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Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)

How to Get a Date with the MBTI Types (in 4 easy steps)

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary.  You have been warned.  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

1. make it seem like you don’t have time for relationships because you’re too busy saving the world
2. ask ISFJ how normal people even have time to eat
3. ask ISFJ if they’re free for a date because you need to be somewhere right now but you need help figuring out how to take care of yourself
4. ISFJ will meet you anytime at your convenience (so you better bring some stories about the orphans you’re saving)

1. make yourself seem like damaged goods with a complicated backstory
2. ask INFJ what a normal family looks like
3. ask INFJ if they’re free for a date to psychoanalyze your relationship with your parents because you have no idea who you even are anymore
4. INFJ will meet you with open ears and a tissue box (so you better bring some childhood wounds)

1. make yourself seem free-spirited and mysterious AF
2. ask ISFP if they know about your super obscure hobby
3. ask ISFP if they’re free for a date to discuss it because you need help figuring it out and you want a second opinion on it
4. ISFP will meet you with an explosion of ideas (so you better take pics of your bajillion side hobbies so they can be your conversation-starters)

1. make yourself seem like you have a lot of emotional baggage that you can’t share with just ANYONE
2. ask INFP if they’ve ever had their heart broken before
3. ask INFP if they’re free for a date because you want to explore your thoughts and feelings with them
4. INFP will meet you with tears that will pour on-cue (so you better bring some deep scars for your dinner date)

1. make yourself seem like you’re in your own world
2. ask INTJ for their opinion on a very very complicated and multi-faceted topic and low-key ask what they’re doing next weekend
3. ask INTJ to meet you next Saturday because they just said they’re free next Saturday so since both of you are free, both of you should just meet up for dinner ;)
4. INTJ will meet you with lots of skepticism (so you better bring some interesting insights into philosophy, science, or politics)

1. make yourself seem normal but with a little spontaneity
2. ask ISTJ for their opinion on food
3. ask ISTJ if they’re free for a date because everybody needs to eat food and both of you are people, right? ;)
4. ISTJ will meet you with a list of food places you should try out (so you better bring an appetite and a half)

1. make yourself look sexy AF
2. ask ISTP for their opinion on sex
3. ask ISTP if they’re free for a date because you heard that sky-diving is usually done in pairs and you need a second person
4. ISTP will meet you (as your sky-diving instructor and partner)(so you better bring a copy of your will in case it goes south)

1. make yourself not-wallpaper
2. ask INTP for their opinion on a hotly debated topic in math/physics/science
3. ask INTP if they’re free for a date sometime Sunday to Sunday.  If they’re not free that week, keep asking ad keep asking and keep asking until they agree
4. INTP will meet you with lots of reminders on your part about the date (so you better be prepared for some abstract conversation)

1. make yourself as submissive as possible
2. ask ESTJ why they’re always so right about <insert topic> <insert topic> <insert topic>
3. ask ESTJ if they’re free for a date so they can give you some pointers on how to do everything in your life better
4. ESTJ will meet you with a thick stack of notes (so you better be prepared to make some huge life changes)

1. make yourself seem PERFECT AF
2. ask ENTJ about how they weigh pros and cons in an investment situation
3. ask ENTJ if they’re free for a date because one little date is a super low-investment which can lead to a very high reward ;)
4. ENTJ will meet you with a dating questionnaire for you to fill out (so you better study for the test 3 days in advance)

1. make it seem like you have your shit together
2. ask ESFJ how people always seem to have their shit together because you certainly don’t
3. ask ESFJ if they’re free for a date because you have trouble taking care of yourself since you’re so busy being successful
4. ESFJ will meet you with a bullet journal to help you organize your life (so you better be ready for ESFJ to move in)

1. make yourself look easily amused by everything
2. ask ESTP for their opinion on LITERALLY ANYTHING and nod
3. ask ESTP if they’re free for a date because you don’t know how to do that thing that they know how to do and you want them to help you
4. ESTP will meet you with lots of tips on how to help you out (so you better look like you have no idea what you’re doing)

