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Race’s Cigar HC

Imagine little Race finding a cigar for the first time and not knowing exactly what it is yet and then he sees someone with a cigar in his mouth and making puffs of smoke and Race really wants to make the puffs of smoke but he doesn’t know how so he puts it in his mouth and blows on it as hard as he can thinking he’s gonna make it start puffing and of course he doesn’t so then he thinks maybe if it’s in his mouth long enough it’ll start puffing so he comes back to the lodging house with a cigar that’s bigger than his head and all the kids think he’s super cool and Kloppman comes over takes the cigar from race, whacks him on the head with it and then takes a match and lights it and starts smoking it.

adorable-lil-shit  asked:

Did someone request strange sibling affections? I'm the oldest of four, two brothers and a sister. I support all my siblings and their antics. I support my sister in her art style, my younger brother in his cooking and my kid brother in pranking everyone.

I love that kind of affections. It’s very Sans-like <3