at 6am to watch the sunrise

I need friends that want to rent a beach house out together and wake up at 6am to watch the sunrise on the shore. Friends that will stay up until 2am laughing and playing board games even though we are all plastered. I want friends that will travel the world with me and walk down the streets of a town that none of us know. Friends that are ready for an adventure that has no destination. I need friends that want to live life to the absolute fullest.


Personalised Imagine

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Newt Scamander
- A Missing Demiguise
The reader helps Newt find his missing Demiguise in a storm.

- Could Never Be
The reader and Newt travel to Austria and stay at Newt’s old friend’s place. The reader sees how close her and Newt are and gets jealous.

- Knight in a Dirty Blue Coat
Newt saves the reader from a strange man in a pub after she runs out of hers and his hotel room, upset about the state he came back in after his research endeavour with a werewolf.

- A Monster
The reader is secretly a werewolf and doesn’t want anyone to find out but Newt does after she returns injured after a full moon.

Newt and the reader are dating and some fluffiness occurs in bed in the morning.

- An Unsavoury Lodging
Newt and the reader find a subpar accommodation to stay in during one of their travels. While Newt finalises the payment, the reader checks the room for hexes, unknown liquids, nauseating foods and maybe even…bodies?

Marauders Era

Sirius Black
- The Sunrise (Hufflepuff Reader)
Sirius sneaks out of his dorm at 6am and wanders around to find the reader reading a book in the courtyard. A conversation full of vexing and teasing ensues (most of the vexing inflicted on the reader). Sirius and the reader end up watching the sunset together.

- The Sunrise Part 2 (Hufflepuff Reader)
Continuation of “The Sunrise”
The reader deals with bullying and they admit their feelings for each other

- The Sunrise Part 3 (Hufflepuff Reader)
Continuation of “The Sunrise” & “The Sunrise Part 2″
The reader meets the marauders

- Go Fish
The reader and Sirius play Go Fish and things get a little steamy…?

I could really go for getting shitfaced wasted hammered and dancing all night and getting kicked out of the bar and eating a greasy af burger from mcdicks or a waffle at dennys at 3-5 am and getting home after watching the sunrise and taking a drunk shower to get the beer and sweat off and going to bed naked at like 6am and just being a mess generally

i was just on a 6am plane from slc to denver and i’m so corny but i was looking out the window watching the clouds go over the mountains that were shades of pink bc of the sunrise and it made me think about how lucky i am to be in this world bc it’s a beautiful world

the signs as all-nighters i've pulled
  • aries: the time i dared my best friend to stay awake longer than me and ended up making her pancakes after she crashed around 3am.
  • taurus: when I stayed awake for 36 hours straight watching cooking channel marathons.
  • gemini: new year's eve with my cousins, where none of us sleep and none of us keep any of our resolutions.
  • cancer: staying up until 6am babysitting my little sister to make sure no one came in to hurt her.
  • leo: when i challenged myself to finish the entirety of harry potter and the order of the phoenix in one sitting.
  • virgo: the majority of my all-nighters: spent crying over a massive assignment
  • libra: literally not sleeping once so my hair would look good the next morning.
  • scorpio: that one time when i got drunk and spent the night alone in a graveyard punching trees... for reasons.
  • sagittarius: when i drove up into the san gabriel mountains to watch the sunrise alone.
  • capricorn: literally there has only ever been one all-nighter where i did nothing but work and get my shit together. this was it.
  • aquarius: sitting on the roof of my house to watch for ufos after i saw a discovery channel special on aliens.
  • pisces: when i was at a sleep-away camp and i snuck out of the cabin with two other girls so we could see the lake at night.

After a nice and warm sleep in the underground of Coober Pedy, we headed off at 6am. We drove for a while before stopping to watch the sunrise. We continued on our merry freezing way! We stopped for lunch at the roadside in a small town called Marla we then drove some more and soon arrived at Yulara! We set up our tents in a haze of red dust and were then able to go and watch the beautiful sunset over Uluru! We watched as the sun changed the colour of Uluru and the surrounding country! It was an amazing experience!
We had a fun night of card games and spotlight!
This morning we woke at 6:30 and had breakfast and set of for our walk through the Valley of the Winds! It was a very rocky and orange climb!
We then came back and had lunch, Hot Dogs, and got ready to go back out to Uluru! We had a tour guide show us our way around the rock and share some insight to the culture and people who are able to call it home!
It has so far been an incredible journey and I am very blessed to be experiencing It with such lovely and caring people! Thank you all!
P.S love you mom and dad and even you bro!! Xxx

Wake up at six am with me when its still dark out and the worlds still sleeping. Lets drive nowhere and buy the most flavored coffee we can find. We can drink it in the car and try to guess the flavors from each others mouths. Lets wake up at 6am just to watch the world wake up. Lets take pictures of the red pink and purple sunrise lets stay silent with the universe until its not. When the world wakes up and the sky goes blue take me home and lets go back to sleep. Lets do things backwards. Lets do things forward, left or upward. Lets just live and be happy. Lets live and be happy together.
—  I want to be your 6 am wake up call and your 4 pm bed time, but really I just want to be yours.
at this moment in time, i am too young to know what i want to do with my life. i can’t make up my own mind. one part of me, wants to get up at 6am, in time to watch the sunrise. yet, the other part of me, wants to sleep in and not wake up until the sun is giving into the horizon. one half of me wants to go right, while the other half wants to go left. my mind is mangled up with “yesses” and “nos”, and i can’t quite figure out whether to stay or to go.
—  ( via bakcwards )

12am: Sneaking out of our bedroom windows, running away from reality and wishing life away.

1am: Walking down the darken roads, cartwheeling and dancing under the streetlights.

2am: Getting into the back of your truck, sipping wine and telling the stories we swear never to tell another.

3am: Counting the stars, confessing our love and promising each other the world.

4am: Holding each other underneath the night sky, whispered words and laughing during kisses.

5am: Watching the sunrise, feeling the wind blow through our hair and singing our favourite songs.

6am: Eating diner food, playing with the children’s menus and stealing the others breakfast.

7am: Coming back home, long heartfelt goodbyes and hushed I love you’s.

8am: Laying in bed, reliving the night, falling asleep with a smile on face and you on my mind.

—  My nights with you, 4am
I love photographs because I love seeing moments and wondering what happened before they were taken, and afterwards. How did these two people come together? Why was that person awake at 6am to capture a sunrise? What were they thinking about? Who are the five people around a campfire watching a sunset? Why those clothes? Why those friends? What happened afterwards? Where are they now? Has their style changed? Are they still close to that person, or is the photograph just a painful reminder? Because all of that is what makes a photograph something more.

The mother doesn’t die and Ted finishes telling the story to the kids of how he meet the mother, the kids think the stories okay but are upset that the gang has drifted apart over the years and tell Ted to go with Tracy to McLarens to reunite the group again, Ted makes the calls.

The next scene shows them all sitting in their booth happy and talking about their children and catching up with one another when Karl calls ‘last call’ they drink up and walk outside.

It is 6am and the the sun is rising. Barney and Robin have fallen in love again after the night and they ride off together on Barney’s motorbike, Lily and Marshall get into his limo to go back home and Ted brings Tracy up to the roof of their old building where he watches the sunrise with her. All this happens with “Semisonic - Closing Time” playing 

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