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FACTS: it’s 1,250 not thousands. LEGITIMATE REFUGEES not illegal OR immigrants. Fuck Trump. Fuck Trump and his outright misinformation. Fuck his dehumanising propaganda, fuck his sheer man-child tempered lack of diplomacy, fuck every goddamn piece of shit word that spews from the anus located where his mouth should be.

I’d say burn in hell but as I’m not religious I’ll go for the real world equivalent and say burn in a detention centre. Let’s put him in one and leave him there indefinitely.

If you're an Australian horrified by Donald Trump, what are you doing about our backyard?

The House of Reps has passed the Life Time Ban on Visas Bill. This bill will seek to bar anyone who attempted to seek asylum in Australia by boat after July 2013 from ever being granted a visa to even visit Australia. The government is doing this to score points with One Nation in exchange for their support on future legislation.

The measure is cruel, unnecessary, and could have all manner of unintended consequences. Imagine a young person brought by a parent seeking to join their other parent whom has been granted refugee status and is already in Australia – the child could never even visit their parent here for the rest of their life.

The UN has already said that the proposed ban appears to breach Article 31 of the Refugee Convention (which prohibits refugees being penalised for seeking protection in an irregular manner.) Are we the sort of country that does things like this?

This measure cannot pass without the votes of the cross bench. Please email or call them, particularly if you are resident in their state and they are your representative.

* … (03) 9820 2222
* … (03) 6431 2233
* … (08) 8232 1144
* … (08) 8232 0220
* … (02) 9719 1078
* … (08) 8212 1409
Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families
Born in Japan, Gursewak Singh considers himself Japanese. The government doesn't. But it offers children like him a chance to stay - if their parents leave.

Gursewak’s parents, who are Sikhs, fled to Japan from India in the 1990s. For several years, they lived without visas under the radar of the authorities until they were put on a status known as “provisional release” in 2001. It means they can stay in Japan as long as their asylum application is under review.

Asylum seekers are building Japan’s roads and sewers
But it also means they can’t work, they don’t have health insurance and they need permission to travel outside the prefecture where they live. They are also subject to unannounced inspections by immigration officers at their home and they face detention at any time. There are currently some 4,700 people with this status living in Japan.

Gursewak, who has never left Japan, has inherited his parents’ provisional release status and all the restrictions that go with it. That fate has exposed him and more than 500 other children who share his predicament to lives of perpetual uncertainty. They can go to government-run schools, where tuition is largely free, but university is out of reach for most because they and their parents aren’t allowed to work and so can’t afford the fees. These children, many of whom are asylum seekers, will soon face a stark choice between forced unemployment and working illegally.

“Since I was born I’ve only ever interacted with Japanese people,” said Gursewak, who is now 17, speaks the language with native fluency and considers himself Japanese. “I don’t get why Japan won’t accept me.”

While there were almost 14,000 asylum cases under review at the end of 2015, Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year. The year before that, the number was 11.

team australians who hate donald trump

Squad. Gang. Team. Got the shivers and the shudders and the shakes after the election of President Toupee? My Aussie mates, it’s time we channelled that fear and frustration into something at home.

Peter Dutton, Human Brussel Sprout and Minister for Immigration, floated a plan that would leave asylum seekers banned from ever entering Australia. Dutton’s idea is that this will be backdated to people who had tried entering from July 2013. This is a massive dickhead move, and despite Labor and the Greens voting against it, the bill has passed through the Lower House and into the Senate.

That is fucked. We’re going to email all the crossbench Senators who may oppose this bill, and so hold the balance of power, and let them know that this is not on. 

So what we’re going to do is email all these people a nice little note letting them know that this law is appalling and unaustralian. Only email the Senators for your state, because in theory you’ll be voting for them again in three or six years.

This bill cannot pass. It flouts international law and common decency. Let’s do this.


  • Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democrats) + (02) 6277 3054


  • Senator Derryn Hinch (Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party) - + (03) 9820 2222


  • You guys need to consider some minor parties. 


  • Senator Stirling Griff (Nick Xenophon Team) - + (08) 8212 1409
  • Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore (Nick Xenophon Team) - + (08) 8232 0220
  • Senator Nick Xenophon (Nick Xenophon Team) - + (08) 8232 1144


  • Senator Jacqui Lambie (Jacqui Lambie Network) - + (03) 6431 2233


  • Senator the Honourable Nigel Scullion (Country Liberal Party) - + (08) 8948 3555


  • You guys really don’t like minor parties, do you. Hope you’re feeling better, Scotty Ludlam.


  • Oh yeah you only have two senators suck it.

