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#DCSDCC: DC meet the publisher panel + The Spotlight on Geoff Johns Panel summary:
  • 2018: Dan & Jim reveal that in addition to the core line, DC will focus on DC Young Readers + books for older fans from BIG talent 
  • Coming soon: WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 2. Morrison calls it the Empire Strikes Back of this Wonder Woman trilogy. (x)
  • WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE, VOL 2 will be Amazons vs. Nazi army. Morrison assures that this will have the ultimate Amazon army. (x)
  • Also coming soon from Grant Morrison: ARKHAM ASYLUM 2.
  • The most emotional Geoff Johns has ever felt writing a comic: the Wally/Barry scene in #DCRebirth Special.
  • Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio just revealed the first images from DOOMSDAY CLOCK! (x)
  • DOOMSDAY CLOCK takes place over 12 issues and takes place a year from now. It celebrates ALL of DC’s history (x)
  • Geoff Johns revealed Luthor meets & talks to Ozymandias.
  • Geoff Johns on DOOMSDAY CLOCK: “I love seeing the smartest men from two different worlds meet. This world’s is Lex Luthor.”
  • Geoff Johns confirms #DoomsdayClock releases day before Thanksgiving.

UnderHotel is an Undertale AU where all Sans´s from different AU´s are working in a hotel.

Lets now explain all the roles of the Sans´s. At the top you see me and my brother. I am the Hotel Manager hohoo and my little brother is the Assistant Hotel Mangaer. Under the mangagers you can see 4 Sans´s and an question sign.

Geno ( @loverofpiggies ) - Supervisor of Guest Services

Dream ( @jokublog ) - Front Desk Supervisor

Killer ( @rahafwabas ) - Housekeeping Supervisor

Chef ( @edenpark from Deviantart) - Kitchen & Executive Manager

? - Restaurant Manager 

The question sign shows that this job is still free and can be taken from anyone. If you are interested to let your own or favourite Sans have the job then please write it to me.

Now we will take a look at Dreams employer.

Palette ( @angexci )

Asylum ( @furgemancs )

Clock (Me)

Those three are working at the front of the hotel and are th face of it.

Killers employer.

Underfell ()

Undertale (Toby Fox)

Now we come to the biggest group.Here are the waiter of the hotel restaurant.

PaperJam ( @7goodangel )

Bill ( @billsans45 )

Zone (Me)

Amoure (Me)

Goth ( @nekophy )

Those two are the barkeepers.

Gaster ( @borurou )

Cross ( @jakei95 )

here is the kitchen staff.

Muk (my lil bro)

Blueberry ( @popcornpr1nce )

Timekid ( @perfectshadow06 )

Rainbow (my lil bro)

Mexican (my lil bro)

Geno has control over many different sections.

Outertale ( @2mi127 )

Cassis ( @pepper-mint )

the room service…

Blueprint ( @pepper-mint )

Nighttime (my lil bro)

Radier ( @pepper-mint )

the porters…

Color ( @superyoumna )

Alter ( @friisans )

the conciergs…

those two are for marketing & adverrising.

Mak (my lil bro)

Nightmare ( @jokublog )

Here we have our Accounting group.

Error ( @loverofpiggies )

Science ( @talkingsoup )

Bluescreen ( @7goodangl )

Those cuties are in charge for purchasing.

Particle (Me)

Robie (my lil bro)

Gradient ( @askcomboclub )

The event planner of th hotel.

Ink ( @comyet )

Epic ( @yugogeer12 )

Fresh ( @loverofpiggies )

Dance ( @dancetale )

Genie (dont know please tell me )

the pool guards.

Undersail ( @mtt-brand-undertale )

Sunny (my lil bro)

and last but not least the hotel security.

Reaper ( @renrink )

Mafia ( dont know please tell me)

Dust ( @ask-duststale )

Horror ( @sourapplestudios )

Swapfell ( dont know please tell me )

If you want another Sans or yours to be in this AU please send it to the ask box. It may that I will not answer imidiantly since I will be away for a pretty long time but  dont be scared to do it.