asymmetric haircut

Today this older woman sold some stuff to the store. She had an asymmetrical haircut, and when I complimented her she said, “all the old ladies I know have the same haircut so I wanted something different.” She came back after I finished out her order and asked me what my favorite books were that year. I recommended a few and she was so happy. She told me she read 125 books last year and a lot of them were Young Adult and Fantasy. It was my favorite interaction of the day.

As far as hair goes, I’ve never cracked the code, really. I’m at an OK phase right now, but on SNL’s Weekend Update, I tried every hairstyle known to man. Awful ones. Asymmetrical ones. Haircuts where Tina Fey was saying, “What is going on with that?” And I was like, “I know. This one’s a bad one.” I remember looking at magazines and thinking, that’s a good look. I’d do that. My hairstyle when I first auditioned for SNL was from a picture I saw of Kate Beckinsale when she had puffed-out, spiky hair. I was definitely the only one with that cut at the audition. | InStyle June 2016

Me and my new walker. I’m not really very punk at all, but I am on the inside, and I totes have an asymmetrical haircut, plus I want to feel strong and maybe if I say “I am punk” in the mirror enough times, a badass me with a faux leather jacket and Jeffrey Campbell boots will burst out and teach me how to do wings and destroy capitalism.