at easter eggs


Heya guys, I’m tired and have just learnt a hard lesson on how to fail at composition. I hope you guys like this none the less. I’m very fond of Lance (Lance and Pidge). I wanna draw more of them. I hope those of you that have holidays this weekend enjoy them. In other news I’m still in New Zealand and I think I like this country a lot.
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Still as prissy and prim as what, Marceline?

And yes I am suggesting that the amp Marceline angstily uses after she talks to Bonnie in “Go With Me” (the same episode where she spends the whole night sabotaging Finn’s attempts to ask PB out to the movies) is a gift from Bonnibel. 

And that Bonnie purposely wrote Marceline’s name as prissily and primly as possible on the amp because she knows that Marceline secretly thinks her handwriting is pretty.

Everyone knows about the Easter Bunny, that lovable giant rabbit who hides prize eggs all around your property. But have you heard of the rarer Easter Denny? The hopping anthropomorphized diner that leaves piles of scrambled eggs all over your house and yard? Wake up to find scrambled eggs flopped into corners, stuffed into your mailbox, crammed into your shoes, pouring out of your sock drawer…It’s wild. And messy. And delicious.


Easter hog!  For all your Easter needs.

Female Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus) - anaconda morph.
(Eggs are chicken eggs and japanese quail eggs, one of the eggs is from an Easter Egger.)


Just give me a moment to consider how sorry I am

Yeah I’m not.
And yes I did two Easter comics … cause I hate myself.
On my way home now. For those who have celebrations, enjoy, and to everyone reading take care. P.s some people are asking why Nico is glowing, Wills doing that to stop Nico shadow jumping so now he has to run like a normal person. But it’s ok cause he got Wills pants.
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Happy ester everyone! 

I hope you had a lovely day and that you ate a lot of chocolate :P

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Things I noticed in the background of IT

Ok, so after 4 viewings, here are some amazing and creepy things I noticed in the background of various scenes:

  • Librarian creepily staring/smiling at Ben while he’s reading about the ironworks explosion

  • Huge portrait of Pennywise hiding in the mural painted on the wall outside the pharmacy (you can see it at the very end of the scene where the losers are patching up Ben’s “H” cut)

  • Red balloon floating away in the background near the top of the tree line while Bill is talking to the rest of the losers before going into Neibolt

  • Clown doll on a shelf in Bev’s apartment

  • Pennywise in the background of the Easter picture at the Ironworks

  • Georgie’s room is done in Circus theme, even the wallpaper

  • Turtle Lego model, turtle shaped pile of stuff left out on the street where Georgie is floating his boat, and turtle in the water at the quarry

  • I’m not sure if this is going to turn into anything yet, but it seemed like they went out of their way to bring attention to the Standpipe, without ACTUALLY bringing attention to it. It’s very prominent in the background of several scenes, it’s on Bev’s postcard, and Ben is carrying a model of it out of school on the last day

Feel free to add anything you noticed!