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Perception vs. Reality

I’m starting to realize that a lot of the disparity and disagreement in the fandom is due to the multi-layered writing of the show. I mean, MJ and company wrote episodes in such a way that you can either take everything you see play out on screen at face value OR you can take into account BMW history, the easter eggs he promised were sprinkled throughout the show and the meta/👀 words they have characters say. Neither is wrong, per say, it’s just a matter of what you’re actually seeing and/or if you’re looking beyond what’s supposedly right in front of you (at this point we know even most of the characters themselves haven’t been doing so). MJ is a genius given that the characters are missing the point at times and I think that can also be the case with us, as viewers.

Having said all that, don’t forget what our common goal is: having more episodes to talk about, argue about and find common ground in in the future.

The enemy is Disney, NOT each other! 😉Get back to signing those petitions, streaming the show, making those airplanes and making those calls! 💛✈️🌎😘

I honestly believe that (if there is a fourth episode) Mofftiss would have believed that the people who would have been most affected and gutted by The Final Problem were also the people who would know better than to accept it at face value. I think they thought they had a built-in farce detection with tjlc and probably are surprised this morning to find so many people believing that was truly the ending. They trusted us to trust ourselves as we’ve always done, but they severely underestimated how truly broken some fans already felt. Years of being beaten down over and over and the damn broke. It’s not at all surprising, and I’m so sorry for the pain so many of you are experiencing.

I am still in what I’ll call informed denial. There are very good reasons to believe there will be a fourth episode, but of course, I could be wrong and statistically, that’s likely.

Either way, I understand if some of you need to unfollow me because I will continue to believe for awhile longer. Do what you need to do to protect yourselves and stay safe.

All my love.

I just…tfp only makes sense if you take it completely at face value. Accept everything they tell you as truth and yeah it was a great episode. But the minute you start digging deeper and actually asking questions, it starts to fall apart. And I’m not even talking about deep metas and analysis. All you have to do is poke at the surface and it starts to fall apart. And yes, there have been moments in the past like the bomb having an off switch and Sherlock showering and then miraculously not being high anymore that can be equated to them all being blown out of 221B and coming away without a scratch. And if that was the only thing that didn’t make sense I would just roll my eyes and go “yeah, that was dumb.” But that’s not even all of it. That’s just the beginning.

I’m still stuck on why Moriarty was in the episode at all, except for “shit we teased him at the end of last season so we’ve got to show him.“ I don’t know, maybe I was hoping too hard that Moriarty and Eurus would be villains together. Whether they were working together because they genuinely liked each other (not THAT way, because Moriarty is too besotted with Sherlock to feel that way about anyone else) or because a partnership was mutually beneficial, I didn’t care. But Moriarty is the main villain, and to introduce someone else and have them interact with him and then have it just be like a one off?? There was so much potential there and they didn’t use any of it.

I still don’t understand the point of the beginning scene with Mycroft. Dramatic definitely fits Sherlock’s style but that was just odd. And they just ignored John getting shot at the end of the last episode?? And a tranquilizer gun?? Really?? She murdered the owner of the house but shoots John with a tranquilizer?? She states later in the episode she killed Victor because she was jealous. It’s also implied she goes after John later for similar reasons. But she just shoots him with a tranquilizer and then what?? Runs away??

The thing about previous seasons is, any questions could be answered by a tjlc reading. If you were like "what the fuck does that mean?” Tjlc had the answer. Now it just doesn’t make any sense at all. Nothing explains what we saw except shit writing.

This episode had so much potential. I really liked all the stuff with them being treated like lab rats, I love villains like Moriarty and Eurus, at least what she started as. That sort of chaotic evil. It’s thrilling to watch because anything could happen. And then…it all just fizzled out. And I’m just so disappointed.

I’m glad we got the cute domestic parentlock scenes. And Mary saying that now that she’s gone she knows what they can become. Because the look Sherlock gave John and the smile pulling at John’s lips indicates they don’t think she was talking about becoming legends. The rest of her speech was crap but that was great.

This could’ve been my favorite episode, it had so many great, emotional scenes. But it wasn’t up to the same quality as the other seasons. And I think that’s worse. Knowing they had the talent to make it as good as it could’ve been, and then not getting it.
Locums claim up to £155 an hour to fill NHS gaps
Staff shortages leave cash-strapped hospitals reliant on costly cover
By Denis Campbell

OK, so there is so much that needs to be pointed out in this case. Buckle up, because this is going to be a long post. I’m going to take you on a short tour of what the deal is with locum doctor shifts and how the whole thing is often misinterpreted by the media and their dramatic articles, resulting in misunderstandings by the public at large.

