Here’s an amazing timelapse video of the full moon over Joshua Tree National Park in California. Watch as the moon rises above the clouds and rocks – an event that only lasted 4 minutes in real time. Video by Lian Law, National Park Service.

The Signs Playing the Sims

Traps all the sims in one room and kills them: Aries

Woohoos with everyone: Scorpio

Uses too many cheats: Leo

Actually plays the game: Capricorn

Spends the entire time in CAS: Libra

Focuses on career: Virgo

Travelling everywhere: Sagittarius

Crying because their favorite sim died: Pisces

Mastering all the food dishes: Taurus

Becomes a celebrity: Aquarius

Making a big family: Cancer

Goes and steals everyone’s money: Gemini

Astronomers Set a New Galaxy Distance Record

Astronomers continue to peer toward the beginning of time as observations confirmed the most distant galaxy currently measured. Using the combined data from NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes along with the Keck Observatory, a team of astronomers led by Yale and U. of California found a luminous galaxy that appears to be only 100 million years old. The galaxy is so far away that the light we receive left the galaxy over 13 billion years ago, and it is just arriving now.