Arma 3 King of the Hill - The ASP-1 Kir Rifle

So I started using this fictional rifle ingame which is clearly heavily based on the AS-VAL or VSS Vintorez - albeit it allegedly uses a 12.7x54mm round as opposed to a 9x39mm….which is pretty dam big for something which is supposed to be used as these close ranges.

It took me quite a while to figure out that using certain scope attachments like the ARCO fixes the zero-ing (I think) at 300m which causes all kinds of problems with the firing arc. When I finally started using the DMS scope with adjustable zero I started using it at 100m and suddenly everything started making sense.

However I kinda knew what I was doing anyway since I used the VSS so much on DayZ Origins……the bullet drop theory is kinda second nature to me on that basis.
Filmed on HostileTakeovers King of the Hill servers.