Proper H-Bday Rupert Graves!!!
It’s a picture I took with my phone in the next few days I’ll scan it and post it properly for your viewing pleasure.
All the Rupert-s Graves I ‘watched’ so far:
Sherlock, V for Vendetta, Maurice, Single Father, Different for Girls, Death at a Funeral, Doctor Who, Secret State, Law & Order, A waste of Shame, Charles II, Open Fire, Room to Rent, Clapham Junction, Death in Paradise, A Room with a view, Fast Girls and Case Sensitive.


Ps: This needs to be fixed and everything I just wanted to post it as soon as possible.


(From Rupert’s right shoulder upwards) Greg Lestrade [Sherlock, 2010], Dominic [V for Vendetta, 2005], Paul Prentice [Different for Girls, 1996], Robert [Death at a Funeral, 2007], William Shakespeare [A waste of shame: the mystery of Shakespeare and his sonnets, 2005], George Villiers [Charles II: the power & the passion, 2003], Freddy Honeychurch [A Room with a view, 1985], David Martin [Open Fire, 1994], David Temple [Fast Girls 2012].

(From Rupert’s left shoulder upwards) Alec Scudder [Maurice, 1987], Stuart [Single father, 2010], John Riddell [Doctor Who 2012], John Smith [Law & Order: UK, 2010], Felix Durrell [Secret State, 2012], Robin Cape [Clapham Junction, 2007], Mark [Room to Rent, 2000], James Lavender [Death in Paradise, 2011], Mark Bretherick [Case Sensitive, 2011].

These are all Rupert’s roles I watched, well plus George in The Waiting Room. Do any of you know of sites where you can upload your illustrations to make them available as prints (I think this one would look good maybe with a bit of CG, don’t you?)?