A sample message you can send -


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [YOUR TOWN] in [YOUR STATE]. Recently I heard that Peter Dutton’s proposal to ban asylum seekers from ever settling or visiting Australia passed the Lower House.

The contents of this bill appall me and many of my friends and family. I feel it is a horrifying, unaustralian idea. If you support this bill you can be sure you will never receive my support as a voter ever again.

Please do not vote in favour of permanently banning asylum seekers from ever settling in Australia.

Thank you,


Keep it short, sharp and simple. Write your own email if that’s easier for you - the more voices they hear, the better. Go on and do some good in the world. It takes five minutes to send an email - I sent one last week to the Labor MP Shane Neumann, the Shadow Minister for Immigration, who replied and confirmed that Labor would not be supporting the bill. Send an email now. Call them on Monday morning. 

It’s that easy.

Scott Morrison says Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is a sign that the “world is catching up” with Australia.

“I’m so proud to say that the Liberals were the forerunners, the trend setters, for this sort of illegal violation of human rights and discrimination,” Morrison proudly said during a radio interview.

“We were xenophobic towards refugees before it was cool,” the former Immigration Minister said as he sipped his cold brew coffee and thought about writing a novel about a thinly veiled fictional version of himself. 

“Now it’s like, so mainstream you know, that almost everyone’s doing it… But I just want to reiterate: Australia is still a shining example to the world of cruel and unusual immigration policies with how we treat Asylum Seekers and we should never forget that,” Morrison emphasized, prouder than he should be.

Naomi Klein on Q&A discussing Australia’s horrific treatment of refugees by locking them in concentration camp style facilities, such as Manus Island and Nauru, leading to countless acts of suicide and self harm (by both adults and even young children) just to escape the torment experienced in these camps. Shame on the Australian government and shame on their prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

team australians who hate peter dutton

Also people who aren’t in Australia but have a spare five minutes. Guys - this one is urgent. There’s a pregnant refugee on Nauru who is in a lot of trouble. She’s nearly 36 weeks along and her baby is in the wrong position for delivery - feet first. She also has a large tumour (it’s benign) against her uterus. Doctors need to manually rotate the baby (for which you need a hospital with an operating theatre on standby) or perform a caesarean (for which you need a hospital with an operating theatre).

Nauru does not have the facilities to do this. The infant mortality rate in Nauru is 30 in 1000 (Australia’s is 3 in 1000) and this woman’s chances, and her baby’s, are not looking good. Aussie doctors believe only experienced obstetricians with neonatal facilities are capable of performing the birth and being on site to treat complications. It’s insanely hard to get a visa to visit Nauru, and as mentioned above, Nauru doesn’t have the facilities regardless.

She needs to come here. So. Here’s what you need to do for her to have a chance of coming to Australia and getting the help she needs.


Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton and Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke.

Dutton’s emails are - AND

Hawke’s email is

Just something short and sweet, you know the drill - edit this email to your liking if you don’t know what to say.

Dear Minister [DUTTON/HAWKE],

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am from [YOUR STATE]. Recently I was made aware of the plight of a pregnant refugee on Nauru. Both her baby, and her life are endangered due to the baby’s breech position. There are not enough adequate facilities or medical staff on Nauru to assist with what may be a very difficult delivery.

Please bring this woman to Australia so she can give birth and recover in safety.

I await your reply regarding this urgent issue as soon as possible.

Thank you,



Usually we’d wait till next week to start ringing, but time is of the essence here. After sending the email, you need to ring Dutton’s Canberra office on (02) 6277 7860, and Hawke’s Canberra office on (02) 6277 4430.  

If you live in Dutton’s electorate (Queenslanders in Dickson) or Hawke’s electorate (New South Welshies in Mitchell) also ring (07) 3205 9977 or (02) 9899 7211 respectively.

If you’re nervous about what to say, the above email can also be worked as a script to the people on the other end. Insist on the call being logged and someone following up with you on the issue. 

It’s two days after Australia Day, and after swanning about welcoming new citizens and claiming that we’re open for all those who’ve come across the sea, a woman may die despite being less than four hours flight from the health care she so desperately need. Email and call these ministers now.

Canadian law students to unite to study issues raised by Trump refugee ban

MONTREAL — Law students from across Canada will join forces on Saturday to study ways to help asylum seekers in light of U.S. President Donald Trump's order temporarily suspending that country’s refugee program.

Between 300 and 500 students from all 22 of Canada's law schools have signed up for four-hour shifts where they’ll conduct legal research relating to the recent travel bans in the United States and their impact in Canada, organizers say. 

