Refugees in the UK are being forced to wear red wristbands

Authorities have issued refugees in the city of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, mandatory red wristbands that “they must wear at all times,” reports the Guardian. According to the Guardian’s report, asylum-seekers being resettled in the region by a contract company named Clearsprings Ready Homes are told taking off the wristbands will result in harsh punishment.

Western nations who call themselves “democratic” and “free” such as European nations or even Australia should look down in shame at how many refugees they’ve allowed to die at sea or at the hands of authorities in detention centres or even in open fields where they did not have the ability to survive. If they truly were what they claim they are, they would admit refugees in and provide them with a sense of refuge, even if temporarily.


These Burundian brothers will change your mind about asylum seekers

17-year-old Jessy and 19-year-old Franck, fled their home country of Burundi. They left behind their parents and four siblings to settle in a perhaps unexpected destination: Maine, the whitest state in America. While obstacles stood in their way, the brothers found refuge thanks to a couple who were more than familiar with displacement.

Tony Abbott says Australians are tired of being lectured to by the UN over trivial things like “breaching anti-torture acts." Claims the UN would have more credibility if they gave him credit and praise for his Asylum Seeker policy instead of criticising how inhumane it is.

"Why are you always so negative? Why is no one thanking me for everything I do regardless of what it is?” Tony asked in a confused voice. “I’m a rich straight white male. I thought you all loved me by default. Plus I have a volunteer firefighter medal. A medal! Surely that by itself makes up for every bad deed ever, right?”

“You’ve all changed.” He yelled at the sky hoping everyone would somehow hear. “Now you’re all ”politically correct" and “not racist.” What is this “torture is wrong” and “refugees are people not tools in political scare campaigns” crap you keep talking about?“

"I’m sick of being held responsible for my actions!” he said before storming off. “This is a blatant partisan attack on our Government and the UN clearly has a political agenda to support Labor!”

There have now been rumours that George Brandis has offered the UN “another position elsewhere”, the same one Gillian Triggs turned down.

Manus Island right now
- 700 asylum seekers (outta 1035) are on a hunger strike.
- 14 have sewn their lips together.
- 2 swallowed razor blades.
- 4 drank detergent.
- 200 are getting medical treatment.
- 4 thrown into solitary confinement (beatings/tied up alleged last time)
- 2 compounds have been barricaded and staff can’t get in.
- There is not enough medical care to deal with this.
- If they die, they want to donate their organs to Aussies.
- It’s a full blown riot/resistance/protest.

If you honestly think it is:
a) suprising it’s come to this
b) they’re just ‘trouble makers’
c) all things considered, offshore detention is still the best option
your privilege is blinding you.

There are other (cheaper and humane) options. Any human being would do this if pushed this bad so don’t blame detainees. Labor and Libs built this and blame rests with them.

If Australia’s refugee policies were aimed at combating people smugglers, the government would not be paying people smugglers to take refugees away. If they were aimed at stopping deaths at sea, the government would be deploying naval resources for search and rescue, not turning boats around.

Neither are the policies caused by Australia’s inability to afford a flood of refugees coming here. First, the number of refugees attempting to reach Australia is small compared to most other countries; second, Australia is one of the richest and least densely populated countries on Earth; and, third, the financial cost of Australia’s system of persecuting refugees is far, far greater than the cost of settling them here.

In reality these policies are about fuelling racism to divert anger from government attacks on living standards that benefit the wealthy and the corporate sector.

excerpt from the inquiry into treatment of children in australian detention centres
  • NAOMI SHARP [COUNSEL ASSISTING THE INQUIRY]:Are you aware that some children have tried to poison themselves or ingest harmful substances?
  • NAOMI SHARP:Are you aware that some children are banging their heads against walls?
  • PETER YOUNG:Yeah, that's a common method of self-harm. ... It's quite clear that we've got a large number of children with significant mental distress and disorder in this population.
  • NAOMI SHARP:What has the department [of Immigration]'s reaction been to your report?
  • PETER YOUNG:Sort of reacted with alarm and have asked us to withdraw these figures from our reporting.
  • NAOMI SHARP:I beg your pardon?
  • PETER YOUNG:They've asked us to withdraw the figures from our reporting.

Here’s what life is really like for refugees in Germany

The scene at Berlin’s State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso) is miserable. On a recent visit to the facility, refugees stood shivering as they waited outdoors for hours in long lines to receive food, tea and basic medical supplies. Barbed wire fences surrounded makeshift tents that served as temporary shelter for the refugees. Hundreds of new refugees gather each day in Lageso’s main courtyard to submit their asylum applications, but many have been forced to wait weeks and even months for the German government to process their applications. Fights frequently break out amidst the confusion and chaos. “Some days, I wish I had never come in the first place.“

Australia’s refugee policy:
1. Boats will be turned back. We don’t care if you *make* it back.
2. Any boat people that make it here will be put in torture camps.
3. Whistleblowers - doctors, media, guards - that alert us to our government doing anything dodgy at sea or in camps may be severely punished.

Did this stop the boats?
No. 15 boats carrying 429 people were turned back in the Libs’ first year (that we know of).

Is what we’re doing torture?
Yes. The UN has said so. Seems fair. These camps are where people are raped, beaten, killed, driven suicidal, served food with cockroaches in it, go mad, watch their kids that they love go mad.

Is there an alternative?
Yes. For example, check out this.

Signal Boost -

Just so you all know, the Australian parliament just passed a bill that could see anyone who works within a detention centre seeing two years of jail time for whistle-blowing any child abuse, sexual abuse etc that occurs inside an asylum seeker detention centre. 

A first world democratic parliament just threatened it’s citizens who want to report things like child abuse and sexual abuse inside government institutions. 

People should be mad about this. 

I don’t want to be a wild-eyed radical threatening to bring down modern civilisation or anything… but maybe we shouldn’t actually jail refugees who have committed no crime in isolated prison camps that breed mental health disorders and are policed by psychopaths. Like maybe this is something to consider.


Fashion show casts asylum-seekers as models

An Italian runway show entitled Generation Africa, showcasing four African designers, featured three asylum-seekers modeling on the runway. The three models are from Gambia and Mali and arrived in Italy by boat in May. The decision to include them came with a heavy political message from the show’s organizers.


Today marks the one year anniversary of the murder of Reza Barati who was allegedly attacked and killed by detention centre staff. They have yet to be trialed and there is no trial date. The anniversary was marked by skywriting over the Opera House and parliament that read “shut down Manus” and “close Naru”. More can be read about it here.

RIP Reza Barati. I hope future governments of Australia won’t let refugees down the way ours let you and your family down.