tiny asura: tilts their head waaaaay back so they can see their big friends!!!!!

big charr: regally lowers its noble head 2 view a v. small ally……. = u vu =


Finally actually got some screens of my meek and often frightened little herald. This is Kasr the Lost, Charr revenant. He found himself trapped in the Mists when he tried to escape Lion’s Arch through one of the Asura gates during Scarlet’s attack on the city. While there he encountered Glint , who taught him the basics of channeling the power of the Mists. (Yea, it bucks lore a bit, but fuck it, I liked the idea XT)

Return of The Fates Post!

So I thought I was done here when the full info of skinship removal was released. I felt that my time here was done when the skinship controversy was finally ‘resolved’. But I’m back! And this time, it’s with a personal opinion, not a rant aboutmisinformation or the fandom!

First off, the localization names. I like em. ALL of them. Yes, even Caeldori. I like the name Caeldori as much as I liked Cordelia’s name. And I don’t care if it sounds strange to others. I haven’t heard how they pronounce her name, but until I do, I’m pronouncing it cale-dory, which sounds perfectly fine to me. As for other notable name changes, I like the change made to MOST of the other character names. There is ONE however, that I do not like. Shura. And that’s ONLY because I always thought of Ashura as Asura. Like from Asura’s wrath. I can undertand one POSSIBLE explanation for the change however. The name Ashura may have seemed a little too close to Azura. It isn’t a good reason, but it’s there.

Now for the voices…..I LOVE THEM ALL. I love ALL the voices. And YES, that includes Felicia. “WE’VE GOT TROUBLE!” Felicia. I love every last one of em. It might be because I never got attached to the japanese voices, since I knew I wasn’t going to play with them anyways, regardless of dual audio. My favorite is still Garon though. His voice sounds PERFECT. Or maybe Yukimura. Cuz he sounds like the colonel from Metal Gear Solid to me.

So, as for my opinion on the current state of the fandom….rightfully salty, but perhaps taking things too far. Taking out dual audio was NOT a good move. I can defend the removal of the petting. I don’t care how close I am with MY friends, I wouldn’t want them touching my face, so why would I wanna touch my random units’ face? It’s creepy 8 times out of 10. Your intent doesn’t make it any less creepy. And we still get the animated scenes, so yay. The dual audio, however, is NOT something new or creepy or controversial. There is only ONE legitimate reason for removing it; licensing problems. Which is still strange due to Awakening having dual audio. Despite how mad I am about it, however, I’m not gonna ruin things for others. For the people who are playing this game in their native tongue. The fandom needs to calm down. Cancel your pre-orders if you want. I’ll give you a cookie. Maybe. Cuz that’s ALL you will get out of it, besides your money back. You aren’t becoming some incredible opposer of localization changes. Your attempt to boycott means nothing because it isn’t coordinated. A boycott is ONLY effective when properly coordinated. You canceling your order is like a youtuber unsubscribing from a channel. You change and accomplish NOTHING. So cancel your pre-orders, but don’t expect to be seen as some hero for doing it, and stop shouting it out to the world. No one cares that you’ve canceled your order. unless it’s a special edition. The fandom needs to cool down. What’s done is done. If you don’t like it, then buy a japanese 3ds and play the original, and let the people who actually care about the gameplay and story more than changes to names that MANY of them didn’t even know about enjoy their games.

TL;DR I love the voices, I like the names, I understand the fanbase, but you people need to chill.