NEVER TALK TO THE COPS,” Beck Levy/Wayne Carter. Fluorescent pink and spring green on laid gray, 10"x16". Hand carved Lino block with lead and wood type. Printed on a Vandercook Universal 3 letterpress.

I’ll have these at the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair and then the rest will be available for mailorder afterward. Mid November there’s gonna be a huge astro etsy store update. Tons of new stuff.

Sorry these photos aren’t great. I’m a busy lady. I’m a printer not a photographer. I’m not in it for the glory.


So great to be back in the studio after a long January off! Today I started on the first batch of Valentine’s Day cards.

This year, I am pleased to announce that my Valentine’s Day cards will mostly feature quotations from John Hinckley’s love letters and poetry to Jodie Foster. Here are the first few.

I’ll be printing the rest of these tomorrow and early next week, and they will be up on my Etsy store by the end of the week!

West Oakland Astro lair. This is me in my element. The grim mug behind the prints. Reunited with the Vandercook Universal One that hovered behind my head like a 2,000 lb sword of Damocles across the country all last summer.


I made these a while ago. Pink postcards with a subtle split fountain in Venus Medium Italic, and a message about how it feels to live with chronic illness(es). I thought about selling them in my etsy store but instead sent them away to friends with shitty little scrawled messages on them. It felt appropriate.

So actually things are really good! I’m moving to Oakland in a month or so, to pursue my academic interests in prison abolition and book arts. Don’t you worry, I will have plenty of press access there and Astropress won’t ever die.

Before then you can expect a few things from Astropress:

- a blow-out etsy sale with new items and hot deals for local pick-up

- an increased willingness on my part to do commissioned small-run, novelty, etc jobs, because i need $$$ to move, so get in touch (beck at astropressdc dot com)

- an open house in the Astro HQ (my home) where I’ll be selling off prints, misprints, and other oddities (later this month, TBA)

In my preparations to relocate Astropress to Oakland, I’ve found some great pictures of ornaments and old lockups in the Astrofiles. Enjoy.


This gem is on my bucket list of ornaments I needed to use before I moved away from Pyramid’s wonderful type collection…the number of days I have left to make that happen is dwindling.


Today I printed another run of letterpressed inserts for Thou/the Body’s first collaboration record Released from Love, out on Vinyl Rites.

The first two images you see are inked plates, which, for the non-printers among us, means that negative film was used to expose photosensitive polymer (thus making it a stable monomer). The plate was then attached to an adhesive backing and affixed onto a base (to make it high enough to print properly) then locked into the bed of a letterpress.


Keelin & Bryan In A Room Together In Our Lifetime: Darin’s Prophecy, Beck Levy, 2015. Concertina in book boards, 3.5″x5″ closed. The main dialogue was printed on a letterpress using polymer plates and the typefaces Avenir and Mrs. Eaves, with supporting diagrams digitally duplicated.

Two years ago I covertly recorded a delirious conversation in which Darin gave an impassioned speech predicting that at some point, our friends Keelin and Bryan would be in a room together. Today, I completed work on a small edition of artist’s books commemorating that conversation. If this is an April Fool’s prank, the joke is on me because this is a god dang five color letterpress print. 

The book will be on display in the Mills College Pocket Gallery from April 6-11 as part of the “Language on the Page” group show of books translating audio to visual.