Firstly, where did the figure of £155/hr come from? What grade of doctor was this? And what were the circumstances surrounding the appointment? How understaffed was that department? How short notice was the job on offer? These things all matter when it comes to a fair price for a shift you aren’t obligated to do. The money offered depends a lot on which hospital you are at, or how desperate the situation is, but it is hard to accept uncited figures at face value. We know absolutely nothing about where that figure comes from.

I haven’t met (or heard of) people at SHO or even registrar level getting anywhere near that much per hour, nor has anyone mentioned being paid at that level on the junior doctor group. Consultants, possibly. But if you are an experienced and fully trained consultant taking ultimate legal responsibility for many sick patients, at short notice, in a hospital you don’t usually work, around your already busy life, then that what you are paid would (and should) reflect that.

What do locums do?
They take on short-term work. Mostly, this is on a shift-by-shift basis, but occasionally they might need to cover a run of shifts due to employees being on sick leave, or an unfilled slot on the on-call rota.They may sometimes locum in hospitals they’ve worked, but this doesn’t have to be the case. So locums will often be working in a new hospital, where they don’t know where everything is, or how the wards are laid out. This includes things like finding important equipment, knowing where the notes are, and navigating their way around the hospital during their on-call. They won’t know the important bleep/contact numbers of people they will need to contact (though they’ll get a hold of them sharpish from switchboard) They usually don’t know anyone there, so they won’t have the working relationship with other staff that makes working somewhere and getting stuff done a bit easier. They don’t know their local guidelines or procedures, which forms to use, or where all those things are even kept. It’s like the horrible few days at the start of your rotations, except they might go through this almost every shift. This is why it’s riskier to work locum shifts; it’s more stressful and as you don’t know how everything works, it might take longer. It is widely thought to be riskier professionally, too. It is NOT an easy way out.

Do the people complaining actually care about doctors, though?
I’m also sick of people who actually don’t give a hoot about doctors arguing on my behalf. I’m a salaried NHS doctor; the kind you argue that locum pay isn’t fair to. I picked a trust grade job knowing full well I could locum in a severely undersubscribed specialty and earn tens of thousands more than I’m earning now. By all accounts I should be livid that somebody occasionally works the same shift I do for a lot more money.

But I don’t resent locums for earning more. Why? Because I don;t just work in the system, I live in it. I’ve worked severely understaffed shifts. Shifts where we just couldn’t get a locum, sometimes because of the price offered, and sometimes just because it’s hard to get someone to give up precious time at the last minute. I’ve also been begged to put in extra time or change my shifts at very short notice, to cover dangerous staff shortages. I’ve only ever put in extra shifts when begged to by my department; my spare time is precious enough as it is.

It is not the fault of locums that hospitals are understaffed and there is high turnover and poor morale in many places.  Medicine and nursing are becoming increasingly leaky pipelines; as pressure increases and the NHS becomes an ever more understaffed, stressful environment to work in, less and less people will want to stay. Putting even more strain on those who remain.

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okay not to start star sign discourse but taurus’ are literally the most evil and toxic signs ever
each time i meet a taurus i say i will give them a chance to redeem their sign but
taurus are the most selfish and heartless signs i have ever met, they the type of ppl to act so nice at face value but the second u let ur guard down they destroy u … d e s t r o y . every guy that has broken my heart in the past little while has been a taurus .

“cishets aren’t lgbt” is a controversial statement for the exact same reason “males aren’t women” is. Oh, taken at face value, sure, it’s technically true. But you know the context. They know the context. We all know they’re not actually talking about males.

as we prepare for tomorrow, just a gentle reminder that this first episode is one in a three-episode arc and you can’t take it at face value; everything that happens in TST is a set up for TLD and, ultimately, for the finale in TFP - don’t panic after any major events of TST, because it is the beginning of a conflict that will ultimately come to a resolution !!

