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As a follow up (haha get it) to my Fall Out Boy magazine, I decided to make an AP issue if The Followers had one. (I tried to make it look older)

Now I know this is incorrect for many reasons. Like the fact that AP wasn’t even around in the 70′s (would have more likely been a Rolling Stone issue) and that no one knew about Brendon but it’s just for fun!

Fall Out Boy Facts You May Not Know

• Full Name: Patrick Martin Stumph
• Birthday: April 27th 1984  
• Favourite Food: Pumpkin squares made by his mum
• Patrick hates BBQ sauce
• Before FOB, he worked at 2 record shops at once
• Patrick once punched Pete in the face over song lyrics
• Patrick has a fascination with marine animals that are extinct
• Favourite Quote: “Quite is the new loud”
• Patrick is a huge fan of David Bowie
• Favourite Film: Rushmore
• High School: Glenbrook High School
• Patrick is only 5’ 4
• Patrick hates being called “Pat”
• Patrick is a huge fan of Jazz music
• Patrick’s last name is actually “Stumph” but removed the “H” because of pronunciation issues

• Full Name: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the 3rd
• Birthday: June 5th 1979
• Pete wrote all of the lyrics from “Under the Cork Tree”
• Pete has his own record label called “Decaydance Records”
• Pete used to be a soccer player
• Pete plays bass and piano
• Pete hates black liquorish
• Pete is 5’7
• Pete gets stage fright when he has to order coffee
• Full Name: Andrew John “Andy” Hurley
• Birthday: May 31st 1980
• Andy formed the band “The Damned Things” during FOB’s hiatus
• Andy has been vegan since age 16
• Andy has over 2,600 tattoos, as he gets them all in little squares
• Favourite Bands: Slayer and New Kids on the Block
• Andy’s father passed away when Andy was only 5
• Andy was listed on PEATA’s sexiest vegans poll in 2006
• Andy is the smartest member of the band
• Andy is the second oldest in the band
• Andy will leave a room if people start smoking
• High School: Menomonee Falls High School
• Andy’s house has been featured on MTV’s “Cribs”

• Full Name: Joseph Mark “Joe” Trohman
• Birthday: September 1st 1984
• Joe is the youngest member
• Joe was brought up Jewish
• High School: New Trier High School w/ Pete
• Before FOB Pete and Joe formed a band called “Arma Angels”
• Joe collects guitars
• Joe loves Star Wars
• Joe once acted as Pete’s chauffeur and got his license suspended  

• They are known for their long song titles
• Their name was suggested to them by a fan at their first gig
• “Sugar We’re Going Down” was on Billboard’s Top 100 for 20 weeks
• The band’s official fan club is called the “Overcast Kids”


ENDLESS LIST OF FAVORITE MUSICALS: American Psycho by Duncan Sheik and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

And even though I’ve tried and tested I know that
this is not an exit. Now. I am 27 years old living in
New York City at the end of the century. This is
what being Patrick Bateman means to me.

I admit to not really liking the Bad Ape character in the movie- he felt too much like a cute comedy character, stuck in the script to lighten the bleakness of the end of the world (which no amount of comedy expressions will really achieve. The apocalypse is serious business…).

This miniseries- a prequel to the film- manages to make him a much more sympathetic character, and his final scene, before he heads off on the road that takes him to where we meet him in the cinema, is really quite touching. I felt that 4 issues was too short to contain the full scope of world building that the story was aiming for, but the rest of the plot threads didn’t need much work for me in terms of setting up the movie (many of these have had 2 previous films to build on, so you would hope there was minimal need for filling in the blanks). The little chimpanzee, on the other hand, really benefited from this extra development time, and I came away ready to give him a second chance in the film. Which is a pretty impressive feat for this comic, I would say.

From War For The Planet Of The Apes 4, by David F. Walker, Jonas Scharf & Jason Wordie


Trump rally in Phoenix draws protesters from both sides

Temperatures and tempers ran hot as President Trump prepared to hold a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday evening. Crowds of Trump supporters and protesters feuded in the triple-digit heat outside the event, while many wondered whether the president would launch an attack on his critics inside the Republican Party.

Police attempted to keep Trump’s fans away from the protesters, many of whom carried signs that criticized the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., earlier this month. The dueling crowds did taunt each other across fences and, at times, the lines were crossed. At one point, a group of protesters carrying a sign that declared “F*** Trump” and one that blended the presidential “45” with a Nazi swastika walked alongside the long line of the president’s supporters. The anti-Trump contingent drew an angry response from the president’s supporters, who stretched in long lines around the building that reportedly included some Trump fans who waited outside since Monday night.

“Get back on the other side!” shouted one of the Trump supporters.

“Get a job!” yelled another.

The Trump supporters cheered as a loud roar of motorcycles erupted from a nearby street.

“That’s Bikers for Trump!” one said, referencing a group of motorcyclists that formed during last year’s election to provide security for pro-Trump events.

Many of the protesters in Phoenix chanted “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” Some also carried photos of Heather Heyer, a young woman who was killed at a right wing rally in Charlottesville when a neo-Nazi sympathizer drove his car into a crowd of protesters. Two police officers were also killed after their helicopter crashed as they attempted to respond to clashes between the right-wing rallygoers and protesters.

Trump was widely criticized for his responses to the chaos in Charlottesville as he blamed “both sides” for the violence rather than focusing on the white supremacists who came to the rally. The president also empathized with the rally attendees concern about the removal of Confederate monuments.

The crowds outside Trump’s Phoenix rally also included several groups taking advantage of Arizona’s “open carry” laws and brandishing rifles. One group of camouflage-clad men armed with assault rifles repeatedly said “no comment” as Yahoo News asked them why they came to the rally. Another group with guns and camp had signs identifying them as the John Brown Gun Club. One of the members offered a quick explanation of their presence.  READ MORE by Hunter Walker/Yahoo News >>>

Photos: David McNew/Getty Image, Laura Segall/AFP/Getty Images, Matt York/AP, Hunter Walker/Yahoo News)


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