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Thinking something can make it true. Wanting something can make it real. And I didn’t regret it anymore. I’d wasted so much time wishing I could be different, wishing I could change things, change myself. If given the chance, I would’ve shed myself and become a different girl. Slipped on a name like Clara or Mary, docile and gentle and smiling and kind. I thought it would be easier to be someone else than to be who I was becoming, but I didn’t think that anymore. The girl who wanted those things had died with Rachel, buried under the asylum I brought down. And I realized now, for the first time, really, that I didn’t miss her.


Completely engulfed in a magical tranquility of his music that brings peace into my soul…
Happy 51st Birthday dear Hoshino-san, keep making this world a better place.
Hidehiko Hoshino [BUCK-TICK] -photos from Fish Tank Magazine #80 and #81;

The day you become aware of your idiocy, the day you are aware that you are an idiot, your idiocy will start dissolving, because that awareness will bring you out of it. Idiocy is unconsciousness; it will start dissolving with awareness.

Psychologists say that a madman will become alright if he realizes that he is mad. A mad person never knows that he is mad, he thinks that the world is mad.

Kahlil Gibran has written that one of his friends became mad, so he went to visit him in the mental asylum. The friend was sitting on a bench in the garden of that asylum. Gibran sat down near him and said, “I am very sorry to see you here.”

The friend looked carefully at Gibran and said, “Sorry for what?”

Gibran replied, “To see that you had to come to this mental asylum.”

That mad friend started laughing and said, “You are mistaken. Since I have come here I have found the company of sane people. Outside all of them are insane; I am fortunate to get rid of them. You think this is the mental asylum? No, the mental asylum is outside these walls. Only a very few wise people live here.”

An insane person cannot understand that he is insane. If he had that much understanding he would not have gone insane. If he understands that he is insane, then insanity will disappear.

If at night in your sleep you realize that you are dreaming, then the dreaming will stop. To dream it is necessary that you do not remember that you are dreaming. In the morning you will remember it when the dream is over. As long as you are dreaming it will seem real to you. But if right in the middle of the dream you remember that this is a dream, it will be over.

Gurdjieff used to tell his disciples that before breaking big dreams they should learn how to break small dreams. This big world is an illusion, a big dream; you cannot break it till you break the small dreams. How can you stop the day-dream when you cannot stop the night-dream? So Gurdjieff used to tell his disciples that while going to sleep at night they must go on reminding themselves that whenever they start dreaming, at once they must remember that this is a dream. It takes about three years to break the night dreaming. For three years continuously, every night while going to sleep, if you go on thinking, contemplating, meditating on this thought then that moment comes - that fortunate moment - when suddenly you remember that this is a dream. And this remembrance breaks the dream and consciousness even enters the sleep. From that moment dreaming stops.

Then there is no more dreaming.

Only after this you can wake up in the big dream - this dream of the open eyes is the big dream.

The night dreaming is personal, private - alone. It is absolutely private. A husband cannot call even his wife into his dream. Even a friend cannot call a friend into his dream. This dreaming is alone; nobody else can participate in this dream.

But this big dream is collective, public. It is very difficult to break it because it is not only yours, it is everybody’s, collective and joint. But if the first dream breaks, then that remembrance can break this dream also. That remembrance is enough. Even while awake one should be able to remember that this is a dream. Just think, if somebody has cursed you or called you names and you remember that this is a dream, then it will be impossible for you to lose your temper. If anything valuable of yours breaks and you remember that this is only a dream, you will not be unhappy. If your wife or husband or son dies, then it will be difficult to remember that this is all a dream, but if you can do so then your agony will disappear.

The person who has realized that this is a dream becomes a buddha, a jinna; neither death nor life is able to waver him. Happiness, then, does not seem like happiness to him and unhappiness does not seem unhappiness. This is the ultimate wisdom: neither happiness nor agony affects you!

—  Osho

The Diviners are BACK. 

