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Black friday IS MY ISH could you maybe do polyhamilsquad x reader with something to do with black friday??? <3 hope you have a wonderful day :)

“Why in the flying fuck are we standing outside, in below zero weather, at four in the morning, to buy a game station?” Alexander grumbled, his hands tucked into his pockets. You nudged him, and he frowned at you. You kissed his pouty lips. He grabbed your hands, putting it in his pockets.

“Don’t be such a sourpuss. John’s been waiting for this for months,” You said, and Alexander rolled his eyes. 

John stood at the door, glancing at his phone every so often to check the time. Hercules and Gilbert were asleep, holding eat other in the sleeping bag John brought. The five of you were the first to make it there. The line wasn’t that long either, just a dozen or so other patrons. John looked at Alexander, glaring.

“Y/N’s right. It’ s limited edition, and I have to get it. It’s my dream, my ecstasy, my orgas-” 

“TMI, mon amour,” Gilbert said, opening one eye to look at John. Hercules grumbled, rolling over, “Please keep this conversation kid friendly.” He pointed towards the group of teenagers behind them. They were oblivious, smoking some type of drug.

“They don’t give a fuck,” Hercules said, leaning up, “All they care about is that game,” He smirked, “And I don’t mind hearing about orgas-”

“Shut up,” Alexander interrupted, clicking his teeth.

An employee walked to the front door, and John clenched onto Alexander’s sleeve, jumping up and down quickly. You’ve never seen a grown man so happy before. The very sad looking employee unlocked the door, a bored expression on his face.

“Alright, so no yelling or screaming, and no runni-”

John pushed him to the side, dragging Alexander and yourself inside. Gilbert smirked at the three of you, cuddling up next to Hercules again.

PSA for any high schoolers who’re going to college soon or  are just worried about it

your high school teachers are LIARS.

Most college professors accept late assignments.

Some of them are so chill that you can ditch most of class so long as you can handle the final. 

It’s all about playing it by ear.


It is NOT harder than high school. You’re more or less ready for it if you do ok in high school, ok?

Seriously. I got A’s in AP classes yet was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to handle college.

Surprise surprise?

AP classes are harder than college classes. 

No joke. 

College professors are a lot more liberal on what counts as a “right” answer. 

Plus they give you points for caring. 

Some classes give you points just for showing up. 

There’s an atmosphere of controlled panic, and you are not the only one. 

You can pretty much go up to anyone and say god life is a nightmare and finals are gonna kick my ass, and they’ll go saaaaame, regardless of how genius they’re supposed to be. 


College student here.

High school teachers are the WORST of liars.

They’ll tell you college is a “whole nother level” but that’s such horse shit. 

High school is a standardized sheep counting facility. 

College is a research lab full of cats that may or may not do what you expect. 


if you post art or writing on tumblr and are trying to get it seen don’t swear in the tags

tumblr will usually automatically flag the post as adult so that it won’t show up in filtered tags/searches and now with tumblr’s new nonfunctional “"safe mode”“ it’ll hide the post completely

i don’t know yet if swearing in the caption has the same effect but don’t swear in the tags

also and i’m not completely sure about this one but it seems like tumblr flags posts with too many tags because they look like spam; remember that only the first five tags actually make a post appear in that tag so limit it to that and whatever personal tags you need

thanks bye

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

It’s not much, but please allow me to bless your dashboard with a tiny Scarecrow playing in a pile of leaves. Hroo hraa!~ Wishing everyone a good October and a fantastic day. ;)


No matter how scary it gets, you must always wear a smile that says “I’m fine!” For in this world, the ones who smile are the strongest of all.  -Nana Shimura (7th OfA holder)

When I reached chapter 90, the waterworks started.

Ok, friends. I have a confession to make…

I have been keeping this secret for what feels like an age and it had got to the point that I couldn’t really breathe with the weight of it.