1. make yourself visible (no strobe lights please)
2. ask ENTP for their opinion on a hotly debated topic in politics
3. ask ENTP if they’re free for a date and tell them that according to the Schrödinger’s cat experiment, there’s already a version of them that has already accepted and rejected the date so it’s up to ENTP to decide which reality he wants ;)
4. ENTP will meet you on a whim (so you better come prepared with some strong arguments and points)

1. make yourself seem like you have a troubled past
2. ask ENFJ if they’ve ever wished they could go back in time to change their past
3. ask ENFJ if they’re free for a date because you want to try being more open to people this time around and ENFJ might be able to help
4. ENFJ will meet you at any time or place with lots of questions (so you better bring a deeply moving backstory and eye drops for tears)

1. make yourself seem like a challenge
2. ask ENFP if they know about <insert topic> and how it’s been affecting <insert topic>
3. ask ENFP if they’re free for a date because you happen to be free next Saturday and you want to chill with someone interesting for a change
4. ENFP will meet you at the WRONG PLACE (so you better schedule the reservation for 7pm even though you told ENFP to meet for 6pm)

1. make yourself look sexy and available
2. ask ESFP nothing, just wait for ESFP to come to you
3. ask ESFP if they’re free for a date because you heard that ESFP was a good dinner date and you wanted to experience it for yourself
4. ESFP will meet you either with NO MONEY or ALL THE MONEY (so be prepared for either option .. and also the option that a 3rd person may up end up paying for all the food)

so okay okay. isak is gonna go join Jonas after school, but he’ll be like “i can only stay for like an hour or so”, but one hour will turn into two hours and shit i’m late. But anyways, Sana comes over to Isak/Even’s place and she finds Even there, and he tells her that Isak is running late or sth. So then Sana and Even end up talking..LIKE THEY TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. AND SANA OPENS UP TO HIM, AND HE OPENS UP TO HER. AND IT’S B E A U T I F U L. And then Isak comes home and he’s all ‘sorry sorry. we can study now’…but it’s like almost 7pm so Sana is all ‘i have to go home and eat’…AND EVEN GOES ALL “You can stay here if you want? i can make us dinner while you two study?” SO SANA STAYS OVER. And we see Isak / Sana studying and plotting against the flawless girls. AND THE THREE OF THEM WATCH A MOVIE AND IT’S A COMEDY, OKAY? SO SANA SMILES AND LAUGHS. AND OKAY. And THE CLIP IS LIKE 1 + HOUR BECAUSE WE DESERVE GOOD THINGS, OKAY?

Even’s 20th birthday (this is half an hour late in my time zone and I’m devastated, god dammit work)

