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I’m not harping on Trump because I hate his politics, or even his stupid face – it’s because he and Milo are highly publicized examples of society mistaking psychosis for toughness. A mistake we make all the time: We idolize the “tough guy” on our side because he ruthlessly goes after our enemies, then act shocked when he’s just as ruthless with us. “I love how this guy goes after anybody in his way and takes no prisoners! Oh no! Now he’s after me … AND HE DOESN’T TAKE PRISONERS!”

We think that grizzled, sex-stubbled Jack Bauer – a man who doesn’t play by the rules – is what we need to keep us safe, but the real Jack Bauer doesn’t shut off when he gets home. He brings that same sadism to everything. Cut him off in traffic, and he whips out Waterboarding: The Home Version!

Human empathy is an all-or-nothing deal. And that’s why all of history is just one big bloody Mad Lib. Somebody takes power with the promise of showing no mercy to _____, and once _____ has been dealt with, something else just takes its place. The French? Get ‘em! Gone? Cool, but now it’s the Germans. Oh, we dealt with those bastards? Well, now it’s whoever’s next in line for the throne. Then the critics. The protesters. Whoever disagrees with the administration’s plan to use unclaimed tax refund money to teach wild bears to say “mama” like those dogs on the internet. It’s only in fiction that Aragorn wipes every orc off the face of the planet, then comes home and rules as a just and kind king during peacetime.

Ruthlessness is never a virtue.

How Society (Accidentally) Created Milo And Trump


-is it possible to have autism as well as 2/3 of a brain? almost half of my brain is dead, and i also seem to exhibit all autistic traits, but i feel fake and gross!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be

- Has anyone else had a full blown meltdown just because your earbuds got caught on something and are yanked out of your ears very abruptly?

It’s not unheard of, certainly

- is delayed empathy a thing?

Could be. I googled it and many autism related pages came up! Sounds like a processing problem.

- Is it possible for autism to make your reactions to phobias stronger? I’ve always had a really intense phobia of spiders and I can’t control it at all, when one comes too close to me I scream really loud and break down in tears, which I’ve gotten in trouble for at school, same with injections, and I was wondering if this could be an autism thing or just a me thing

Every person reacts to phobias differently. I think this is just a you thing. Followers?

-hey i was wondering if theres any sort of excuse for having a written script when youre talking to a teacher because when im talking to a teacher im usually saying a lot of stuff and need to write my script 😁✋️

If you can’t just explain that you’re autistic you could maybe just say “social anxiety” or say you forget what you want to say?

- is it also echolalia if you only repeat it in your mind countless times?

Can be!

- How do I indirectly bring up an autism and ADHD diagnoses with my doctor? In order to see a psych I have to go through my family doctor, but I don’t want to directly say I think I have autism and ADHD because they might think I’m some kind of hypochondriac.

Honestly I think it’s best to be direct, so you can see a specialist who actually knows those neurotypes. Try making a written list of why you think you are autistic/have ADHD so they don’t think you’re making things up, and bring someone with you if you can

Pitcher This

From one photograph to another
Let’s be honest with ourselves
This moment in time wasn’t exactly what we expected to be
The calligraphy isn’t the most professional
Nay, it wasn’t even matching the one you loved
Quite frankly, who was the notary of the camera?
Who’s note was it meant to be?
They who write and die inside of us
We pass away on the outskirts of our town
Bled out on the sidewalk of a Little Italy
The Day of Lead
So many Marx
What little hearts sleep around the corners
Corridor caller you are we could never see you
Too narrow of reasoning

an enjoyable thing to do that infuriates racist white liberals is to say gently that since neither empathy, nor logic, nor compassion, nor justice, nor rationality has touched them, they and their family will be in your prayers, as the only hope left for them is an act of god.

they lose their shit.

and then you just say that a good first step to undoing internalised white supremacy is to donate here and then repeat that you’ll be praying for them and their family.

it’s not perfect but it really gets them.

autistic julian

or, also known as: the time my self-indulgent ass projected too hard and…actually got somewhere! a surprise

before continuing this i must mention: i am an autistic kid. my ‘arguments’ for this are based on my own experiences being autistic. autism is a spectrum, and if there’s a part that makes you go “wtf autistic people don’t behave like this” consider that this is my end of the spectrum and it’s how i behave and how i see julian behave. keeping this in mind let us continue

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Prompts for a misanthropist who was unfortunately born with the ability to feel the physical pain of anyone he gets attached to, which is why he's a misanthrope in the first place? Thanks~

1) “Your pain hurts, and that’s shit. It completely sucks.” Their voice grew brittle, eyes ablaze. “But your pain does not give you an excuse not to be kind, you complete and utter prick.”

