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Can you recommend any places to visit in Japan? I'm from Australia and I'm going for 3 weeks at the end of June :)

Within Tokyo: 

Harajuku > Laforet, Pom Pom Purin Cafe, Mees Pancakes, Moshi Moshi Box, Dog Harajuku, Pin Nap, Tokyo Bopper, Closest Child, General Takeshita dori, Santa Monica crepes, Nadia, Romantic Standard, the Barbie shop, 6% Dokidoki, Kiddy Land, Daiso, Meiji Jingu

Shibuya > 109, LUSH, Nude Trump, Parco (sometimes there are character cafes at the top of Parco), Loft, Tokyu Hands, Tower Records, Tsutaya, Syrup, Alice cafe. 

Shimokitazawa (good for resale/vintage shopping) > New York Joe Exchange, Grand Bazaar, Flamingo, Broken Doll. 

Koenji > SPANK! And also good for resale and vintage clothing 

Shinjuku > Studio Alta, Maruione Annex, Okadaya, Closet Child, the Robot restaurant, Alice in wonderland cafe. 

Ikebukuro > Giant Pokemon store, Sunshine City, Milky Way cafe, Parco. 

Ueno > Museums, art galleries, the zoo

Akihabara > Maid cafes, ??? I don’t ever go here except to change trains but I know people enjoy it if they like gaming and anime and cosplay so… 

Nakano > Nakano broadway (anime, comics, collectables, cosplay stuff) 

Day trips from Tokyo & random things: Kawagoe, Yokohama, My Fuji, Fuji-Q Highlands, Disney Land, Disney Sea, Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Kamakura, Asakusa (sensouji), Odaiba.

Places other than Tokyo I have been and liked: Osaka, Kyoto, Hakodate (seriously beautiful in June/July), Sapporo, Nara, Hiroshima, Takayama. 


Tsuzuku of MEJIBRAY’s promotional visits to Brand X Ikebukuro store, Closet Child Harajuku store, Closet Child Ikebukuro store, Closet Child Shinjuku store, Like an Edison Laforet Harajuku store, Like an Edison Tokyo store, Jishuban Club, little HEARTS. Shinjuku store, Pure Sound Nishi-Shinjuku store and Takadanobaba ZEAL LINK store on July 10th, 2014.