I just got out of spending my ENTIRE FRIDAY evening with @taylorswift ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️

I daren’t dream it… Taylor herself invited me (‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️) to spend Friday night with her and listen to her new album early……. and I got to sit right by her side as we listened to the whole thing…. LITERALLY SAT AT HER SNAKE BOOTED FEET TRYING NOT TO HAVE AN ANYRISM?!?!!?!!

I hope it won’t be too long before y'all can trust me again… because I love you. 😭😭😭😭

Hey can we just take a second and talk about society? And how fucked up it is that everybody is forced to conform?

It pisses me off that everyone has dress a certain way and look a certain way and be a certain weight and be held certain unattainable standard to be considered pretty. It pisses me off that people are no longer judged by their work ethic or their personality or how they treat other people or the grades that they get, they’re judged on how they look and how they present themselves. What does it matter if somebody wants to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt everyday? Doesn’t it matter more that they’re getting their work done and that they’re getting good grades?

Apparently not. You’re supposed to give a fuck what other people think of how you dress and do your hair. That’s supposed to be just as important as how well you work and getting the work done.

This whole generation has depression and has anxiety because all the adults in our lives who are supposed to be teaching us and preparing us for the real world have become more worried about looks and appearances and conformance than getting to know students and figuring out why they act the way they do.

No one cares anymore it’s just a matter of looking good and acting like nothing’s wrong ever. Bad days aren’t ever allowed. Everyone has problems and someone always has it worse than you so no one’s problems are ever valid. You have to smile no matter what, no one’s allowed to cry, and worse your still expected to follow everyone else’s standards of pretty and proper and whatever the fuck else.

I’m sorry I don’t want to be told how to dress or that the fact that I like my baggy clothes- which are my boyfriend’s by the way, who I haven’t seen in months and haven’t talked to in weeks- is “inappropriate”. Wearing that makes me feel a little better and miss him a little less and that’s fucking valid. At least I’m covered. I don’t care what other people think about it. It’s high school. What matters is getting through it with enough to get you through college. The clothes you wear don’t matter.

I don’t appreciate being told to my face that I need to be medicated just because I wear sweatshirts a lot and that automatically means I can’t deal with my depression.

Anyway. I’m just irritated with our fucking society. I can’t even say mad because I honestly couldn’t give a single fuck less what anyone thinks.

So yeah I’m done now. (And need a goddamn nap people are fucking exhausting.)

-Mel (the Slytherin)

Together, Alone (Soulmark AU)

Idk how people feel about reading 1.6K drabbles on tumblr, so I also posted it on AO3 for funsies! 

Dedicated to @serpensthesia for her birthday! #serpaken for life <3

Thanks to @bixgirl1 and @jadepresley for reading over this for me! And to @femmequixotic and @noeeon for encouraging the idea and making me write! <3<3<3

It started on his seventeenth birthday.

Draco had known it would start then, of course. That part was normal. The clock was supposed to manifest as a tattoo on his skin, and begin its countdown to the moment Draco would meet his Soulmate. He’d been looking forward to the clock’s appearance all year— desperate for anything that might take his mind off his hopeless situation. Draco was exhausted, the damned cabinet was never going to be fixed, and his whole family was probably going to die as punishment.

And Draco had been prepared to die with them, resigned to the fact that his countdown tattoo might not appear at all, or might be stuck at 00:00:00:00:00:00 right from the beginning.

Draco had not, however, been prepared for the clock to appear at midnight and begin counting down from a mere one minute and seventeen seconds. His heart jumped in his chest. Clearly Draco was one of those rare wizards who had already met their Soulmate, but hadn’t known yet because he wasn’t of age at the time. Which didn’t help Draco in the slightest, as he could think of precisely nobody at Hogwarts who he might like to spend the rest of his life with.

He stood up from the stool he’d set in front of the hopeless cabinet, grabbed his wand, and began making his way to the door of the Room of Hidden Things. Between the time he’d spent staring at his countdown in disbelief, the time it took to reach the door, and the few seconds he devoted to not panicking, the clock reached zero at the very moment he pushed open the door.

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