  • Isak wakes him up with soft kisses all over his face and when he knows Even is waking up he moves his kisses down and starts Even’s day with a happy birthday blowjob and shit if this is what his 20′s are gonna be like then Even is a happy man
  • they stayed at Even’s last night because Even’s parents have this tradition about a birthday breakfast, so Isak brought his stuff to Even’s after school on Friday and they’ve spent the weekend so far doing their homework between make out sessions because your brain needs a rest sometimes okay it can’t all be biology stats
  • sadly Even’s parents are home so they can’t share a shower no matter how much Even tries to cajole Isak into it
  • they do eventually both manage to get showered and make it into the kitchen, their fingers loosely tangled and their shoulders bumping together, and Even’s parents don’t even try to hide their smiles at it because if their boy is happy what more could they want
  • Isak is high key curious about this birthday breakfast tradition because birthdays were never much of a thing in his household after he hit double digits and he thinks it’s kinda cute that Even’s parents still fuss over him like that
  • Even insists that it’s more because his little sisters are still really into birthdays and everyone goes all out for their birthdays and Even doesn’t have the heart to tell them he isn’t really fussed about his own birthday
  • turns out that the birthday breakfast is a huge spread. it takes up their entire kitchen table. there’s a big bowl of fruit, pots of yoghurt dotted around, two filled toast racks surrounded by half a dozen different condiments and cheeses, and Even’s mother is plating up generous portions of smoked salmon omelette as the boys walk in
  • Isak sits down with Even but he’s kind of terrified that the table is going to collapse under the weight of all that food (spoiler: it doesn’t)
  • it feels a little bittersweet to Isak to see how close knit Even’s family is but he’s damn happy that his boyfriend has such a loving family. his parents indulge Isak in telling embarrassing stories from Even’s childhood, although Even laughs along with them too, and his sisters crow about all the cool things Even does with them which warms Isak’s heart in a way he didn’t expect
  • after they’ve all eaten as much as they can physically cram inside their stomachs Even’s mother pulls a little cupcake from some hiding place Isak hadn’t noticed and lights the solitary candle on it before setting it in front of Even and telling him to make a wish
  • Even stares at Isak so intently as he makes his wish that Isak feels like a mouse in the eyes of a hawk
  • when the candle is blown out Even’s sisters immediately start squealing asking about what Even wished for and he just shrugs and says I wished to be an only child again with a wink and ruffles their hair when they shriek in outrage
  • after breakfast Even and Isak go on a very slow walk around the neighbourhood to help their food go down (Even’s mum suggested it and it didn’t actually sound like a bad idea) and they’re their usual disgusting selves, holding hands and pushing each other around and then pulling the other back with their arms around their waist, fogging up the cool air around them with their laughter
  • they make a quick stop at the coffee place and Isak asks if the birthday boy gets any sort of senior discount
  • turns out he doesn’t qualify but the barista does wish him a happy birthday and Even just grins and pulls Isak into his side and says how could I not with this beautiful young man by my side
  • the barista thinks they’re the cutest thing she’s seen in her whole life
  • the boys take their drinks to go and head over to the kollectivet, enjoying the early afternoon sunshine and each other’s company
  • they get back to Isak’s just after 1PM and it can’t be determined who startled more when a dozen people yelled surprise
  • both squads are present as well as the kollectivet (even Linn is there, in her pyjamas but there) and they’re all there to celebrate their friend’s birthday and Even is so surprised that they considered him a friend that it takes him a minute to settle into it
  • despite it being like one in the afternoon on a Sunday there is alcohol aplenty
  • Isak knows that Even knows his limits and doesn’t fuss over his drinking or smoking unless he can see the telltale signs of an episode and today is not one of those days so he lays back on the sofa and enjoys a few drinks with his boyfriend and their friends
  • when everyone has their drinks Magnus stands up and makes a toast to Even, wishing him many more years of fun stories and frostbitten balls
  • Even snorts into his beer but raises his bottle anyway and everyone follows his lead and the party (if it could even be called that) kicks off
  • alcohol flows freely and people start talking about their favourite Even story because he’s been involved in a few of their social events seeing as he’s Isak’s boyfriend but aside from that he’s just a cool guy and everyone loves him so????????? of course they’re gonna hang out with him and have stories to tell????????
