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Outlast Ask Meme

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1. Original, DLC, or Outlast 2?
2. Favorite moment in each of the games?
3. Favorite character?
4. Least favorite character?
5. Who was your favorite background variant, cultist, or heretic?
6. Favorite ship?
7. What was your favorite and least favorite death in each game?
8. Do you think you’d survive a night at Mt Massive, or Temple Gate?
9. If you had to escape the asylum/Temple Gate and you could only bring one item, what would you bring?
10. If given a choice, would you rather be a hillbilly cultist, heretic, or rebel to both sides?
11. If you could choose one character to be your ally, who would it be and why?
12. Who would you absolutely positively never ever want to be chased by?
13. Would you be a Murkoff employee, a patient/variant, hillbilly cultist, heretic or someone from the outside who just happened to be so unlucky as to have stumbled into the asylum or Temple Gate?
14. If you could, would you either kill or run from the patients at the asylum and people at Temple Gate?
15. If you were a Murkoff employee and working at Mount Massive, would you try to be a whistleblower like Waylon? Or would you stay safe and not say anything?
16. Which place would be worse to be at, Mount Massive or Temple Gate?
17. Who had it worse overall, Miles, Waylon, or Blake?
18. Do you think Miles is still conscious? What is his relation with the Walrider?
19. Give your opinion on any five characters of your choice.
20. Any game theories?
21. Who is the most villainous character overall?
22. Who deserves a happy ending?
23. Who deserves the worst ending?
24. Pick theme songs for up to 6 characters.
25. What are your opinions are Paul and Pauline, from the Murkoff Reports?
26. Do you prefer the spoof art or more serious art of the Outlast fandom?
27. Did you get what you expected from Outlast 2?
28. If the big pulses in Outlast 2 gave the people hallucinations of the thing that haunts them the most, what would YOUR hallucination be?
29. Should Outlast be a movie, live action tv show, an anime, or should it just stay a game?
30. Any parts you couldn’t watch?
31. If admitted to the Asylum, what would be your reason for being sent there?
32. Given the choice, would you spend the night at Mt Massive/Temple Gate?
33. If you could save anyone from death, who would it be?
34. How long would you last before you got your priorities straight and put down the camera?
35. Why do you think Miles gets shot in the end of the original Outlast?
36. What do you think happened at the end of Outlast 2?
37. How do you think Lynn became pregnant?
38. What do you think Miles/Waylon/Blake look like?
39. What do you think any of the main Project Walrider candidates (Walker, Hope, Gluskin, Manera) looked like before being admitted to the asylum?
40. Do you feel bad for any of the variants or Temple Gate-ers?
41. How much of a dick do you think Jeremy Blaire was when he was younger.
42. Big, obvious horrors of the game (Walrider, Morphogenic Engine, all the blood, all the insanity) what do you think is the scariest thing about/in the original Outlast or any of the characters?
43. What do you think was the scariest part of Outlast 2?
44. If you could say anything to any character, what would you say and who would you say it to?
45. What is your favorite song in the soundtrack for either the original, the DLC, or Outlast 2?

Request: “Joker is looking for a new hench woman since Harley ran off with Deadshot. At first she didn’t mean anything but she slowly falls in love. 😂”

A/N: Photo belongs to @psychotic-clowns

The heavy laughter filled the room, coming from one of the Joker’s henchmen. His usual slouched body leaned upright, in his unstable chair, all his attention caught into the daily newspaper. You let out a long yawn, pouring cream and sugar into your coffee before glaring at the noisy man.

“It’s 9:30 in the evening.” You spat at him. “The boss has got us up early and you’re this loud?”

“You’ll be laughing, too.” He chuckled, holding up the papers headline. “Take a look..”

[Deadshot and the Harlequin Lovers Heist!]

“Lovers?” You scowled. “How? Why? And since when?”

“Who cares? Boss is going to have a riot when sees this.” He laughed more at the idea.

“Or he’ll throw a tantrum. Remember what happened when Jeremy and few decided to go join up with The Penguin?”

“Yeah, but those were a little nobodies. This is his girl. His other crazy half.”

“‘Other crazy half’.” You signed up quotation marks. “Oh, please. Mr. J is way…”

You felt cold air breeze on your neck, you turned to see the green haired gangster closing the door behind him. “Hm?” He questioned, the usual darkness in his eyes. “'Mr. J is way’ what?”

“Is… Is waaaaay better as building clubs than snob nose Penguin?”

“Good.” He nodded, letting out a short chuckled. He patted your head, giving him a tense smile. “Saves you from receiving a extremely hurtful and snide remark.”

Another breeze came into the room, Jonny tugging his coat, for warmth rushing to close the door.

“Well!” The pale boss set a hand on the amused henchman’s shoulder, who had set his daily news down to hide the headline. “Jimmy,”

“Terry.” The henchman corrected with a mumbled.

“I need you to hit the local ammunitions. The manager owes me a few favors. And I need Harley to… Harley!” He called out, expecting the harlequin to bounce out. “Harley! Where is that girl?!” He expected an answer.

“Not eating a fist full of hands, I’ll tell you that.” “Jimmy” mumbled the answer, earning ashamed head shakes from both you and Jonny.

“What?!” The boss questioned, furiously.

“She left, remember?” You reminded him.

“And? She’s always come back before!” He spat

“Guess you didn’t read the papers.” “Jimmy” spoke up again.

“Papers?! What are you babbling about?!” The boss snatched the papers from the henchman, his eyes going wide then glaring at the headline. His screaming practically shook the whole apartment.

