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The Canary Islands from space.

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shot this amazing picture of these volcanic islands, along with Von Karman vortices in the clouds flowing around them. These form as masses of air split around protruding objects such as islands sticking out of the sea. Only four of the seven main islands are visible.


Image credit: K. Nyberg.


Thugger & His Sister Dolly at Atlantic Station


USAF history of the Thunderbirds.
On 19 September 1985, the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron was consolidated by Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) with the 30th Bombardment Squadron, a unit which was organized on 13 June 1917.

During its operational history, the 30th served in World War I as a training unit in France, its mission to train fighter pilots to go into combat on the Western Front. The squadron was almost torpedoed on its troop ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Stationed at Clark Field in the Philippines on 7 December 1941, it was almost wiped out in the 1941 Battle of the Philippines. Some members of the squadron fought as an infantry unit and were captured by the Japanese, being subjected to the Bataan Death March. The squadron was withdrawn to Australia, being reformed and later attacked Japan as a B-29 Superfortress squadron in 1945. It was awarded nine Presidential Unit Citations in World War II. During the Korean War, the 30th attacked North Korean targets with B-29 Superfortresses.

Present-day USAF Thunderbirds carry the lineage, history, and honors of the 30th on active duty.
6 – F-16C Fighting Falcons
2 – F-16D Fighting Falcons


I went to a MomoCon Meetup today at Atlantic Station for some ice skating as Zarina. I went alone which was super nerve wracking but i met a lot of really nice people (who had some great costumes!) and may have found myself a Pixie Hollow group for Dragon*Con. Thanks for the good time guys!

Rapunzel is whos-flying-this-tardis!
Mabel is @doubtingsalmon (it won’t let me tag you properly?!) and Dipper is  double-oh-heaven!