The largest group is likely to be in Montreal, where between 100 and 200 students from McGill, Universite du Quebec a Montreal and the University of Moncton are hosting a joint event.  

Dubbed a “research-a-thon,” it will focus on gathering information for the Canadian Council for Refugees to help support a potential legal challenge to the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.

It will also serve as a fundraiser for the refugee council.

The future of the Trump law was unclear after a U.S. judge on Friday ordered a nationwide hold on the measure, backing a challenge by the states of Washington and Minnesota who are challenging it.

Montreal law student Rachelle Bastarache said she originally floated the idea of a study group for her fellow McGill students who wanted to help those affected by Trump’s immigration policies.

But when 50 students signed on in the first two hours, she figured the idea could be worth expanding.

“I was laying in bed at night thinking, ‘if we can get 50 people at McGill, how many could we get all across Canada?’” she said in an interview.

The Safe Third Country Agreement is based on the premise that Canada and the United States are generally safe countries for refugees and therefore asylum seekers must claim status in whichever of the two they reach first.

In general, it means Canada won't accept refugees who have already entered through the United States, according to Janet Dench of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Dench said the new U.S. executive orders have brought about legal confusion that could lead to refugees being sent back to their home countries to face persecution.

“The U.S in our view was never completely safe, and in our view now it is even less safe,” she said.

The Canadian law students will make sure the organization is up to speed on anything that has changed since the last unsuccessful attempt to overturn the agreement ended in 2009, as well as help make sense of the changes ushered in with the Trump presidency.

“There are a lot of questions we need to have researched, so we’re very excited about this mass mobilization right across Canada and we're eager to see what they’ll be able to do,” Dench said.

In addition to the research event, Bastarache said students from McGill’s legal information clinic have been going to Montreal’s airport to offer advice to anyone affected by Trump’s temporary entry ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

For Saturday’s event, the students have also set up a Canada Helps fundraising page to benefit the refugee organization.

In addition to research and fundraising, Bastarache hopes the symbolism of the event will encourage the Canadian government to review the Safe Third Country Agreement.

“The united front of law students across the country banding together should send a message that we’re not going to stand for legislation like this,” she said.

Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press

On Monday morning, GMT, a 108-page legal submission from the Global Legal Action Network (Glan) and the Stanford International Human Rights Clinic was submitted to the court, detailing what the network describes as the “harrowing practices of the Australian state and corporations towards asylum seekers”. The petition submits the office of the prosecutor of the ICC should open an investigation into possible “crimes against humanity committed by individuals and corporate actors”. (Read more)

holy shit a group of international lawyers want to take the Australian Government to court over our treatment of refugees & asylum seekers

in 2014 an independent Australian Senator asked them to, but now we have external forces calling for the investigation/action

the news is still breaking, but fingers crossed!
Nine people flee U.S. border patrol to seek asylum in Canada
People seeking refugee status have been pouring over the Canada-U.S. border as the United States looks to tighten its policies on refugees and illegal immigrants. Asylum-seekers sneak across because even if they are caught, they can make a claim in Canada; if they make a claim at a border crossing, they are turned away.

Nine asylum-seekers, including four children, barely made it across the Canadian border on Friday as a U.S. border patrol officer tried to stop them and a Reuters photographer captured the scene.

As a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officer seized their passports and questioned a man in the front passenger seat of a taxi that had pulled up to the border in Champlain, New York, four adults and four young children fled the cab and ran to Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the other side.

One by one they scrambled across the snowy gully separating the two countries. RCMP officers watching from the other side helped them up, lifting the younger children and asking a woman, who leaned on her fellow passenger as she walked, if she needed medical care.

The children looked back from where they had come as the U.S. officer held the first man, saying his papers needed to be verified.

The man turned to a pile of belongings and heaved pieces of luggage two at a time into the gully – enormous wheeled suitcases, plastic shopping bags, a black backpack.

“Nobody cares about us,” he told journalists. He said they were all from Sudan and had been living and working in Delaware for two years.

Continue Reading.


MBTI & Fiction writers (x)
Alan Moore: INTP

“Anarchy is and always has been a romance. It is clearly the best way and the only morally sensible way to run the world.

Everybody should be the master of their own destiny, everybody should be their own leader. This is something that I still believe.

I think that even a cursory look around the world at the moment, particularly at the moment, would reveal that it is about 0.000001% of the world’s population that causes 99.99999% of the world’s problems.

And that tiny percentage, it’s not the Jewish banking conspiracy, it’s not the asylum seekers, it’s not the secret homo conspiracy running Hollywood, it’s not even the scientologists.