2) “Everyone hurts. That’s empathy. You think I like watching you ignore everyone who loves you because you’re scared of getting hurt?”
His jaw clenched. “Do you know what death feels like? I do.”
His sister’s jaw clicked shut, stunned.
He continued relentless. Their mother had been dying for forever, it had felt. And he’d gone with her.

3) He loved them, so he made sure they could never be physically hurt again. Why did that make him the villain?

4) He was the best mechanic on board, he found robots with their lack of nerve endings a blessed relief compared to humanity.

Does anyone else with chronic pain / chronic fatigue have a hard time feeling sympathy or empathy for people who miss some hours of sleep or have a temporary illness/injury? I’m a VERY sympathetic person, but lately – after dealing with so many spoonie issues – it’s hard for me to feel for people who will undoubtably get better.

People will call in to my job for a sore throat or a twisted ankle and I’m just sitting here like I’ve been working on a dislocated/subluxed hip for six weeks now, have gone in feeling like I’m going to pass out before, have gone in after 2 hours of sleep on top of CFS before, and have gone in with 8/10 pain before.

I don’t hold anything against anyone, because I know they normally feel “great!”, but I wish I could stop feeling so cynical(?) about other people because their struggles are just as valid even if they’ll get better…

           CLAIRSENTIENCE/EMPATHIC (Intuitive Feeling)

                      MASTERPOST & HELPFUL INFO HERE <–

Clairsentience is also known as ’Clear Feeling’ or ’Clear Sensing’ and is very closely linked with the gift of Empathy (they’re both basically the same thing, which is why I’ve decided to group them together.)  See, Empathy and Clairsentience are within the same spectrum of gifts that are based on feeling/sensing the emotions and energies of the world around us. But, Clairsentience is a more intense version of Empathy which takes on a wider range of sensitivities. 

Where an Empath has the ability to sense and feel emotions of people, animals or objects, a Clairsentient person is able to do all of that as well as physically feel energy fields around them, including a person’s aura and voice. So while the two are similar and it is very likely that an Empath can develop a greater Clairsentient gift, it strongly relies on the drive and trust in an individual’s own intuition to tap into fully. We have to trust that what we are feeling is true and act accordingly; it’s so important to remember that we cannot take on and help everyone either. Sometimes the best we can do is protect our own energy, it’s not being selfish, it’s called being SAFE.

In the beginning, you may find that it can be very challenging to understand, because sometimes you will feel things but, you don’t know where it’s coming from or why it’s coming to you. It can be strange at times because you may even feel physical sensations like tickling, goosebumps or weird pressure. Imagery and words DO have an effect on the body so, it may even help to cut back on some of the crazy shows and become more aware of how you speak. It’s important to understand that your words are spells and they should always be used wisely. You may even find now that you can’t watch gore-type movies for example, because they feel physical pain that you feel. Ugh, I know that now just thinking about the ORIGINAL Hostel movie (the LAST gore film I ever watched, legit) I can feel my stomach turn and I get a weird lumpy feeling in my throat. Never again, nope. 

Anyways, sometimes information or specific details will pop into your mind and they will have come out of the blue, literally from nowhere. You will generally feel the emotions and energy of people and the environment around you. The more you develop this gift, you will find that you will have a good sense of what someone is thinking. You might feel exactly what another person around you is feeling, their happiness, sadness and even aggression. You may feel just kind of heavy or off when you meet a new person who ends up being more narcissistic than anything. You may get anxious for no reason or feel random pent up emotions that suddenly burst out like a popped balloon without warning. But, most of all you will just be able to sense the presence of another being before you see them, you’ll just know when someone is having the best or the worst day of their life. Trusting your intuition will greatly help you to know whether you should put your energy and trust into a situation or a person. 

So, how do you know that it’s not ‘all in your head’? Well, we test it! Have you had experiences of overwhelming emotions or energy from people animals, or for just no freaking reason at all? Does it expand to objects and places too? Have you ever felt emotionally attached to someone, even at a distance and can easily call on them in dreams, random thoughts or flashes of insight? Maybe you have a pattern of people not understanding or saying that you are just being “too sensitive” or have a very “vivid imagination”. Are you able to understand energy by words and body language by easily picking up on small cues that others don’t? Perhaps you can sense the presence of spirits, or are aware of the strong energy that will suddenly surround you. Are you highly sensitive to your surroundings to the point where they can put a damper on your emotions or do large crowds make you physically feel ill and call for a serious recharge after? If any of these situations sound familiar, it’s very possible you are an Empath with the ability to tap into clairsentience on a deeper level.

A fun activity you could try is to ask a friend to show you a picture of somebody they know well (obviously make sure you don’t know the person too lol) and then look into the person’s eyes and focus on their energy. Ask yourself how they must have felt at the moment of the photo being taken? What this individual is like as a person? Would you trust the person? Is there anything else the person’s eyes are revealing or rather hiding? After a few minutes of gaining insight, check with your friend to see how accurate you were! Your first time you may only get basic feelings like a burst of positivity or negativity but, the more you practice, the more you will begin to feel, understand and see the opportunities that this beautiful gift has in store for you.