  • Noora and Vilde go into the kitchen and come back a few minutes later with a stupidly big cake covered in flaming candles and Even laughs about people trying to fatten him up today
  • que Isak telling everyone about the massive breakfast and now this massive cake but then he looks over at Even and he’s just like you’re a beanpole though so like of course people are trying to fatten you up
  • Linn just tells Even to blow his candles out before they burn the building down and Even does that intense staring at Isak again as he blows them out
  • the candles are out for maybe .25944932479 of a second before everyone starts clamouring for a bit
  • Eva may or may not get a bit too drunk and emotional and grab Even’s hand and tell him that he’s amazing and she hopes he has a really happy life with lots of good birthdays and friends and yep yep yep time for people to start going home if Eva’s getting emotional
  • after 7PM most people have left the flat, wishing Even a last happy birthday on their way out, and it’s just Even and the kollectivet so he helps them clear up the bottles and snack food
  • Eskild’s kinda tipsy so he pulls Even into a hug and kisses his cheek messily and tells him to make sure his happy birthday sex isn’t too loud because Eskild has to be up early tomorrow
  • Isak drops the bottle he was emptying into the sink and goes even brighter red because he wasn’t even subtly shocked he thought that shit was just in movies but here he is with a sink full of broken glass
  • Even only makes it worse when he winks at Eskild and says he can’t promise anything before grabbing Isak’s hand and hauling him off into the bedroom despite the fact it’s barely even 8PM
  • Isak tries to be mad but Even keeps peppering kisses over his mouth and hell Isak can’t keep up his pout when Even does that and Even knows it
  • they flop back into bed because it’s actually been an exhaustingly social day and Isak the Introvert needs to recharge now so he decides that it’s cuddly boyfriend time and practically tries to get under Even’s skin
  • they spend a few minutes just holding onto each other before Isak casually tells Even he has a present for him and enjoys the surprised look on Even’s face that quickly turns into excitement
  • Isak refuses to say when Even asks what it is, claiming that Even has to work for it
  • thus commences Even kissing Isak all over until the boy caves in and reaches into his bedside table and pulls out a joint
  • I thought we could share one seeing as it’s a special occasion is Isak’s explanation
  • Even argues that it’s only a birthday and Isak has a rare moment of breathtaking honesty and softness and says that there’s nothing more special than the day Even Bech Næsheim came into the world
  • he gets another kiss for that and Even tries to convey all the love he feels for this boy into the kiss
  • they spent the next hour passing the joint back and forth in bed and enjoying the high together
  • they talk about the past and the future and everything in between, pressed as close together as two people can be
  • inevitably hands start to wander
  • their touches start slow and lazy and comforting but it never takes long for things to get heated between them and Isak finds himself sat on Even’s lap with the birthday boy spread out under him
  • they both feel a bit hazy from the weed and the alcohol so they end the day with Isak lazily riding Even, hands clasped and foreheads pushed together and soft moans warming the air between them until they’re both spent and slumped together on the bed
  • when Isak can finally use his higher brain power again he presses a kiss to Even’s warm cheek and asks if he had a good birthday
  • Even just pulls him closer and whispers that every day with Isak is a good day because what could be better than spending your day with the one you love
  • and yeah that’s cute but Isak needs to know if Even had a good birthday alright he just does
  • Even rolls his eyes and accuses Isak of ruining the moment he was trying to make but reassures Isak that yes he had a great birthday he doesn’t need to worry about that
  • they’re both asleep by 10.30, tangled up in each other
executive dysfunction
  • what you say: go get a glass of water when you’re thirsty
  • what i hear: recognize your body’s signs of thirst before you’re extremely dehydrated, somehow get up in the middle of your current task before you forget that you’re thirsty, leave your room, walk down the hall, go into the kitchen, find the cupboard, choose a cup, put water in the cup, and go back down to your room. do all of this without forgetting what you’re doing in the middle of the process and without getting distracted, keeping everything in your working memory and not getting stalled between any of the steps. then, smoothly resume the task where you left off (which requires remembering what you were doing before), and sip from the glass periodically until it is gone or you are no longer thirsty (which requires remembering that the water is there and repeatedly interrupting yourself to get a sip, while monitoring your body’s signals). i expect you to do this multiple times every day, automatically, on a fixed schedule that aligns with your body’s needs

