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I rewatched Jack’s Far From Noise play through last night at like 3am because my anxiety was keeping me awake, and I find his voice really soothing. To distract myself further, I painted this while I watched. I’m not the best at art, but this game inspired me and made me want to create.

This video hit me so hard because I have been the person in the vehicle–the one on that proverbial precipice, the one who thinks they’re not enough, the one wondering what the point of anything is–and, though I’m in an arguably better place now, those feelings still linger. I haven’t been in the healthiest mindset as of late, it’s been…really rough.

But, I’m trying. I’m still here, I’m still breathing, and day by day I’m learning how to love myself. To anyone who also pictured themselves in that car, who’s ever been on that edge–I believe in you. You are enough, you deserve happiness, and you can make it through this. 

And just, thank you, Jack, for inspiring me every single day. You are a great force of positivity in this world, and I’m so grateful that you share so much of yourself with us. It means more than I can properly articulate. 

What a stunning game.

DE Drabbles: Learning Shinigami Sealing Part 1

Kaito paced, feeling like a caged animal. His futon was a tangled mess of blankets and sheets, testament of his inability to actually sleep. He couldn’t even find peace in fighting Shiro; it just riled him up further, pushed sleep even further out of his grasp, no matter how exhausted he became or how long they’d fought.

Finally, with a curse, Kaito pulled a top on and stalked out of his room. The shouten was silent around him, everyone asleep and in their rooms. At peace in a way he couldn’t find himself to be. He slipped through the dark hallway, bare feet silent against the wooden floor, and couldn’t help but wince at how quiet everything was.

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Brand New!!!

Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

The first thing I will say about this band is that I can never listen to their songs without ever thinking about what horrible things Jesse did in the past. I grew up with this band starting from Devil and God so its hard and confusing for me to just throw away all those years of looking up to these songs willy nilly. That being said, my favorite tracks are:

1) You Won’t Know

2) Sink

3) Out Of Mana

Bonus: Same Logic/Teeth