It is leaders. What we need is an administration at most, we don’t need people to boss us about.”
"I Give Everyone Who Comes on Our Boat a Hug"
"I usually give everybody who comes onboard our boat, I give them a hug. And then they basically break down because no one has treated them like a human bein...

Kim Clausen is the field coordinator for the Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) search and rescue boat the Bourbon Argos, in the Mediterranean. Tens of thousands of people fleeing violence have taken the extremely risky boat trip towards Europe this year alone. Many of them never make it. Their search for safety is one of the stories we discuss in Forced From Home, a touring exhibition featuring stories from our field workers, as well as 360-degree video and virtual reality documentaries that show the realities faced by refugees, asylum-seekers, and other displaced people around the world.

Find out more at:

this goes out for all the nonbinary non-national people, including refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers, you are all badass af for keeping up with the bs you have to go through and at the same time not conforming to the gender binary. please know that you are loved and supported by this community! <3

anonymous asked:

"Sweden took in 81,000 asylum seekers in 2015, which equals 8% of its population." wrong. Sweden has 9.981.799 citizens, which means they took in only 0,8% of their populations. with this huge error, all your calculations about rape and molestations are totally incorrect. but i guess math don't matters nowadays, right? well, seems like trump is not the only one who likes to use "alternative facts" :/

A super-embarrassing calculation error, Anon, thanks for pointing out (even if you did in a snide, shitty way).  We’ve corrected that error & updated the stats and guess what?  There’s still no correlation between refugees & crime in Sweden, much less any demonstrable causation!
Refugees and migrants are dying at gates of Europe as heavy snow hits the Balkans and Greece, UN warns
Refugees and migrants are dying of exposure as a result of the bitterly cold weather that has hit Greece and the Balkans, the United Nations warned on Friday.

“Children are particularly prone to respiratory illnesses at a time like this. It’s about saving lives, not about red tape and keeping to bureaucratic arrangements,” Sarah Crowe, from the UNHCR, said in Geneva. “The dire situation right now is Greece.”

Heavy snow has fallen on tents and containers accommodating refugees and migrants on Aegean islands such as Lesbos, Chios and Samos, where asylum seekers have been stuck for nearly a year after a deal struck between the EU and Ankara last March. On Samos, about 1,000 people, including children, are living in unheated dormitories and tents.

The Greek navy dispatched a warship to Lesbos this week to provide emergency accommodation for refugees. In Serbia, more than 1,000 migrants, including children, are sleeping rough in an abandoned warehouse in the capital, Belgrade.

Some refugees and migrants have reported being beaten up by police in the Balkans, while others had items of clothing taken – leaving them even less equipped to deal with the biting cold. “These practices are simply unacceptable and must be stopped,” said Cecile Pouilly of UNHCR.

The unusually cold weather in the Mediterranean and south-eastern Europe is being caused by a movement of cold air from Siberia which has reduced temperatures to five to 10 degrees Celsius lower than normal.

The United Nations Children’s Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance, said that the bad weather has “increased the risks of outbreaks of influenza and acute respiratory infections, especially among children under five. “Thousands of migrants and refugees are trapped in freezing conditions in shelters that are ill-adapted for winter in Greece and the Balkans.”

The European Commission has criticised conditions in which asylum-seekers are living on the Greek islands as "untenable.”

Rania Askar, 31, a Syrian refugee, gave birth in a camp in Greece but her baby died just hours later. “I didn’t know that there was something wrong with my pregnancy until the day I woke up bleeding. I am so sad, my heart is broken,” she told Associated Press, standing in an alleyway with her four-year-old daughter Maya.  "This wouldn’t happen if I had a regular check-ups and was surrounded by my sisters in Germany,“ Mrs Askar said. "We are left alone here. We only have God.”

The Greek authorities had failed to provide adequate winter accommodation for asylum seekers, said the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian organisation. “While the Greek government has implemented some emergency measures this week, including a ship to host up to 300 refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos, these can be considered short-term fixes. They are not an adequate long-term response,” the IRC said.

Government-run shelters in Serbia are full to capacity and the people living in the abandoned warehouse in Belgrade were in dire straits.   “There are no services and they are at extraordinary risk of death by hypothermia,” the IRC said.

Panos Navrozidis, its country director in Greece, said: “Close to 10 months since the EU-Turkey deal was implemented, there is no excuse for the overcrowding we are seeing on the Greek islands. Vulnerable refugees and refugees with legitimate family reunification and asylum claims must be moved to appropriate sites on the mainland.”