Take Me Away (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine being an inmate in Arkham Asylum and seducing your new blue-eyed doctor to help you escape.”

Requested by @arkhamstates: “Can you write an au where the joker is the reader’s psychiatrist in Arkham asylum? (or any other thing, just the joker is the good guy and the reader is the bad guy xD)

Warnings: Minor violence.

Arkham Asylum.

How does someone describe such a place? The view that you had from your small bared window was horrible. The food was disgusting and mushy. The beds were hard and uncomfortable. Not to mention that the guards were assholes.

You rocked back and forth in your chair, your arms were restrained in the tight material of the straight jacket that you had been forced into. The rain pounded against the windows and walls as you patiently waited. You could hear the voices from the other side of the door and then the door opened. You expected to see the ugly face of your doctor, but you were pleasantly surprised.

“Sorry for the wait.”

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anonymous asked:

I just need to know what Moo did to belong in the asylum

Before Moo was sent to the asylum he used his kindness and charms to pursued people into following him into his house. He would experiment on some of those people if he believed that they were too impure in their behaviors and thoughts. These experiments would cause those people to die. The police eventually caught him and took him into the asylum.

Moo is also a psychopath who has no empathy for others and he is unable to love, but he can fake it. He can manipulate anyone if he desires too.

 (Example: Terroriser)

Hopefully this answered your question :)

Outcry after Sydney doctor faced with deportation over autistic child
Medical fraternity calls immigration department decision ‘reprehensible’ after western Sydney GP Nasrin Haque is told she must leave or be deported
By Christopher Knaus

To be clear, the entire family faces deportation. All because one child is autistic. Deemed to be a burden, even though the child receives no benefits other than public education.

About a Girl: The deck scene

So I finally translated it! I’m very sorry if there’re any mistakes. Please, point them out for me if you find some! This scene happens almost at the end of novel after Shion nearly died and Yayoi killed Rina. Sooo, I hope you will enjoy it!

Yayoi let her tied long thin black hair down with the wind. Without saying anything Shion embraced Yayoi from behind. They entwined their hands and stopped moving. While breathing their bodies touched and then parted again.

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Anne Frank was denied asylum in the US. Just lke hundred thousand more jews trying to flee from Nazi-Germany. People with dreams and ambitions are still being denied asylum, are dying on the sea, in the desert, in wars or being deported because people don’t see them as humans, but just as foreigners / refugees etc. Don‘t lament Anne Frank if you’re not willing to learn from history.