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I'm not sure if you have already aswerd this question but Ortensia and Oswald are from disney right? I've never seen them in any disney show or movie before so where are they from? (If this makes any sense)

  • (this is how I remember his story, I can’t look it up on wikipidia cause the internet is kinda slow at the moment)

Oswald was made back in the 1920′s by Walt Disney when he used to work for Universal Studios

but after some shit, Disney quit and decided to make his own studio but he didin’t have the right to use Oswald cause Universal studios claimed the rights for that bunny ass; so he made his own oc called Mickey Mouse do not steal

after a buttload of years, the Walt Disney Company got it’s bunny back in twothousand and whatever, and in 2010 he got his own game called Epic Mickey and it’s sequels (well not his OWN game but he’s there)

and ever sinse that, he was thrown around here and there in backgrounds, so yeah, he’s still no big whoop

  • (yeah sorry for that shit explanation just look em up dude)
Matt Donovan ~ Nightmares

Prompt: Y/N is scared because of all the vampire’s in town and she call Matt for comfort.

Type: Matt Donovan
Warning: cute and fluff
Matt was closing the Mystic Grill after his shift was over when you called him. “Y/N?” he asked. “What’s wrong?’ “Hi Matt, I was wondering if you maybe could stop by after your shift? I really could use a friend right now.” Matt knew you wouldn’t call that often, there was something seriously wrong if you did. “Are you ok?” he asked quickly. “I’m fine, I just need to talk to someone.” You chuckled into the phone. “Ok I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

A knock on the door made you jump of the couch. “Come in, fast.” You said when you opened the door, letting Matt in. He looked funny at you. You took something to drink and walked to the living room where Matt was sitting on the sofa. “So what’s wrong?” he asked immediately. You sat beside him, almost on his lap. “Well Elena and Bonnie told me something.” “What did they tell you?” he asked. “Matt I know about the vampires and stuff and I’m scared and freaking out inside.” “Hey I know it’s scarry.” He aswerd, pulling you in a hugh. “ have nightmares Matt, I dream of them, surrounded by bodies while I’m next.” “Hey I promse you nothing will happen ok? I’m gonna make sure of that.”

You nodded, but inside you were still scared and you did your best not to burst out in tears. You were curled up into Matt’s side and he rubbed your back. “There’s this plant that prevents you of being compelled and protects you, I’ll make sure you get a piece of it. Elena keeps it in the necklace she always wears, maybe you can do something like that ok?” You hummed, almost being asleep.

He chuckled and picked you up, carrying you to your bedroom. You crawled into your bed and he turned around to leave. “Matt? Please stay?” He turned around and nodded, then crawled in the bed beside you. He took you in his arms and went back to rubbing your back. You quickly fell asleep, smiling to yourself and without the nightmares this time.