First Results from the AMS Experiment

AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) is an experiment situated on the International Space Station. It is designed to measure cosmic ray interactions, and ~1000 cosmic rays are detected by the experiment per second.

This afternoon at CERN, the principal investigator of the experiment, Sam Ting, will present the first set of results from the experiment, which has been collecting data since May 2011. 

One of the aims of the experiment has been to probe the theory of weakly interacting massive particles (or WIMPs) which are proposed to be a solution to the question “What is dark matter?”. Rumours have been that they have seen WIMP annihilation, which if true would be the first detection of these hypothetical particles, so it is definitely not a talk to miss!

The webcast will begin at 5pm CET and available at the link above!