Let me shine a little bit of light on Sana being a muslim, how her daily life can be like and how she juggles it all, with so much ease. I’m not gonna bring up all the technical aspects of Islam and the arabic words too because.. well, not all of you would find it more interesting than Yousana or Evak, which is fine. . But if you are curious, you can google it and educate yourself.

Ok let me start with the basics. In the past 5 episodes, we’ve seen Sana pray.

 Now, in order to pray.. she should cleanse herself with water which is called “ablution” which is basically washing your arms; face and feet.. in a particular order. Again, you can google the details.
She has to remove any sort of nail paint on her before she does this other wise her prayer won’t count. (See, I’m sure you have noticed Sana sports all these badass nail paints, mostly blacks, she has to remove it before every prayer, it is a task, I’m not gonna lie)

There are prayers to be offered 5 times a day, you can google it, here are the time frames that these prayers are supposed to be performed.

Morning prayers around 4 - 5 AM
After noon prayer around 12 - 2 PM
Late after noon prayer around 4 - 5 PM
Evening prayer around 7PM
Night prayer  after 8 and it can be performed before the early morning one.

Incredibly vague. I know.
Again, google it.

Another fact about these prayers, if she’s on her period, she doesn’t need to  do it.
Now, I wish we’d gotten/will get an update at 5AM when Sana wakes up to perform the early morning prayer. That means, an early update. (Yay)

I don’t know how they will incorporate Ramzan into Skam, but basically..Sana will be fasting all through the day and she can break the fast after the late evening (Maghrib) prayer calls. Then, she can eat until the early morning prayer calls after that, the next day of fasting begins.

Google it.

I’ve non muslim friends who fasts during Ramzan because they feel incredibly cleansed.
Again, Sana cannot fast during menstruation. Those days she missed she can redeem by fasting again after Ramzan, again, all of these are choices she makes to stay focused and be grateful to the god that blessed her. (You remember that clip right? It used to  be beautiful, now it justs hurts. Why Yousef?)

Player looking for D&D 5e game

I’m Kiel Chenier. I write/illustrate a lot of D&D related stuff professionally. 

I don’t actually get to play a lot of D&D anymore, and I’m looking for a D&D 5e game to join, whether it’s a new game or an ongoing one. 

I’m looking for an ongoing campaign to play in. Session length from 2-4 hours long (3 hours is honestly a sweet spot for me). An online game played via Skype, Hangouts, Roll20, etc. Video chat is preferred, but audio only works in a pinch.

My schedule is flexible. Evenings 7pm EST onward work best for me tho. 

If you think I’d be a good fit in your game, send me a Tumblr ask with more details and contact info. I’ll follow up with a message of my own. 

What I’m looking for specifically:

  • A game that’s open to new(ish) players.
  • Playing with other LGBT people is preferred. 
  • Using an established setting (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, etc) is fine, but I don’t want prior knowledge of that setting to be required. 
  • A balance of roleplaying, exploration, combat, and downtime activities. Bonus points if your game has carousing. 
  • A DM who knows their way around random tables, citycrawls, and open-ended adventures is a big plus.

What I bring to the table:

  • I’m willing to play any class the party is currently lacking (provided I can still choose my Race/Background).
  • I write and draw a lot. If your game’s engaging, you can probably expect a bunch of custom art and/or session recaps. Like these, for example. Or this. 
  • I try to be as team-oriented and supportive as possible (assisting, working together, spotlight-sharing, etc).
  • I’m generally kind of a goof while playing. Quick with a joke, but not disruptive. I also do character voices if that’s something you’re into.
  • I am not risk-adverse or bothered by character death. If you need an instigator who is willing to rush in, I can do that. Likewise, if you need someone to primarily engage with NPC’s and plot/story details, I do that too.

Examples of my prior characters:

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, May 8 to Sunday, May 14.

Steven Universe gets the 7pm slot for new episodes! Even better, it’s actually keeping that slot for reruns next week. Nice to see the show have a primetime rerun slot for the first time since December (when the network had 8pm). Shows that CN still has good faith in this show, despite what some random clickbait YouTube channels that post my schedules (and crop out the watermark at the bottom) might say.

And oh wow, look at that Gumball Mother’s Day marathon. It’s being promoted on TV if you were wondering. Gonna be airing a lot of Nicole Watterson centered episodes.

