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How'd you come up with Katashi? Was it all planned out before you drew it or just added details as you went along?

my head was blank for a good hour with no designs coming to mind.. i got sick of being uninspired until the thought of “yknow what why not base his quirk on a bts song….spinebreaker…sharp edges.. bones.. loves milk.. peachy swooshy hair to contrast his sharp features.. ah he doesn’t look impressionable enough. TWO SCARS UNDER HIS EYES.” and yeah, that was basically the design process.

Holy crap guys! 1500! Damn. Never in a million years did I ever think that this many of you would care what I blog, say or write. I’m not quite sure why most of you are here, but I’m glad you all are. Especially because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’m just winging it here ya’ll.

I’m so very thankful for all of the wonderful people that I’ve met and chat with and become friends with. I love and adore every single one of you and I’m glad you’re in my life. I’m thankful for you wonderful people who comment on my stories and give me the encouragement to keep writing. I’m thankful for you silent rebloggers, I see all of you and give you a thumbs up or a high five each time. I’m also thankful for you extreme lurkers, it takes all kinds to make a whole. No matter what capacity you interact with my blog, thank you. I’m glad you’re here ❤️

Always feel free to drop me a message or an ask, my boxes are always open. Sometimes it takes me a while to think of prompts, and I apologize for that. I’m not a fast writer(or thinker 😂) by any means(which is why I hesitate to do celebrations in case anyone is curious). Just always know that I am here for anything. Thank you again for being here.

Here’s to the 1400 that have came and stuck around on this wild ride, and to the new 100. Buckle in kiddos, now PUNCH IT!

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top five yousana headcanons?

OMg okay I can’t put them in order but I’ll write my five favorites

-Yousef and Sana date for a long time before thinking about marriage because Sana wants to end her studies before she can even think about that. Yousef proposes to her when she starts her last year of university. He probably does like this huge gesture that includes dancing and the whole balloon squad by his side. Sana is really embarrassed at first but her heart melts when she looks at him because I mean he’s her soulmate!!!

-Sana is the first one that brings up that it’s time to have kids. Yousef didn’t want to pressure her into anything so he just waited till she was ready to talk about it. They have three kids, a daughter and two sons. Yousef wants to have more at first but he then realizes that 3 is actually a lot and they settle for that. They also have a dog named Carrot. Yousef is the one that brough it home and Sana got so mad when she saw it but as soon as she saw it with their kids (and he told him the name) she melted and accepted. Now she’s probably the one that loves the dog the most making Yousef a little bit jealous sometimes

-Sana is a surgeon and Yousef is a teacher. They’re both very busy and spend a lot of time outside their house but they always manage to spend time together. They always try to have dinner together as a family and at least once a month they take a day just for themselves.

-Yousef is the one who cooks and Sana is the one that cleans basically because Sana burns everything she tries to cook and Yousef always gets the cleaning products mixed. One time Sana tried to cook Yousef’s favorite meal for his birthday as a surprise but they ended up eating a pizza because that thing definitely didn’t taste good. And another day Yousef tried to wash their clothes and it ended up on him having to dress in pink for two weeks, not that he cared anyway.

-Every summer they go somewhere for their holidays. Their first trip together was to Turkey because Yousef wanted Sana to meet his family and to show her the beautiful country. They also went to Morocco to visit Sana’s family. Now it’s a tradition, one year Turkey, one year Morocco. Also sometimes Yousef surprises Sana with a romantic weekend in some beautiful city or just a cabin in the woods, anything to have some alone time with his wife.


Sana and Yousef are the couple that everyone admires and want to be like. Every time someone needs romantic advice they go to ask Yousef and Sana because they still don’t know how they manage to get through everything together. The secret? LOVE

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Do you guys have headcanons for the kids in 1-As sexualities? If so, I'd love to hear them!

ooh, alright. sounds fun. I’ll go ahead and classify this by sexuality.

important note: these are personal headcanons and you don’t have to agree with them. please don’t come up to me later trying to prove me wrong or give me evidence pointing otherwise bc i will roll my eyes and delete your dumbass asks.

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good for them for having magic but does anyone in the wiz world understand how like, the medical sciences work? so that they can deliberately make advances in the field vs just throwing things at a mysterious new malady like its europe in the dark ages. so they can tell the difference between someone who’s been hexed or something and being sick. do they know what germs are. cells. how are potions even legal, also? beyond the most everyday cures type shit. why is that taught like wizard math when it ought to be treated as a specialty and nobodys even learning math. why is there magical capitalism, why can you magically produce drinkable water but apparently not food and thats also illegal?? i mean i know theres the idea that the wizarding world is actually regulated by the muggle world but i dont see how “magically producing food” would be a problem for anyone


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