at adiostoreador

Your name is TAVROS NITRAM. 

Hello, Tavros!

You have an acute ability to COMMUNE WITH THE MANY CREATURES OF ALTERNIA, a skill you have utilized to CAPTURE AND TRAIN a great many. They are all your friends, as well as your warriors, which you pit in battle through a variety of related CARD AND ROLE PLAYING GAMES.

Wait… so does he really talk to animals, or does he just play Pokemon?

You used to engage in various forms of MORE EXTREME ROLEPLAYING with some of your other friends before you had an accident.

Gee, where have I heard THAT ONE before? So the implication is that this “extreme roleplaying accident” blinded Terezi, and crippled Tavros. Who else was involved? AA? Maybe this incident is also at the root of her falling out with Terezi, her fatalistic attitude, and her general creepiness. 

You have a profound fascination with the concept of FLIGHT, and all lore surrounding the topic. You believe in FAIRIES, even though they AREN’T REAL.


Your trolltag is adiosToreador and you uHH, sPEAK IN A SORT OF, uHH, fALTERING MANNER,

Oh, is that what the reversed-caps text is supposed to convey? Now that they’ve mentioned his “faltering manner” I do notice that he uses an excessive number of commas in his text. 

Honestly, I never noticed that before because I do the same thing. Seriously, about half the editing I do on this blog is just removing unnecessary commas.




((sorry for the unfinished bits, but hopefully you guys like what I did finish - ill upload the textless version of the finished parts next))

adiosToreador “Taurus”

Despite being introduced relatively early, we haven’t seen much of Taurus. He tried (and failed) to troll Dave a couple of times. His attempts at trolling were direct and obvious, one might even call them bullish.

He had a nice heart to heart with Jade after he recognized her as a fellow dreamer. I get the sense that he enjoyed living vicariously through her because unlike any of the other kids, he could actually talk to Jade while she was asleep. 

Not much else to say really. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of dreams he had before the death of his dream self.

  • roach: you know what i just realized
  • roach: fuck
  • roach: fuck, shit. adiostoreador
  • roach: tavros isn't the fucking toreador
  • roach: his name is this cocky 'i'm gonna fucking destroy you, toreador' statement
  • Mercury: he's the bull! XD
  • roach: yeah!
  • roach: DANG
  • roach: it's been like three years and i JUST got that
  • roach: joke in his name
  • roach: that's actually... kind of really reflective of the misunderstandings people have of his whole character?
  • roach: the name seems really self-effacting if you see him as the toreador
  • roach: but actually it's pretty cocky
  • roach: i guess vriska misunderstood it too, didn't she
  • Mercury: yep.
  • Mercury: I'm sure she thought she was really clever there
  • roach: yeah!
  • roach: god, that's brilliant
  • roach: hussie is too good at names
  • roach: he must be stopped

So today, August the 15th, is the one year anniversary of my starting this blog. I can hardly believe its been a year already! 

I’d just like to take today to say thank you. Thank you to all the followers, for every like and reblog, every question asked, every file submitted, and to all my friends who supported me and this ask blog. If it weren’t for all of you this blog would have died after the first month. I feel so lucky to have all of you <3 

This blog gave me the opportunity to not only contribute to one of my dearest fandoms but also practice my art and improve greatly in what seems like a blink of an eye! I honestly don’t know what Id be doing if I didn’t have this blog; it brings me so much joy to run it! I still get excited at new questions hehe~  

I’m just so so so glad I have gotten this far, so again, thank you. thank you. thank you! 

now I think its time we get going on year 2!! Ask me your questions }:) 


I always feel really silly because of a theory I’ve had in mind for a long time.

So you know the whole “G, C, A, T” thing with DNA and such? Of course everyone knows that just about every kid/troll has a handle with two of these four letters (e.i. CG, gallowsCalibrator, AT, adiosToreador, etc.) except for one. John Egbert, Though his old handle USED to be GT, ghostlyTrickster. These are facts we all know, obviously.

But the thing that gets to me is the fact that their universe is technically contained within the “frog” that they created. I know Karkat said he had given their universe cancer and stuff, but it always bites at the back of my brain when I realize that Terezi was the one who inadvertently changed John’s handle from GT to EB. Anyone who has taken a science class in highschool will know that, as explained above, E and B are not part of the 4 nitrogen bases (G C A T).

DNA consists of different combinations of those four letters and yadda yadda yadda, “EB shouldn’t be there. I know this is all super silly, but I always feel like Terezi had a hand in the ruination that Karkat claimed to have his hand in.

I’ve probably forgotten or missed some super vital detail that makes all of this post nonsense in it’s entirety, but I just wanted to let my own theory out for once.

Also, I don’t know where I am going with this, but GCAT (God Cat) is also all 4 of the letters of DNA, so… if anyone has any word in on that part, please feel free to continue onto this post!