New episodes this week:

  • Ben 10 - Final week of the month long bomb - Mon-Thurs at 5:00p
  • Steven Universe - Week long S4-ending event - Mon-Thurs at 7:00p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:30a

Top 3 shows:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 95 - 30%
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball - 90 - 28%
  3. Ben 10 - 49 - 15%

The top 3 shows are 73% of the schedule.

Sparks Chapter 2

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team.

Word Count 3.5K

Summary: Annual Stark Fourth of July Bash at the tower where y/n runs into Bucky. After finding out that Bucky is uncomfortable around firework sounds, not wanting him to be alone and miss the show y/n offers to keep him company. y/n is later attacked in the labs and Bucky and y/n fight together against the antagonist, because y/n isn’t just a damsel in distress. Thats right she’s got her own moves.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Mini Golf [Kimberly Hart x Fem!Reader]

Summary: Kimberly starts to become distant and you begin to worry about her. You invite her to play some Mini Golf in hopes of finding out what is wrong.

Word Count: 2770

Warnings: Mild Swearing (I think that’s it, let me know if something in this needs a warning!)

A/N: I came up with most of this and I love it! @ladieslovingladiesandfics helped me too, so I can’t take credit for All of it! I’m still working on requests, but I had this idea and just had to write it! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’m also going to be tagging @zacktxylor and @themorphinggrid

Originally posted by bertihelena

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Marty Scurll | “One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”

Title: “One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”

Pairing: Professor!Marty / Reader

Summary: If someone ever asked me why I took this class I’d tell them the truth, I signed up because I loved Shakespeare’s work, but stayed for the way Professor Scurll’s ass looked in trousers.

Words: 1,894

Warnings: Slightly NSFW, I’m talking very slight. 

A/N: Thanks to the Topman advert that Marty is in for the new muscle fit suits, I got this idea! Also, do you get the title!? I was v proud of it tbh. It’s from Hamlet and it has the word “villain” in it! Fitting, no? (but he doesn’t hold that moniker in this fic, yet). Anyways! Hope you all enjoy Professor!Marty in all his beautiful glory.

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KNK’s SNS Post | 170518

[본방사수] 팅커벨 여러분 본방사수 준비 되셨나요? 오늘 크나큰의 순서는 11번째 입니다! 오늘 저녁 7시! MBC MUSIC 쇼챔피언 ‘해.달.별’ 컴백무대! 기대하셔도 좋습니다! 
#크나큰 #해달별 #SOON_MOON_STAR


[Broadcast Alert] Tinkerbells, are you ready for the broadcast? KNK’s order is the 11th (performer)! This evening at 7PM! MBC MUSIC Show Champion ‘Sun.Moon.Star.’ comeback stage. Please look forward to it!
#KNK #Sun Moon Star

Autism-friendly sessions should not be a substitute for proper inclusion

(This is a copy of a blog post I originally put on Goodreads.)

The number of places offering specific autism friendly sessions for autism families is steadily increasing. I believe public museums and art galleries lead the way, with businesses following in their footsteps - some supermarkets, trampoline parks, soft play areas etc. now offer specific autism and disability opening/sessions.

Whilst acknowledging that this is great news for families who otherwise might not be able to access these facilities at all, and the training staff receive, there are some definite downsides. Certainly the fact that a place offers a specific autism session shouldn’t be a substitute for being inclusive outside of that session.

One aspect of these specific sessions which I have a problem with is when they are scheduled. They tend to be very early in the morning, before the usual opening start time (in the case of children), or late in the evening (in the case of adults, for example for supermarket shopping).

I think there is a general perception that families with young children must always be up at the crack of dawn and that therefore there is no problem with going to an event which starts early in the morning. Even ignoring the fact that it can take a while to get out of the house with children, and that it can take much longer with autistic children, there is the sleep factor.