Well, almost! We are so excited to share that the third installment of Libba Bray’s posi-tute-ly fabulous and spooky Diviners series is coming out this fall—on October 3rd to be exact. revealed the cover of Before the Devil Breaks You yesterday along with a little snippet (check it out here) and let’s just say we cannot wait to be transported back to 1920′s New York where mysticism and the occult are real…

Here’s the full synopsis:

The Diviners are back in this thrilling and eerie third installment by #1 New York Times bestselling author Libba Bray.

After battling a sleeping sickness, The Diviners are up against a group of new and malevolent foes–ghosts! Out in Ward’s Island sits a mental hospital full of lost souls from people long forgotten. Ghosts who have unusual and dangerous ties to the Man in the Stovepipe Hat also known as the King of Crows.

With terrible accounts of murder and possession flooding in from all over New York City, the Diviners must band together and brave the ghosts haunting the asylums to bring down the King of Crows.

Heart-pounding action and terrifying moments will leave you breathless in the third book of the four-book Diviners series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Libba Bray.

If this cover looks different from The Diviners and Lair of Dreams, you’re right! With this new spooky cover direction, we (of course) had to make sure the first two books got a makeover, as well. Check it out:

Spooky, spooky! We can’t wait to get all three editions together on a bookshelf. Is it October yet…?

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“When Clark Met Bruce” in Superman/Batman Secret Files
(Earth 2)

Batman/Superman is clearly saying that Earth 2’s differences can all be chalked up to this small moment. It’s a world where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent have been friends since childhood — where they were friends throughout their journeys toward becoming Batman and Superman. Earth 2 Superman can heal flesh at the cellular level with his laser vision: Being friends with Bruce — and his ambitious, analytical mind — has guided the Man of Steel into a precision-like grasp over his powers.

In turn, Bruce’s friendship with Clark has crafted him into an adult who is actually capable of trust and emotional self-reflection, and Gotham is safer when the Dark Knight’s life contains less anger and loneliness. He’s still dark, calculating and driven — but he’s married to the love of his life, Selina Kyle, and has raised their daughter from birth to be the first Robin.

In fact, Clark is married to Lois Lane, as well. On the whole, Earth 2 is a more technologically advanced earth, thanks to Wayne Enterprises breakthroughs, and a more peaceful one. Most major supervillains are frozen in a cryogenic prison and even Gotham City has torn down Arkham Asylum to build an amusement park.

And it’s all because Clark Kent asked Bruce Wayne if he wanted to play baseball.

By Susana Polo @nerdgerhl

So I’ve been thinking about the fall-out from Lyle Bolton’s actions in Arkham Asylum for a while. From Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, we know that the Asylum was eventually torn down in favor of building a more modern (and more high-security, though I wonder how effective it really was) facility for the inmates’ treatment, and I’ve started to wonder if maybe that was connected to the fall-out from the whole debacle with Bolton. And I do think there was a debacle, and one with massive fall-out, because there really is no way he could have done everything he’s described as having done by himself, with no one else on Arkham’s staff knowing about it.

Bolton is known to have A) electrified the cell doors at Arkham, B) chained the inmates in their cells at night, and C) took away ‘privileges’ even when the inmates are well-behaved. Electrifying the doors and installing the same sort of wall-mounted shackles we see Bolton using on Summer Gleeson, Mayor Hill, Dr. Bartholomew and Commissioner Gordon (if they are the same sort of shackles Bolton used to restrain the inmates) would have required a lot of work, and even if Bolton does have the expertise to do it himself, it strains credulity that he could have done so without anyone else on the staff noticing. As for the third point, whatever it was Bolton was doing to the inmates that involved taking away ‘privileges’, we don’t know (And the fact that it’s kept so vague tends to worry me). We know that Bolton tormented Arnold Wesker by dangling Mr. Scarface over a can full of termites to torment him, but otherwise, we get no details. My guess is, we get no details because it’s the kind of stuff a kid’s show can’t talk about without getting in trouble with the network. Given that Bolton feels that the treatment the inmates deserve is to be beaten to within an inch of their lives, it probably wasn’t pretty. And was probably the sort of thing that would have been difficult to pull off without some level of collusion from at least some of the staff, either from them actively aiding him, or at least turning a blind eye.

