PSA for any high schoolers who’re going to college soon or  are just worried about it

your high school teachers are LIARS.

Most college professors accept late assignments.

Some of them are so chill that you can ditch most of class so long as you can handle the final. 

It’s all about playing it by ear.


It is NOT harder than high school. You’re more or less ready for it if you do ok in high school, ok?

Seriously. I got A’s in AP classes yet was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to handle college.

Surprise surprise?

AP classes are harder than college classes. 

No joke. 

College professors are a lot more liberal on what counts as a “right” answer. 

Plus they give you points for caring. 

Some classes give you points just for showing up. 

There’s an atmosphere of controlled panic, and you are not the only one. 

You can pretty much go up to anyone and say god life is a nightmare and finals are gonna kick my ass, and they’ll go saaaaame, regardless of how genius they’re supposed to be. 


College student here.

High school teachers are the WORST of liars.

They’ll tell you college is a “whole nother level” but that’s such horse shit. 

High school is a standardized sheep counting facility. 

College is a research lab full of cats that may or may not do what you expect. 

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3


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I regret nothing. Although i had to alter the original Idea i had for this.

this is interesting to mention:

  • krennic makes a comment on lyra’s return ‘from the dead’.
  • lyra tells him: “you’ll never win”.
  • she attemps to save her husband and her family from krennic by shooting him (in the shoulder).

  • jyn tells krennic: “you’ve lost.”
  • cassian literally returns from the dead in jyn’s eyes.
  • he saves her from krennic by shooting him (in the shoulder).

i would just like to point out that keith is super close to shiro and even he didn’t think about shiro first first thing (he checked up on red first and then climbed outside to check his surroundings), but as soon as they crashed and lance’s lion was somewhat stabilized (i say somewhat cause alarms were still going off in his own lion) lance’s head snaps up and he’s like “HUNK ARE YOU OKAY” like??? he ain’t even sure if he’s okay but he’s so worried i’m crying here guys he cares so much

I never understood why anyone thought episode 7 wasn’t their first kiss because like. The crux of that argument is basically “well Yuuri didn’t freak the fuck out so clearly this must have happened before” and I’m like. Yuuri’s clearly been adjusting to contact with Viktor. in fact he’s comfortable enough with it to the point where the episode prior he did shit like this:

Which to me, screams “I’m comfortable as fuck with being in Viktor’s personal space.” And we know Yuuri’s been getting more comfortable around Viktor too, because we’ve seen him freak out less when Viktor initiates contact as the episode passes.

Plus, it’s not like he’s completely unsurprised either. Immediately after the two of them hit the floor Yuuri looks like this:

If that face doesn’t read: “wait. did that really just happen. what” to you then I really can’t help you. This is clearly a face of disbelief and shock. 

But more importantly. The biggest reason I’ve always thought it had to be the first is because. for the entire rest of the episode Yuuri’s completely spaced out. I mean just look at him. Look. 

Look at his eyes man does that man look present for this award ceremony to you? Or does he look like he’s in a completely different place right now. like. maybe. “I got kissed on this ice. wow. Viktor kissed me.”

The same face continues when he’s off the ice doing the interviews, but three seconds later Viktor chimes in. At first, Yuuri’s thrown off a little, but then

His mouth says “really Viktor you’re gonna put all this pressure on me right now” but his eyes are like “this man kissed me wow that really happened.” And look at him he’s blushing! Why would he be blushing if he wasn’t thinking about that damn kiss. And if it happened before, I doubt he’d be like this. 

And Viktor. Viktor. Don’t think I didn’t notice you fucker; you’ve been blushing this whole interview. And this is Viktor fucking Nikiforov. The man is very skilled at pulling off a persona for the press. He’s very skilled at keeping his emotions in check, I mean have you seen his temper? It’s ridiculous how cool he keeps himself. But here he is. Blushing like a shoujo manga protag who got acknowledged by senpai. If they kissed before I’d be willing to bet Viktor fucking Nikiforov would play it cool. He would not be this blushy standing next to Yuuri. Nope. 

Like. I get the appeal in thinking they kissed before. I personally enjoy the shit out of fics with drunk banquet kisses that Yuuri would never remember initiating. They’re fun. But. I also think all the evidence is here lmao. So.