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Even tho i had a burger & fries today, i feel damn goooood with this before & during progress pic!! I’ve hit a plateau recently due to stress - but i’m not gaining which is great! Trust the process.

March versus October 20

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me why i can't lose weight even though i've been eating healthy and low calorie foods and i also i went to the gym more than 3 times a week , and it's been 3 weeks now? But i do lifting and i gain muscle on my arms, is it possible i dont lose weight because i gain some muscle?

You’re right anon.

You’ve probably lost fat and built muscle, that’s why your weight hasn’t changed. I highly recommend you to stop focusing on the number your see on your scale, that’s not the best way to track progress.

Check how you feel and take progress pictures, that’s the best way to see if you’re in the right direction.

If your goal is to burn fat, check this out:

Inktober #9: Cornered

Connie’s log

Garnet was the first to fall. That really shook us all to the core… then amethyst… then Stev– Steven went missing. Then it was just me and pearl for a long while… until… until they took her too. But they will NOT take me. Not without a fight…

Marathon training week 15 workout 6: ten mile pace run (9:00/mile).

What a great run!! Considering Monday’s terrible run I was nervous going into this. This would be the longest pace run as part of training. But it went really well. I left my car at work last night and ran in! Which also had me nervous as it’s a big net uphill, but I crushed it. Last mile was my fastest at 8:16, which was my mile PR in high school! (Speedy Gonzalez over here, I know). Really happy right now.

I am feeling apprehensive about tomorrow’s 20 though. The weather looks crappy for running with lots of wind. Sunday looks great which makes me think I should push it to then, but I know I’d regret that tomorrow evening…and it could be windy on race day. But I hate running in wind!

Rayden is 7 weeks today! 🎉🎊

- growing like a weed 🌱
- starting to follow objects that are about a foot away from his face.
- army crawling a lot further.
- holding his head up without much difficulties.
- smiles at the silly faces i make 😲😝
- scooting himself up when placed on my legs.
- sleeping less during the day but sleeping longer at night. 🙌🏽

He is so alert and smart. T isn’t happy that he doesn’t look like him. 😂 it’s like I made him all by myself. 😹I am so proud to be his mami! 😻👶🏽💙

ykno. the funniest thing of all is that ive been blocked by at least 6 different pharmercy shippers for posting something vague at best abt it. i didnt even hate the ship just the ppl who projected their racists fantasies into it… but how people reacted to the criticism was V interesting…. i even doodled a few pharmercy wips in the past but all of u made me dislike it so im gonna redraw it and put Symmetra there instead  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I bought these black pants in the beginning of the summer and I remember not being able to button and zipper them. And it was a struggle just to get passed my thighs.

I wanted to die right there in the dressing room and I remember thinking “no I’m not getting a bigger size, I’m going to get my fat body to fit THIS size so suck it up” and then I hated myself for forever lmao

Now they’re falling off me!!!! I can’t walk without pulling them up lmao!!!! I’ve been feeling terrible for so long but this is my light and beacon and hope that it’s gonna get better!!!

Forgot to post this earlier but here’s my morning breakfast shake ✌🏼️💕 So it’s got #banana / #strawberries / #spinach / #almondmilk / #chiaseeds / #proteinpowder 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 it was super yummy #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitblr

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Shower time after a productive workout! Put up my fastest 3 miles in quite some time! The last few runs have been feeling really good energy wise, I feel like I can go farther than I am and I need to push to some long long runs!

I am gonna head back to work and try and find something good to eat!

Just so y'all know I am thankful for all the encouragement that y'all give! You are awesome and I missed y'all when I was crazy busy!