For nearly two days, the green haired boss went on and on about how the assassin didn’t “know how to have fun?” Or the whole situation was “some elaborate ruse”. A couple henchman ending up with a broken collar bone and a couple broken ribs, another with a busted zygomatic and a twisted up arm. And one being lucky enough to be shot dead. Working with the Joker, both you and Jonny expected this easily from your boss, speaking and acting against him would cause complications.

“Who needs the old Harley, when I can get a new and improved (and less noisy) Harley.” He leaned back in his chair, his lips curved into his usual cheerful smile.

“Uh, boss.” You examined yourself in the mirror. The pale make-up, the black and red outfit. “You sure about this? I was good enough at your side without – ” You ducked at an incoming Steuben, the glass shattering and the alcohol painting the wall. “I mean…” You walked closer to your green haired boss, smile wide. “I fit just like Harley. Probably even better.”

It’s like your world was became more chaotic since you put on the Harlequin get up. Going up against Batman a few times, being surprisingly saved at the last minute; Getting into fist fights with Two-Face goons, nearly getting beat with a crowbar; hell, even being able to punch Cobblepot in his crooked nose.

It was fun. Crazy and it felt worth it.

Countless of times, you found yourself resting on the couch with the boss. Each time you pushed yourself closer to be close to him. You touched his hand, he was so cold. Why didn’t you get the confidence to kiss him? Why did you get the feeling of falling for him?

Days of planning, you watched cheerfully from a far. The boss presenting schematics of each floor of Arkham, the basement which kept the inmates items. You jumped onto the green-haired man once the meeting ended, you hugging the man tightly.

“Anything for me to do?” Puddin’. Your eyes shifted, you shuddered to the thought.

“Right, Harley.” He pushed you off, grabbing Harley’s old mallet and placing it in your hands. “You’re going to place Harley’s old toy in Arkham’s storage.”

“Why?” You questioned, struggling to hold the heavy mallet. How was Harley ever able to fight with this thing? She’s so tiny. Your eyes met dark one’s. “I mean: sure can do Mr. J!” You squeaked, letting out a nervous chuckle and giving a salute.

“Feel free to play with it yourself when we hit the asylum.” The boss only smiled back and patting your head before heading out to the prepped brightly colored trucks.

The Joker’s trucks busted through the asylum gates, his goons shooting down guards from the ground and the watchtowers. Gunshots were flying all around you, blood from the guards flooding the floor. The asylum went into immediate lock down, you went right to the defenseless man behind the glass who could easily open the doors.

You waved and smiled at the man, readied the mallet before slamming it into the glass. Another few hits hit would easily open the room right up yet before you could get another swing, the terrified man opens the doors, through he’s killed any away. Joker opened each of the asylum’s cells, making sure that was enough distraction to get to the basement.

You ran down at the end of a corridor, groaning at the sight, even doing a spin out of frustration at the sight of the elevators being locked

“And what the hell is this?!” You turned to the voice and let out a laugh.

“Hey, Harl’.” You rested on the mallet. “Haven’t seen ya’ in a while.”

“You don’t want to wear that uniform!” She growled, balling her fist. “Copy-cat!”

“Never looked better!” You laughed charging at the woman, slamming the mallet into the ground which was easily dodged. She threw a hard punch at you, earning another swing at her, making her crash into the wall.

“Harley!” The earpiece yelled into your ear. “You get that mallet to storage?”

“On my way right now, Mr. J.” You squeaked, rushing to the corridor’s staircase. You heard footsteps running behind you, you rolled your eyes at the woman.

“Take it off!” She demanded, stumbling down the steps to get to you. You ignored her, finally in the basement and entering the storage. Harley kicked and tackled you from behind, struggling to kick and punch the woman off of you. “You don’t need to wear it!” She continued to punch until you gained the strength to kick her off.

You ran to the mallet, yet a side of it had slide off. A compartment, it was holding a bomb, you quickly slide the compartment close and threw the mallet at the unstable woman. “Keep it!” You started to make a break for the stairs. “For old time –!” You fell over, finding your ankles tied with bat bolas. You groaned but perked up seeing him distracted with Harley.

You untangled yourself and got back to the main floor, catching The Joker shoot a man in the back. Excitement rushed throughout you and you immediately ran to the clown. You brought him close and kissed him deeply, laughing happily.

“The mallet downstairs?” He pulled away.

“Yessir!” You cheered. “You could’ve told me there was a bomb. And the Bat..”

He looked past then went back to you.

Speak of the devil.

“My better Harley…” He soothed, rubbing your cheek. Only thing you remembered was his smile and the sharp pain throughout his body.

You woke up looking at a white, dim ceiling. In a white bed, surrounded by a matching floor, and walls. Yet one wall was glass with it’s steel gray door. You winced seeing the bandages covering you, cast on your arm. In the end, Batman won, disarming the bomb, Joker got away, and you were in Arkham.

You needed to scream, but looking at the small table beside you, a flower in its vase. A note attached.

‘Get well soon.

- J’

“My puddin’.” You laid back and continued to rest.


The Seven Gates of Hell, York County, PA

The origins of this Gates of Hell myth are unclear, but the story goes something like this:

In Hellam Township, either an asylum or house to an eccentric doctor was built on Trout Run Road. Seven gates were built along the property in order to keep patients in and deter potential visitors. In the 1800s, the building burned to the ground. Due to the remote location, firefighters could not reach the building and most residents died. The legend states that only one gate is visible during the day, while the other six can be seen at night. Once you pass all seven, you go straight to hell and cannot return, but reportedly no one has made it past the fifth gate. 

In reality, there was once a doctor who lived on the property, and he did construct one gate, pictured in the upper-left above. There are two gates on either side of this gate, but it is the middle one that began the legend. There was never any asylum, and no other gates have ever been spotted on the now private property-day or night.