                               (video used in .Gif here)

*This concludes the ‘CLAIR’ posts. If you have missed any and want to read more, click the link at the top of this post. Have any areas you would like me to cover? Shoot me an ask for in-depth write-ups!

What the hell is the meaning of showing these emotions on Dean. He totally looked like he was pinning when he looked at Gavin and his love vanishing together to spend eternity with each other. Sam was like it’s sad but a job well done. But Dean had different emotions. It was not just sympathy. It looked like wonder and pinning mixed. Like wow finding peace and chance to live with your love how is it even possible. And then like yeah wouldn’t it have been nice. Jensen is an incredible actor and I’m sure he could show the difference between empathy and pinning. But it looked like that and I hope I’m not the only one who felt it.

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i get so frustrated when people criticise yuuri's actions/emotional reactions (and victor's) like i can only assume that these people have never experienced a complex emotion in their lives, either that or they literally just have zero empathy. the way you write character's thoughts and emotions is incredibly realistic and complicated in way that is rarely seen in fiction and it's just so relatable for so many people that don't often get to relate to characters in this way. you're amazing tbh

Thank you!

Dale Hartley Ph.D., MBA Dale Hartley Ph.D., MBA
Machiavellians: Gulling the Rubes
White Guilt vs. White Empathy
We as Americans will get to the promised land.
Posted Jan 16, 2017

On this Martin Luther King holiday, I will address a phenomenon that is often mislabeled as “white guilt.” Through his advocacy of non-violent civil rights activism, Dr. King sought empathy, understanding, and respect. These were the necessary precursors to white acceptance of blacks as fully equal.

At that time there was plenty for white Americans to feel guilty about. Not every single white American, of course. Some people were ahead of their time in terms of racial equality. But American society from bottom to top was white-rigged and Jim Crow was status quo in more places than not.

I was there. I saw it. Schools were segregated, of course, but so was the dentist’s office (“white” and “colored” waiting rooms), the movie theater (whites sat downstairs and blacks sat in the balcony), and pretty much everything else—drinking fountains, restrooms, public transportation. And that’s if black people were lucky; some public accommodations were denied to them entirely.

In my small town, it would have been unthinkable for a black person to ask to use the restroom in a store. Imagine a mother, children in tow, trying to do her Saturday shopping with no restroom access for any of them, even in an emergency. The courthouse had “colored” restrooms, but on Saturday it was closed.

Suppose you were a black family in Atlanta and you wanted to visit relatives in Chicago. If you drove, you probably needed to take toilet paper and hope that the woods were handy when the call of nature came. You couldn’t count on being able to use gas station bathrooms. And where would you spend the night? Better pick up a copy of the Negro Motorist Green Book. Might as well avoid being jailed, shot, or lynched, if possible.

Some white people still deserve to feel guilty, because they continue to discriminate. Some white police officers still treat black people as second class citizens (or moving targets). Some whites still discriminate in hiring and other employment-related decisions. But the guilty are the least likely of all to feel guilt.

I think most white people of goodwill feel empathy toward black people. Empathy, unlike guilt or pity, requires a “you’re like me” assessment, because empathy implies that I can identify with your situation and know how I would feel if I were in your shoes. And unless I have personally behaved badly, I have no reason to feel shame.

So white people, recognize that your empathy with the struggle of others is a good thing. It’s a mark of character—which Dr. King would have appreciated. And black people, maybe cut us some slack. We’re still trying to get this dance right, and you know we don’t have any rhythm.

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I just need to know what Moo did to belong in the asylum

Before Moo was sent to the asylum he used his kindness and charms to pursued people into following him into his house. He would experiment on some of those people if he believed that they were too impure in their behaviors and thoughts. These experiments would cause those people to die. The police eventually caught him and took him into the asylum.

Moo is also a psychopath who has no empathy for others and he is unable to love, but he can fake it. He can manipulate anyone if he desires too.

 (Example: Terroriser)

Hopefully this answered your question :)


higu/umi AU: skin game
the furude family (present time)

“empathy is a poison.”

rika: jaded child supreme, just trying to get her life in order after having it shattered like 82 times
hanyuu: bodyguard by profession, worked under the faction known as “devil nation”. rika’s step-mother and now legal guardian; would do anything to keep rika safe.

known for being more careful and patient than most, the furude clan is almost completely extinct following a series of dramatic attacks. the life most recently claimed was rika’s mother, leaving rika as the sole living member of the furude bloodline.

skin game is an alternate universe story and also for fun blease enjoy it