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Look at these cool toys!

They don’t interest you at all.

Aaand here’s another part for Chara Origins comic! Not sure when the next part will be along, since this one did take awhile to do. 

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost 

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MLP Easter eggs from Walmart! They are way bigger than I thought (Cheerilee is next to them for comparison). And even though I know it’s just a piece of cardboard inside, I like that they’re miniature playset. Overall, I think they’re really cute and I love them! Hopefully I can find Rainbow Dash before Easter.

Terra Nova ~Part Three~

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Part three is here! In case of a medical emergency, our pair is still planet side, spending the night together. On watch that is. ;) Be prepared - Daddy!Bones can be found below!

Thank you guys for all the support, I’m having a ball writing this so far :D <3 I promise, reveals are coming! 

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS). 

Pairing: Reader X Bones 

Warnings: Some mild swearing, threats of bodily harm with a sharp weapon, and one very blatant easter egg :P 

Tagging: @medicatemedrmccoy​, @outside-the-government, @yourtropegirl, @kilismaiden and @gerardwayisapotato! Let me know if you’d like to be added or removed :) 

“How is she?” 

Bones moved over to where you were sitting, rubbing his eyes with the hand not holding a baby. “Good, still sleeping. It looks like everything’s normal.” 

“Oh thank God,” you sighed, leaning your head back against the wall. “As much as I love the fresh air I’m so ready to get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.” 

“I hear that,” Bones settled in beside you, cooing at the baby as he squirmed. “Shhhh little one, settle down.” 

“You’re good with him,” you remarked, watching the pair with a soft smile on your face. 

 “Practice,” Bones replied, not looking away from the little one. “I’ve a daughter back on Earth- Joanna. Must be six now.” 

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anonymous asked:

people say Ellie could be pregnant in the trailer of part 2 because the guitar covers her stomach but unless she plans on her revenge after the 'birth' i don't see how she can do it. She'd be in a very risky situation putting her unborn child in danger and i doubt that's something she;d do. I am honestly not a big fan of the pregnant theory at all... I just can't see it. :/

Lol. I heard that theory. Because the guitar is hiding her stomach in the trailer, and also because of the Easter Egg poster you can find in Uncharted 4 where you see a pregnant woman with reddish-brown hair (same shade as Ellie’s), a gun, and a gas mask. With the title “American Daughters”.

But if anything, I think the pregnant woman on the Easter Egg poster is Ellie’s mother, and a hint that we’ll know more about her. And that, I’m excited about oh boi


Every easter egg here comes with some kind of topper, a cute little decoration… a pipe cleaner chicken.

I’ve been collecting these for as long as I can remember but SOMEHOW I have triple the amount I should for my age. I wonder how many I kept were from my mum’s eggs or my friends’ eggs?

There’s a couple made from pom poms instead of pipe cleaners, some missing eyes and one missing a beak. And there’s an impostor that’s clearly not a chicken (and it’s not the rabbit!) See if you can find the impostor!

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formyfandoms  asked:

HC: We always see Lance wearing his medals, but he has a very strong fantasy with you. He want's to see you wearing some red lingerie on his bed, with his training jacket and medals around you. He also loves fluffy moments. HC2: He got you an easter egg at easter, but it was specially made. Inside, he hid your engagement ring.


And we’ll ignore the fact that I’m currently wearing red lace underwear. BUT I WANT ALL THE FLUFFY MOMENTS WITH LANCE.

I just need me a Lance really. Any anons wanna hit me up? 


if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet


It’s magic, baby

Finally I can publish this :D The Dorian piece I was working on during the livestream. It’s been so long since I was able to paint something like this, I’m so happy this is done. 

  • Matt's live stream from October: Pumpkins man... man oh man I love pumpkins. I can't believe I forgot about my pumpkin. I wanna dress up like a pumpkin for Halloween. Ugh nothing tops pumpkins.
  • Matt's live stream for February: Candy man... It's just so good. How could you not like candy? Who are you? Have candy on this day! Don't go over the top but like... eat candy. It's all about the gosh darn candy. Ugh nothing tops candy.