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zodiac facts ☆

Aries: hates you, but loves you
Taurus: lazy, but will do anything for that money
Gemini: fake, but super sweet
Cancer: smiling, but depressed
Leo: thinks they’re right, but they’re really wrong
Virgo: prude, but really wants someone to rip their clothes off
Libra: harsh, but supportive
Scorpio: angry, but protective
Sagittarius: mean, but always kidding
Capricorn : nice, but judgemental
Aquarius : silly, but very intelligent
Pisces: friendly, but secretly wants to murder you

Zodiac Constellations and their Brightest Stars

And Distance from Earth (light yrs)

Aries- Hamal (65.8 light yrs)  Derived from Arabic meaning of "head of the ram".

Taurus- Aldebaran (65 light yrs)  Arabic meaning “the follower”.

Gemini- Pollux (33.78 light yrs)  Reference to the twin sons Castor and Pollux of Leda, one of Zeus’s lovers.

Cancer- Altarf (290 light yrs) Arabic meaning “end” or “edge”. 

Leo- Regulus (79 light yrs) Latin for “little king” or “prince”. 

Virgo- Spica (260.9 light yrs) Derived from Latin “spīca virginis”- “the virgin’s ear of [wheat] grain”.

Libra- Zubeneschamali (185 light yrs) Arabic for “the northern claw”.

Scorpio- Antares (470 light yrs) Derived from Ancient Greek meaning “equal to Ares” due to its reddish hue. 

Sagittarius- Kaus Australis (143 light yrs) Kaus comes from Arabic qaws meaning “bow” and Latin australis meaning “southern”. 

Capricorn- Deneb Algedi (39 light yrs) Derived from the Arabic meaning for “tail of the goat”.

Aquarius- Sadalsuud (540 light yrs). From the Arabic expression “luck of lucks”. 

Pisces- Kullat Nunu (294 light yrs) Babylonian reference to the cord connecting the fish. 

worst thing to do to the signs

Aries: take advantage of them
Taurus: take their food without asking
Gemini: not pay them back
Cancer: not show appreciation for the things they do for you
Leo: tell them they’re wrong
Virgo: agree with something they strongly disagree with
Libra: try to interfere with their relationship
Scorpio: argue with them/call them names
Sagittarius: cancel plans on them last second
Capricorn: tell them who/who not to date
Aquarius: belittle them
Pisces: not do what they ask when they ask you to do it

Ps: try using your Mars Sign as well (it has to do with what makes you angry)


After hundreds of years of detailed observation and study, our closest companion in the vast universe, Earth’s moon, remains an enigma.

Six ‘supposed’ moon landings and hundreds of experiments have resulted in more questions being asked than answered. In 1962, NASA scientist Dr. Gordon MacDonald stated: “If the astronomical data collected is correct, it is found that the interior of the moon is more likely to be hollow than a solid sphere.”

On November 20, 1969, the Apollo 12 crew jettisoned the lunar module ascent stage causing it to crash onto the moon surface. The LM’s impact created an artificial moonquake with startling characteristics - the moon reverberated like a bell for more than an hour, leading to the conclusion that the moon has no - core, bring rise to the well founded ‘hollow moon theory’

More strange moon facts in the video here

Space fact #5

If you and I are in separate space ships both traveling fast, there’s literally no possible way to determine if I am staying still and you are moving, or if you are staying still and I am moving, or if we are both moving. Also, from your perspective time will flow normally for you and slower for me, but from my perspective time will flow normally for me and slow for you.

Basically, everything, including time, is completely relative.

the signs and no place they'd rather be

Aries: tanning salon
Taurus: surrounded by nature
Gemini: restaurant
Cancer: in the pool
Leo: the gym
Virgo: book store
Libra: with their significant other
Scorpio: alone
Sagittarius: club
Capricorn: at home
Aquarius: game store
Pisces: coffee shop

