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I keep forgetting to post this!

There was a meme going around on twitter a loooooooooong (long) time ago where you fill out these little circles with your favourite version of the matsu brothers~

I had trouble picking so I made my absolute fav the biggest and added the little baby favs in the background~ ((Please ignore how many more choros there are……))

Sorry for having such normie/vanilla tastes.


how to wake up ur prince: a step by step guide by prompto


Inktober | Day 20

Prompto Week | Day 2 - Favorite Relationship

Day 1 Inktober Doodle | Day 1 Comic | Day 2 Comic

Prompto and Noctis as BFs. Boyfriends or best friends. Either. Both. Give it to me.

(I really wanted to draw something related to the fall season. I love the fall. Even though I’m a Floridian who hasn’t really experienced the fall since age 7…)


Drink your JSE juice for your daily dose of happiness!

So if you don’t know I’ve been making a lot of these Juice and Milkboxes design of youtubers 😁 Might as well share them here too