And of course Batman would get involved, because DCAU Batman (at least as of BTAS) is not amused by Bolton’s antics, genuinely wants his rogues to get better, and knows full well that inhumane treatment is not going to make them better. And if I can make the connections I’ve made, he certainly can. So have this mess of speculation and not-fic.

[TW: Abuse]

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nekowazza  asked:

Hey, I really liked the idea of the "Hiding Tom AU".... Could you make it into a fanfic?

Of course I can! Wow, it’s been ages since I made that. I’m glad you liked it though!

Read the au here!

Going out alone has always made Marco anxious. He couldn’t explain why. He just felt like everyone was looking at him, and they KNEW Star bailed on him to go hang out with Janna. He wasn’t mad at her, of course she would want to with her girlfriend when she surprised the Mewni princess with Love Sentence tickets. All she was going to do with Marco was go to the park and take some pictures for their digital photography elective.

Marco took out his camera and took some pictures on his way. He started this as a class to take with his friends, but then he started to like it. He would take pictures of things he felt people had to see, and then post it. He wanted issues to be heard. He would take pictures of all the decaying buildings in the poor parts of town that needed fixing up, and one time he was even arrested for trying to get pictures of a quarantine facility.

There was one at the very end of the city. It looked like a scary haunted broken down asylum from the Chernobyl diaries. Janna even claimed she snuck inside and saw the demons they kept there. Demons were horrible and scary creatures, that’s why they kept them contained when they were caught on earth. For reasons that are disagreed on. Some people think they are unstable and powerful, so people want to take their powers and magic for Earth’s own defenses. But it seemed like everybody had a collective fear of demons, one that made them feel safer with these places, and want demons to be caught, attacked, or even killed.

Marco sat down on the bench at the park and put his bag next to him. He took out his camera and took a picture or two from where he was sitting, and then made a move to get up and go forward. He reached out to grab his backpack but stopped when he didn’t feel it next to him. “What the…?” Marco looked over and saw his backpack on the ground, on the opposite side of the bench.

Marco seemed confused, but ignored it, he grabbed his bag and got up. As soon as he got up he turned around to now pick up his camera. Once again he fell back when it wasn’t where he left it, but it was hanging by it’s strap on the back of the park bench. Marco looked over his shoulder and grabbed his camera, walking away swiftly. On his way down the path, he felt something hit his head. Marco whipped around and saw a pinecone on the ground. “Who threw that!?” He yelled at the otherwise empty park. When nobody answered he kept walking. But Marco growled when something else hit his head, he looked down and seethed when he saw a rock on the ground. “You threw a rock at me!” He hissed. “Come on you could have really hurt me!” Marco complained. He couldn’t see anyone, but could have sworn he heard a faint mischievous giggle.

Marco zipped his hoodie up and began to walk a little faster. He picked up the pace more so when he heard that same silent laugh. Like it was just being carried by the wind from miles away. Marco walked even faster when he heard little footsteps behind him. Like something was trying to stalk him, and scurry around on all fours. It would run, then stop, then go slowly, then run, then stop and repeat the pattern.

Marco pretended not to hear, and then stopped walking. He listened closely and waited for the footsteps to get closer, once they were right behind him Marco whipped around and karate chopped the culprit, as hard as he could. But when he saw who he had hit, Marco gasped and dropped his camera.

“OW!” A purple child cried out. Marco clapped a hand over his mouth and he looked down at the demon. He had to be a demon. Purple skin, three eyes, horns. This was a demon. It looked up at Marco and saw his shocked and terrified face. He opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but stopped.

“You… you’ve been following me all day…?” Marco tried, too scared to think. The demon scrambled to his feet and Marco let out a terrified cry. He’s heard stories about these things, they would attack on sight. Marco whirled around and ran in the other direction, as fast as he could. He didn’t know what to do! He had never seen a demon before. Why didn’t it attack him, or kill him. All of the little tricks he was pulling seemed like the demon was… playing a game? Marco stopped and shook his head, trying to figure this out. But he was cut off when he heard commotion coming from the street behind him. Marco cut through an alleyway and saw a group of people yelling.