Having in the past attended an excellent sleep workshop for parents of autistic children, run by the Together Trust (which I can highly recommend!), I know that autistic people have more sleep problems than the rest of the human race. Second comes people with other disabilities. Autistic people can suffer from nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep…

(The big difference between nightmares and night terrors is that someone who experiences a nightmare wakes up and remembers having a nightmare. A person experiencing a night terror will exhibit being incredibly distressed in their sleep, which is extremely upsetting to see, but when they are awake they have no knowledge that they have experienced a night terror.)

The Together Trust explains the problems and provides many practical strategies to help, they can even take on your specific case to investigate and solve or improve the sleep situation you’re struggling with. The group workshop was enough for me to just instigate a new bedtime routine which worked wonders and got my son to sleep much earlier.

Bearing in mind then, that autistic people often suffer from sleep problems, perhaps having specific sessions for them that start either early in the morning, or late in the evening (which has the additional consideration of bedtime routine, and the cumulative stresses of the day), is not exactly ideal. It is extremely rare for my own (young, autistic) son to be awake before 8am and, when not having to get out to school, he will choose not to have any breakfast until at least 10:30am or later. He prefers a slow start to the day.

Scheduled disability
A friend recently booked and took a group of autistic children on a trip to a trampoline park, a fun social activity together. All the children had been to trampoline parks before and knew the rules. As is the case with all trampoline parks, the children needed to take part in a safety briefing before their hour long session started. How that safety briefing is delivered obviously differs from place to place (I’ve seen it as a very quick chat before the kids go on to the trampolines). At this particular place the children were expected to watch a video presentation, but this took place in a room with several particularly noisy and distracting children’s parties taking place and this environment was far too chaotic for the children, who couldn’t stand to be in the room for long enough to watch the video.

After explaining the issue to the staff they said they could not allow the children on to the trampolines because they hadn’t watched the video. They did not offer any alternative way of accessing the safety briefing, instead making the children wait 15 minutes to watch the video when the room was quieter, thus missing out on a quarter of their jumping time. As a seeming chastisement, the staff pointed out that they run a specific autism session (on a Sunday evening!) on a specific day, suggesting that they should have been going to that session. To me this attitude is wrong on so many levels!

Disabled people are not only disabled to suit a schedule. They’re not only disabled from 9-10am once a month on a Saturday morning, or 6-7pm on a Sunday evening each week. They should not have to feel that the only time they can attend something is within a very specific window of opportunity and that they’re not allowed out in public otherwise. If you train your staff for specific autism events then don’t just train the staff for those events, take the opportunity to train all your staff, and think about what you can do to make your whole offering, throughout the whole week, more disability friendly.

The trampoline park could have shown the children the video in another, quieter room (even on an iPad!), or given the children a safety rules leaflet to read outside of the noisy space, or a member of staff could have told the children what they needed to know - there were so many easy solutions to the problem which could have been implemented with the minimum of fuss and hassle and mean that the children were not being disadvantaged. If you want to be autism friendly, having a quiet room people can go to if they need some relief from a difficult environment is a good first step. If the trampoline park had a quiet room, then the children could have received their safety briefing there.

@autismInMuseums on Twitter, and their website. Promotes and advertises autism provision in museums - find out what’s happening near you.
The Together Trust and their autism sleep counselling service (the group parent workshops they run travel the country, but do not happen often due to funding for staff. They also undertake sleep research).

Special Q&A with Sexy Zone

Q1. What is the best breakfast menu for you?

Japanese-style meal. I want to start my day and gain a lot of energy by eating rice.
Sou: White rice. Miso soup. Natto. Fried eggs. Wiener sausages.
Kento: 50% white rice and 50% brown rice. Fried eggs. Sausages. Consommé soup. Salad. Yogurt. Peppermint herb tea.
Fuma: Fried eggs.
Marius: French toast.

Q2. It’s 7PM on your day off. How do you spend the evening?

