel for someone I conveyed my thoughts with a jizz string of words ,all possible irrevalent thoughts most probably (movie dialogues) popping up in my head.. the most famous one “duniya hamari pyaar ko nahi samaj sakti” :P

Mom denied on the face with days of lunatic activities and improper confabs (communication) at home dreams shattered also those hopes and faith on family those faithful mountains I build since childhood just to convey my morals once in life I ever had to deal with certain and such succubus states of living..

Was pissed off with everything I choose to give away final exams with the belief at least my final examination results could melt those stone heart like glaciers!


I did struggle for couple of days with conversations with her pretending nothing happened such that has almost scattered my dreams which would look no way happening ,left no chances of convincing parents from bad mood to choosing their happiest day to click my point..

Everything that they showered was their clan and ours meanwhile I hated the bound of religiosity that almost tended to act racist behalf of cast and creed from clans to prestige…

Days passed, I found a job in a cement plant where i worked for the living, with improper communication that almost dried up my passion struggling to live days without her.

Me: how about we elope?

She: have you gone mad this ain’t happening. What would I be able to answer my family?

I almost turned to be a dead engine who’s isn’t running neither is being repaired for progress..

Months passed by trying to be optimist (being positive so something good happens shall time)

*That breath taking moment lasted for months which I would cut off while I don’t remember the conversation that started from Assalam waleykum to minutes off talk and khudahafiz

A day didn’t pass by without surprising me with utter stupidest forms it could. After a tiresome day she revealed her family is looking for a groom…

That almost took my breath, I almost felt like I am drowning in an ocean with no bank on any side. Things do happen what they are meant for, no human obligations would convince it to depart away neither was she ready to elope while sacrificing her love for the moral standards she believed in her family.

She was helpless, as is every girl is that has ever been in love…

As of Indian Devdas my instinct keeps poking me up. she might forget me in months how would I establish myself from the love of life I wanted to Marry to my love life ruined by people who believe in what is currently trending in society..

Certain things still leave me amazed while reading all the articles upon relations why moreover love stories aren’t possible fulfilling the dreams of us while looking up for society..

I had to write this to fulfill that sack that almost has been cutting me off cliff, I missed her today not a masterpiece guidance but I did spoke to my friends about it “I AM MISSING HER , SHOULD I SPEAK TO HER WOULD THAT BE BETTER”

Friends ended up with proper and improper justifications that almost got my intentions as tipsy topsy…

We spoke to each other for almost after a long period of time it feels heaven every time I listen to her that’s the thing that binds me with her.

Year and more went almost like an amazing dream to one gross morning when you do not wish to wake up for Monday morning… I hope things go better with time.

           “Sadiyo jinhe fir dhoondta rehta hai zamana”

                “Aise bhi zamane mein kuch insaan hue hai”





Through the Trees Part 10

Woah Red, eat a bad turnip? Caputo straightened his tie before walking into Healys office. What’s up with her?

Sam shook the last few minutes from his head.

Oh, some family stuff. Her boys are being a little rowdy without her.

Well, she shoulda thought of that before she got sent to prison. He exentuated prison before dropping down onto the chair on the other side of Sam’s desk. So, Saturday was fun. Never thought I’d see a fun side to you Sammy.

He rolled his eyes. Yeah, he’d gotten drunk with other adults for the first time in a long time and then fucked his wife until she walked funny, but Sam felt gross. Like Red was the woman he was cheating on–which if he thought about it, she was.

Think we should do it again, my band is playing in two weeks, same place.

Sure, Sam wrote it down. Caputo went to give him a fist bump, but when Sam didn’t respond, he just shook his head. Two weeks, bring that pretty little wife of yours too. A little eye candy. Eh?

And then it hit him, Katya and Caputo had eyed each other all night. And then a drunk Katya wanted to have sex every way she could think of?

Then another thought, all of the sex had started after her mother’s death. At first he’d thought the mother had been the problem, but now…every time she got sad, she’d pull him into bed. Tear at his clothes wherever they were.

Now he wondered if the sex was to get her mind off of her mother.

And he’d just let Red walk out feeling like the piece of shit that HE was. Sam slumped into his desk chair. There was a silver flask hiding in the locked drawer. He took a large swig before kicking the metal desk.

