asymmetric short hair

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I just read some new teen-fashion-magazine thing and there's a lot of denim, including not only jean jackets, but also double denim.. Why do the straights have to look so gay? I'm never gonna find a gf if gay things aren't gay anymore, that's just rude

i dont know but it annoys me too like my gaydar is fucked up bc of this?? i’ll like see a girl with an asymmetrical short hair cut and like, denim on denim and thats like, a Gay look, but then she’ll be straight and im like????? can u leave me and my people alone??? we just want to look gay to find the other gays….. like u think im wearing this flannel and a beanie and combat boots bc i think it looks cute?? like dont get me wrong it looks adorable but i am wearing these things because i am a Lesbian sending out to Lesbian Signal and if ur a straightie taking my looks and wearing them then the other Lesbians and Sapphics wont see my Lesbian Looks bc they’ll think im just another straight girl?????? like rude af tbh smh the straights are Ridiculous and continue to be ridiculous


Chopped off my hair.

I’m showcasing it on all of the social media sites I’m apart of. 

It’s just such a huge jump for me.

I’ve had long hair my entire life. Well, all except for 3rd grade when my mom cut it off because i never wanted to comb it…

I usually suck at ‘different’ and when things change…

But, I think I’m becoming more accustomed to things changing in my life..

Each step i take is a little easier than the last..

I kind of like it.