“I saw it! It was right here!” One man yelled. “It was a horrifying demon! Three red eyes!” He cried.

“Well what are we doing over here!? We should find the freak! Send him to that quarantine uptown!” Another man agreed.

“Quarantine? Who has the time for that?! That filthy abomination deserves to die as soon as we find it!” The third one declared. Marco watched them continue to fight and he heard a little noise behind him. Marco turned around and saw the same demon falling over the side of a dumpster. He gasped when he saw Marco and tried to scramble away, but when he made it out of his hiding place his knees buckled and the demon collapsed.

“Woah.” Marco fell back at the pathetic action by the demon. He didn’t expect him to fall like that. It tried to get up again, but faltered and caught his balance against the wall. Marco wanted to open his mouth and call out to the men who were looking for the demon to kill. But when Marco opened his mouth, something else came out. “Are you okay?” Marco asked. The demon looked up and had sort of a scared look. Marco bit his lip and came closer. “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you. Is that why you were playing games before? You were trying to get my attention?” Marco asked. The demon nodded and Marco came closer. “I’m Marco.”

“I’m Tom.” It whispered back. “Are you really not going to tell those men I’m here? You’d be a hero if you brought me to the quarantine, more so if you… killed me yourself.” Tom said this with some difficulty and Marco shook his head.

“I don’t wanna hurt you.” Marco told him. “You seem… not well.” He pointed out. Tom coughed violently and Marco felt the urge to reach out to him. “Don’t you know this place is dangerous for demons? If they see you, you’ll be killed. Why don’t you just teleport home? Demons can, right?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head and coughed again.

“I’m not well here.” He forced out. Marco moved a little closer. “We need a certain climate to survive and… I was here too long… I’m sick.” Tom explained. “And what they did in the quarantine didn’t help much either.” He spoke.

“You escaped from the quarantine?” Marco asked. Tom coughed again and nodded. “They’ll be looking for you.” Marco said this mostly to himself. “And look at you, you look terrible. You won’t be able to defend yourself like this, and you’re not able to go home.” He continued. Tom got a look of anxiety on his face, but Marco cut him off. “Here, take this.” Marco handed the demon his hoodie and wrapped it around him, pulling up the hood.

“What’s this?” Tom asked.

“It’s so nobody will spot you when I take you home.” Marco explained. “If another human sees you, you’re done for.” He added.

“Take me… home?” Tom asked, confused.

“I… I’ve heard stories. About the quarantine, and you seem nice. I can’t explain why but… I’m taking you home so you get well and you can go home.” Marco explained.

“Why?” Tom asked. This made no sense.

“I… I don’t know why. But you don’t look or seem like you deserve to die, or go back there, or all of the above.” Marco blabbered. “I-I’m taking you home.”


The bunny man 

This particular creepy folktale originates from Virginia, and while local Virginians are familiar with the story, it is less widely known in other parts of the US.

In 1904, a local mental asylum was shut down due to public outrage – nobody wanted to live near the asylum, and this damaged the reputation of the nearby area and hurt the local economy. The government made arrangements to have the patients in the asylum transferred, but the transfer bus crashed, and some of the inmates managed to escape into the forest, while others died at the scene. As the authorities acted quickly, tracking down all of the escaped patients except for two – Marcus Lawster, and Douglas Griffen. As the search continued, the locals who lived in the area began to find the carcasses of rabbits on the ground, and hanging from trees. These rabbits were skinned, and some of them seemed to have been partially consumed by whoever killed them.

The authorities eventually tracked down Marcus Lawster  – or what was left of him. The corpse of Lawster was found in similar condition to the rabbits – hanging from a tree at at the entrance of a tunnel under a bridge. The police eventually did track down the killer, but he was hit by an oncoming train as he tried to escape the authorities. The killer was the other missing inmate – Douglas Griffen – and it was eventually revealed that he had been committed into the mental asylum because he had killed his own wife and children on Easter Sunday. The bridge was nicknamed The Bunny Man Bridge by locals, and the name persists today.

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