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Am I tumbler enough yet, guysss?

I’ve had this chocker ON literally since I was 5, and it totally cracks me up that they are becoming cool again hahaha. Like 90% of my friends have never seen me without it. Its a big running joke that if I take it off my head will fall off lolol.

~Find motivation for the new school year by making your bed every morning. Getting into the habit of doing small tasks like that puts you in the right mindset to be productive!~

Awed - 8 :M:F:

BTS - V (Taehyung) series
Warnings : Contains mature content, also slang words.
Genre : Angst,fluff,smut, all mixed up XD

“How could you do that to me (Y/N). We are best friends!?” Jungkook whined for the 100th time since he got to know that you and Taehyung were getting engaged.

“Sorrryyyy kookie” you apologized for the 100th time too with a pouty face.

“I am just here because as a sorry you guys are going to pay for the dresses we are going to buy” Hobi said.

The whole gang was here. Taehyung invited them to your engagement which happened to be today. To compensate for all their shocked and pouty faces he made an offer to pay for all their suits. Plus, you too needed to shop for tonight’s party and here you guys are here.

“I will only buy a pink tuxedo. (Y/N) buy a pink gown. You’ll look like a doll.” Jin chirped

“Hyung please, she should match with Taehyung. It’s their engagement party” Suga dived in the conversation.

“So what I am their elder brother!” Jin exclaimed.

“Let’s decide her dress first. Girls take hours as per my experience till now.” Jimin sighed.

“Well she is different than other bimbos you’ve dated” Taehyung mocked in his deep voice. The first words he spoke while you were with the guys.

“Ahem.. Okay Mr. Lover.” Jimin said with a smile.

“Seems like this shop has some nice collection” Namjoon said.

“Yeah I can already see the pretty ladies in there” Jimin stated happily and in return got a smack from Suga on his head.

“All of them might be with someone Jimin.” Hobi giggles.

“Oh please, I could find a third wheeler or some might be here for bridesmaid shopping.” Jimin replied a bit annoyed.

“There are so many possibilities but now can you guys hurry up.” Namjoon whined.

After going through every aisle the boys had managed to get out 7 dresses for trial , a dress of each’s choice and you only sighed being a lazy one.

“Now get in there and put on a good show for us” Jungkook winked earning a glare from Taehyung.

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c1900 Art Nouveau Asymmetrical Garnet and Pearl Drop Necklace, 14K Gold (sold)

Can’t get enough of this sort of asymmetrical Art Nouveau necklace lately. This one is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. The scale is much larger than usual. And the pearls are set so that they almost appear to float in midair, hovering around big dark pools of garnet.