Shori: Watch all my recorded tv shows at once!
Sou: I go to a cat cafe.
Kento: I clean my room.
Fuma: I go for a meal with friends.
Marius: Have dinner at disneyland.

Q3. With these things you will be in a good mood →

Sou: Videos of capybaras.
Kento: If I have planned to go eat yakiniku at a shabu shabu place, I will be in a good mood.
Fuma: Rice.
Marius: When I’m with the members ♪

Q4. A member who is naive and easily deceived by lies →

Sou: Marius-sama.
Kento: Kikuchi. Because in his drama he was deceived by Kusanagi-san.
Fuma: Matsushima.
Marius: Fuma-kun.

Q5. A place far away you would like to go to→

Sou: Kyoto. Korea.
Kento: Azerbaijan.
Fuma: England.
Marius: Kyushu! I want to eat ramen.

Q6. A member you would like to consult with→

Sou: Shori nii-san.
Kento: All four members.
Fuma: No one.
Marius: Fuma-kun. Because he knows a lot of things.

Q7. One selfish thing you would like to ask for→

Go to see a concert abroad.
Sou: Go to Florida!
Kento: I want two stomachs.
Fuma: Have a bigger concert venue.
Marius: Say selfish things to Sou-chan (laughing).

Q8. A flower you compare yourself to→

Sou: Sunflower.
Kento: Strelitzia.
Fuma: Daisy. (t/n: the kanji is 菊)
Marius: Rose. Because it has thorns.

Q9. A member who is easily moved to tears→

: Marius.
Sou: Marius-sama.
Kento: Shori-kun.
Fuma: Matsushima
Marius: Sou-chan.

Q10. Favourite love song by Sexy Zone→

Sou: „Suki sugite“.
Kento: „Kimi ni HITOMEBORE“.
Fuma: „Yobisute“.
Marius: „Yobisute“.

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Robert loves Aaron more than words can describe. He is romantic with Aaron. He is kind to Aaron. He is amazing with Aaron. And that is all that matters. He doesn’t have to be nice to everyone else. Screw everyone else. Nobody gives a fuck about everyone else. We especially don’t give a fuck about jealous, demented blonde skanks (No, I will not mention her name! Yes I am that petty!) who cry about supposed past “traumas”. We really don’t!

So if you want to continue to make Robert the bad guy Emmerdale, go ahead. We know he loves Aaron, just Aaron, only Aaron. Nothing else matters.

Manchester attack: The chilling final movements of suicide bomber Salman Abedi

The final movements of suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who killed 22 people when he detonated a bomb at Manchester Arena on Monday night, have been pieced together as sources came forward to offer details from the past weeks.

Mr Abedi, who was educated at Burnage Academy for Boys and Salford University, is thought to have recently travelled to Libya for a trip lasting several weeks.

His Libyan father, Ramadan Abedi, who lives in Tripoli, said his son Salman was there six weeks ago. Other sources reported Abedi returned just a few days before the attack to the UK, where he was lived until as recently as 2016 at his family home in Fallowfield.

According to German intelligence services, the bomber was in the German city of Dusseldorf four days before the attack, on Thursday May 18.

Mr Abedi was then seen the next day, Friday, on CCTV withdrawing £250 from an ATM before going shopping at 8pm at the Arndale centre in Manchester. His father said he spoke to him around this time and that his son sounded “normal”.

Finally, it is thought that on Monday evening at around 7pm Abedi was in a rented flat on Granby Row, near to Manchester Piccadilly station in the city centre.

According to a pub owner nearby who was asked by police for CCTV footage, it is thought the bomber was there just hours before the attack.


exercise 05022017

at the hotel in Greenwood, MS

  • 4 x 20 decline push ups
  • 8 x 10 air squats
  • 8 x 10 sit ups
  • 30 minutes on the wobbly elliptical

hotel had a “manager’s reception” with snacks from 5:30 to 7pm..

going to find something to eat / hope you have a nice evening, tumblr friends..