Star signs and the key elements that defines them.
  • Aries: The Ram. ♈
  • Modality: Cardinal.
  • Mental: iron
  • Element: fire.
  • Stone: amethyst,
  • Diamond.
  • Colour: Red.
  • Anatomy: head.
  • Ruler: Mars.
  • Season: spring.
  • 1st zodiac sign.
  • Keywords: active, initiating, leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, combative, energetic, pioneering, naive, assertive
  • Taurus: The bull. ♉
  • Modality:  Fixed Element  
  • Earth Ruler:  Venus
  • Season:  Spring 
  • 2nd Sign of Zodiac.
  • Metal:  Copper 
  • Stone: Emerald 
  • Color:  Green
  • Anatomy:  Neck, throat
  • Keywords:  persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, possessive, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual
  • Gemini: The twins. ♊
  • Modality:  Mutable
  • Element:  Air 
  • Ruler:  Mercury
  • Season:  Spring 
  • 3rd Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Mercury 
  • Stone:  Agate.
  • Color:  Yellow
  • Anatomy:  Hands and arms; lungs.
  • Keywords:  talkative, mental, adaptable, flexible, changeable, responsive, sociable, superficial.
  • Cancer: The Crab. ♋
  • Modality:  Cardinal 
  • Element:  Water 
  • Ruler:  the Moon
  • Season:  Summer 
  • 4th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Silver 
  • Stone:  Pearl, Opal 
  • Color:  White, Yellow
  • Anatomy:  Breasts, stomach
  • Keywords:  gentle, conservative, feeling, nurturing, defensive, contemplative.
  • Leo: The Lion. ♌
  • Modality:  Fixed 
  • Element:  Fire 
  • Ruler:  The Sun
  • Season:  Summer 
  • 5th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Gold 
  • Stone:  Ruby 
  • Color:  Orange, Gold
  • Anatomy:  The heart.
  • Keywords:  magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, open.
  • Virgo: The virgin. ♍
  • Modality:  Mutable 
  • Element:  Earth 
  • Ruler:  Mercury
  • Season:  Summer 
  • 6th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Mercury 
  • Stone:  Sapphire 
  • Color:  Blue Beige
  • Anatomy:  Intestines, the nervous system
  • Keywords:  analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious
  •  Libra: The scales. ♎
  • Modality:  Cardinal 
  • Element:  Air 
  • Ruler:  Venus
  • Season:  Fall/autumn
  • 7th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Copper
  • Stone:  Diamond, Quartz, Marble
  • Color:  Pastel Green 
  • Anatomy:  Kidneys
  • Keywords:  just, sociable, refined, accommodating, kind, fair, diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, artistic
  • Scorpio: The scorpion ♏
  • Modality:  Fixed 
  • Element:  Water 
  • Ruler:  Pluto, Mars
  • Season:  Fall 
  • 8th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Steel, Iron 
  • Stone:  Topaz, Opal 
  • Color:  Gold, Purple 
  • Anatomy:  Genital organs, bladder, bowels
  • Keywords:  passionate, perceptive, resourceful, possessive, psychological, prowling, determined, probing, fixed, focused.
  • Sagittarius: The archer ♐
  • Modality:  Mutable
  • Element:  Fire 
  • Ruler:  Jupiter
  • Season:  Fall 
  • 9th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Tin 
  • Stone:  Topaz 
  • Color:  Turquoise
  • Anatomy:  Hips, Thighs, Muscles
  • Keywords:  optimistic, restless, enthusiastic, adventurous, honest, irresponsible, outspoken, independent
  • Capricorn: The goat. ♑
  • Modality:  Cardinal 
  • Element:  Earth 
  • Ruler:  Saturn
  • Season:  Winter 
  • 10th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Lead
  • Stone:  Amber, Onyx 
  • Color:  Purple, Brown 
  • Anatomy:  The knee, bones, skeleton
  • Keywords:  tenacious, conservative, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant.
  • Aquarius: The Water Bearer ♒
  • Modality:  Fixed 
  • Element:  Air 
  • Ruler:  Uranus
  • Season:  Winter 
  • 11th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Uranium 
  • Stone:  Amethyst 
  • Color:  Sky Blue
  • Anatomy:  Ankles, shins, circulation
  • Keywords:  individualistic, assertive, independent, humanitarian, inventive, original, eccentric, opinionated, intellectual, idealistic, cool, friendly, detached
  • Pisces: the fish. ♓
  • Modality:  Mutable 
  • Element:  Water 
  • Ruler:  Neptune
  • Season:  Winter 
  • 12th Sign of Zodiac
  • Metal:  Tin 
  • Stone:  Jade. Coral 
  • Color:  Sea Green
  • Anatomy:  Feet, Veins
  • Keywords:  intuitive, dreamy, artistic, humane, sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate, perceptive, tender, impressionable
  • don't you think its cool that each zodiacs anatomy makes up the whole human body!!! How cool ^___^

ASTRO FACT: Jupiter is well known for being the fastest spinning planet in our solar system. Many wonder why this speedy spinning occurs. Inside the gas planet lives its guardian, the Speedo-Torpedo whaleshark. This majestic being is about 1/8th the size of the actual planet and is able to swim inside of it. To keep adventurers away from its treasure, the whaleshark swims in a circular pattern around the outer border at incredible speeds to keep it spinning on its axis so quickly. This also causes the storms which make it increasingly difficult for anyone to get to the center.

🌟 space facts !! 🌟
  • 1. Venus spins backward, and we don't know why
  • 2. Saturn is not the only planet with rings, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and the Earth have them too.
  • 4. The Earth's rings are made of cosmic waste.
  • 5. Nitrogen is a part of the composition of the stars, and of our dna.
  • 6. Most of the stars we admire at night are actually dead.
  • 7.The space probe Voyager 1 was send into space in 1977 with a special message for our neighbors of outer space. It was a disc that features pictures, sounds of the earth such as whale, a baby crying and greetings in 55 languages.
  • 8. Venus is the brightest planet of our system, she is often mixed up with a star.
  • 9. It's pretty easy to observe some planets such as mars, venus, jupiter, Saturn at night. It only require a clear night some patience + an app such as skywiew (free on appstore !) can be useful too.
  • 10. If we were on the center of a black hole time would speed up so fast we would live the end of the universe.
  • 11. Shooting stars don't exists, they are actually meteors showers.
  • 12. Jupiter has 67 moons, Saturn 62, Uranus 27, Neptune 14, Mars 2 and the Earth 1.
  • 13. Kepler 22 is an exoplanet also called super-earth that could (potentially) be habitable
  • 14. It rains diamonds on Jupiter + Uranus
  • 15. The moon moves 4cm further each year.
  • 16. There used to be water on Mars, because her and the Earth had a similar beginning.
  • 17. There's trace of organic life on Titan (one of saturn's moon).
  • 18. Voyager 1 (launched in 1977) is closed to leave our solar system.
  • 19. There's a vast ocean underneath the ice of Europa (one of Jupiter's moon).
  • 20. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, in 2015 the probe new horizon approached pluto with the ashes of Tombaugh inside.
  • 21. Pluto is smaller than the earth's moon.
  • 22. Saturn could float into water.
  • 23. Our cosmic adress is : planet earth, the earth-moon system, the solar system, the milky way galaxy, the local group, the virgo supercluster.