Do you need something that will brighten your day every time you look at it? Or just a nice little present for a fellow mystradian? Then you should think about getting some of these gorgeous Mystrade Postcards from astudyinink, drawn by the wonderful mitarashi8.

You will also get a bonus custom request drawing on the back of one card, and look what I got! I requested Mycroft wearing braces and can now call this wonderful hand drawn piece of art my own.

There is only one problem: Just like me you probably won’t be able to tear your eyes away for long, once you have framed it and put it on your desk where you can look at it all day… ;)

Suitcroft #02
The suits were kindly suggested by the lovely ibelieveinmycroft to whom I dedicate this piece and the entire collection!
In spite of dropping the cigarette butt on the ground in ASiB in my headcanon Mycroft carries around a small metallic box in which he crushes the butts and keeps them in it until he finds a proper place to discard them in.