  • Mofftiss Series 1: Camera are turned away, the antagonist is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, a fan that can't let John and Sherlock be together
  • Mofftiss Series 2: All articles about Sherlock are total lies, don't trust the press, if you can imagine someone is doing something of course they are, the fans theories are coming true
  • Mofftiss Series 3: We're going to great lengths to plan something. The people in control of the newspapers are disgusting. Did we mention everything we say about Sherlock's sexuality in the press is totally made up?
  • Mofftiss in TAB: Watson was an unreliable narrator and lied about Holmes to hide his real sexuality. The story is changing this time because Holmes and Watson belong together. They are men out of their time. Oh by the way we know about TJLC and love them.
  • Mark in TST: If you take the show at face value you're being lied to, it's essential to notice the details that contradict what we're saying. John and Sherlock are constructing a story to protect each other (keep in mind where we've said that before). By the way, I still really love TJLC <3

Okay but what I love most about Yuuri getting drunk and asking Victor to be his coach (apart from the fact that he can apparently (pole)dance like it’s nobody’s business) is that Victor ignored the fact that he was being grinded on and Yuuri was completely wasted, he just took his words at face value and remembered about it a few months later, found Yuuri’s address, traveled to Japan and actually became his coach.

Like we all thought Victor was a sinnamon roll but he’s actually so pure and so sweet and so fucking smitten.

It’s beautiful.

Two markets

The merchant sees Death at a market, flees to Samarra, and Death is there, waiting. Taking TST at face value, Mary first met death at a market:

But escaped, and Death found her in another city (London). And Death wasn’t Ajay anymore, it was Mrs. Norbury. Hmm.

And actually, Mary-–and John, and Sherlock––went to a market before the one in Morocco. Met death there too, in a way.

Toby the bloodhound leads them here on the scent of blood from the smashed Thatcher bust, but it’s a dead end. As Mary says, if you were wounded and you knew you were leaving a trail, where would you go?

Two market scenes in an episode built around a tale in which there’s very specifically one pivotal market scene…fishy, right? Especially when the first market scene seems to have absolutely no point whatsoever. 

For Mary, Ajay was Death. Except… HE escaped HER at the first market. So…let’s flip their roles. Death is a woman in the original, right? Love how that worked out. 

Mary is Death, and Ajay is the merchant. He escapes her (unknowingly on both their parts, but still) at the London market and flees to another city, where they meet again, and he’s killed….by a random police officer? Who happened upon four people with guns and chose to shoot Ajay, with no context, not even a moment’s thought? 

Fishy. Again.

If Ajay was right about Mary betraying AGRA, she had more than enough motive to kill him. Death found Ajay in Morocco, and his merchant story was completed.

Mary’s merchant story started in Morocco, but her Death isn’t Ajay.

ace tumblr’s getting so upset that everyone’s no longer taking their ace headcanons at face value anymore. people are starting to notice the continuous pattern of doing it repeatedly on lgbt/lgbt coded characters and non white characters. it’s a pattern of keeping gay people and nonwhite people out of relationships and desexualizing them, and now that’s it being pointed out, the response for those caught is “why do you hate aces!?”. how transparent.

i think now would be a really good time to remember:

  • we only have 1/3 of the context to understand this series, maybe less
  • there is more to suggest we should avoid taking anything we’ve seen at face value than the opposite
  • so it’s kind of a moot point to complain about stuff that may or may not have happened
  • tld is not going to resolve much, and we should not expect that it will
  • many, many extremely talented people have lauded this series as a complete story arc with the utmost praise
  • we’re still gonna have fun doing what we do
Euros Holmes

She said that Euros is Greek and that it means East Wind.
Mycroft told Sherlock at the end of HLV that the ‘East Wind is coming to get you.’ They told us she was coming. Mycroft had to have known that she was coming back. And obviously he knows what her name means. Which also means Mycroft knew she was dangerous from the time they were all children. So Mycroft told Sherlock a story about the East Wind, how it was dangerous and in the end it would take us all. The East Wind was always going to show up in the end, they wouldn’t have mentioned it so much other wise. ((Moftiss knew they were going to bring in a sister and kept it quiet for three damn years. Damn good secret.))

One thing I know is that she is dangerous. And if we are to take the East Wind story at face value, then we know this next episode is going to be one hell of an episode. Even more shocking than this one. Even more questions that they are going to leave us with.

Euros puts John in that well. It can only be that especially after the way it ended. She won’t shoot him, just knock him out. Tranquillisers maybe, who knows. Culverton is gone, Magnussen is gone, Moriarty is gone. (If Mary was alive, she wouldn’t do this.) This Sherrinford is a maybe - after all Mycroft says he gets regular updates and that he is secure, question is secure where?

It all goes back to what happened between them.