Meanwhile, Red sat in her bunk, blanket pulled up to her nose and faced the wall. If she focused on the one little speck there, she would forget about Sam fucking Healy.

The two weeks went by in a flash. With Red completely ignoring him, Sam was able to push her to the side and focus on the paper work piling up on his desk. But every so often, she would creep in, taunting him.

And when he went home, Katya would lather him up with kisses and sweet sayings, but he couldn’t help but wonder how much of it she wanted to be Joe Caputo.

Sam Healy was lost in a land of limbo.

It became more and more clear as to who his heart belonged to. Each touch and kiss and Russian word Katya said, all he could hear and feel was Red.

His Red.

But he’d messed that one up when he’d let her walk out of his office.

The night of the “concert” came and Sam couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Katya dressed up in a tight pair of jeans and a low cut top. When she put on the pair of high heels, Sam suspected something was seriously up.

They sat near the middle and once Caputo saw them he bought them a round of drinks. Katya bounced along to the music, but Sam couldn’t get into it at all.

He’d been raised by a manic-depressive mother, and two hippie siblings. 80’s rock did nothing for him.

On the band’s first break, Joe came and plopped down next to Katya.

What’d you think?

I like! She had to yell over the rowdy group of college kids that stumbled in. Sam heard her, but Caputo didnt. And when she noticed, she leaned in real close to him. Her chest pressing against Sam’s boss.

The longer Sam stayed, the more his head hurt.

Before too long he was ready for bed.

But Katya wasnt. She was ready to take on the world.

We’ll take care of her!

One of the bandmate’s wife hollered over the music. All the other women were lit up.

Oh Sam, please. You rest, she moved in close to him, and I’ll wake you up when I get home.

Against his better judgement, Sam agreed.

But before he could walk out the soor, Katya jumped out of her chair and gave him a bear hug and a deep, passionate kiss.

Sam saw Caputo watching out of the corner of his eye and Sam couldn’t stop himself. He grabbed his wife’s ass hard before waving goodbye to his boss.

He went home to an empty house full of feminine decoration and an empty bed with a dozen pillows that were “decoration only”. What the hell was the point of a pillow if you couldn’t use it

~Kyle’s POV~
Wow. That was the first thought that went through my head the first time I ever laid eyes on Emma Valentine. She had to be the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my life. She stood there, nervously shifting from foot to foot, keeping the left side of her face slightly turned away. Grandma had made the mention of a burn scar, but that really didn’t matter to me in the least. Bright eyes framed by dark lashes blinked up at me, and for a second I was mesmerized. “Uh, I’m Kyle,” I shoved my hand tactlessly forward, inwardly rolling my eyes at myself. ‘Smooth, moron. Very smooth.’ She put her small hand in mine. It was cool to the touch. “I know,” she smiled softly. Her voice was crystal clear, a lilting soprano. “I’m Emma.” I pulled my hand back and stuck it in my pocket. “Do you… want to come in? I made some peach cobbler this afternoon. I could cut you a slice?” I smiled. “That sounds like heaven, to be honest. I haven’t had good peach cobbler since…” I thought. “… well, ever. My gram’s expertise is more cookies and cakes than cobblers.” I walked in behind her and closed the door. Her house was… Quaint. You could definitely tell a woman lives here. She served up the cobbler and as we sat down, her hair brushed back just enough that I caught a glimpse of the burn. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, I mused, not letting on that I’d seen. She sat back, waiting for me to take the first bite. I picked up the fork, cut a small piece off, and popped it into my mouth. OH. MY. GOD. I broke out into a huge smile as I began to chew. “This is literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” I said, scooping up another bite. “But if you tell grams I said that, I’ll deny every word.” Emma broke out into a smile that melted my heart. This trip was going to change my life, I thought. And I’m not sure I’m gonna like it.
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(1) Dear Sally. As you embark on the road towards becoming a pharmacist I have a few things to say to you. Please, for the love of all that is good, do not become one of those bitchy pharmacists who make you feel like shit when you pick up your prescription. The pharmacy owner at my local shoppers drug mart treats me like I'm dirty/have some kind of disease whenever she gives me my prescription. She bluntly makes a stank face and rolls her eyes at me and I honestly thought pharmacists had more

I solemnly swear that i will never be one of those pharmacists. I can confidently promise you i could never be as careless and heartless of such disgusting people. 

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