at edge

what if-

every night wilford goes to sleep, and sometimes he gets nightmares. the nightmares are about the night in the mansion, and he just wakes up sobbing every time.

and one of the times, dark sees wilf, sobbing in his bed, and comes over and hugs and comforts him.

because damien doesn’t want to see him sad.

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Re-imagine your founder as a teen.


Ashley Barnett was that girl in school who didn’t really have many people inviting her to outings. One day one of her dads came home from work and showed her that they had gotten her an easel. She had never shown any particular interest in art so she didn’t really know how to react. Then they started watching Bob Ross together. She got hooked. The way he stayed so calm with the stress of life moved her, and made her want to do art for a living. She spent most of her teen years sitting in front of her easel with a laptop watching Bob Ross and painting along. Now she’s making her dreams come true and painting for a living.

Thank you, @equipy for writing this cause I suck at writing backstories.

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Us and uf Papyrus with an s/o who stims (rocking, hand flapping)

I literally had to look this up. I’m hoping I got it right. I lowkey should know this since I went to medical school. 

(Underswap Papyrus)

Stretch had no idea what ‘stimming’ was when he saw you moving all over the place. He was worried about you and finally decided to do some research on what was happening. Stimming came up. When he asked you about it you were completely unaware and had no knowledge about it. He’s not one to diagnose a person but everything you did matched with the things he had researched. He noted how you would stand in the middle of the living room and start twirling in circles while humming a melody. Eyes closed and completely out of it. He held you from behind and rocked with you while humming his own tune. You seemed to be enjoy that very much. Tomorrow he’ll take you to the doctor to see what appropriate measurements to take. It doesn’t matter if you are diagnosed with stims. He’ll always continue loving the hell outta you.

(Underfell Papyrus)

Edge came home to you flapping your arms in the kitchen. All of his previous training came rushing back to him. Perhaps you are trying to warn him of an intruder? No? ‘THEN WHY ARE YOU FLAPPING AROUND LIKE A GODDAMN BIRD??’ You didn’t expect him home so soon. Stims isn’t something you could really control but you didn’t want him finding out like this. You tell him about your medical condition and apologize for not telling him sooner. You are pretty surprised he didn’t pick up on it earlier though. You had slipped up a couple times and prayed he didn’t notice. He is of course completely oblivious to what stims is. You gladly inform him and he seems to get it to a certain extent. Edge walks over to you. He can see you fighting you movement as you look down in shame. He holds your cheek and softly forces you to look at him. He pulls out his phone and puts on Pandora. Can’t touch this by MC Hammer comes on. Your body automatically starts to move with Edge’s to the beat. Now, he isn’t much of a dancer and prays to Asgore this won’t be awkward later on between you two, but does it because he hopes it’ll make you feel better. It works. You look completely happy. And that’s all he really wants..

I’m hoping this does not offend anybody. I was just going bye what I read online. Oh God I hope you guys like it!