We are intimately connected to the process of energy transformation that drives the evolution of the Universe.

An example of this begins at the Big Bang, when all the hydrogen in the universe came into being. Initially it was just protons, and then, as the young universe expanded and cooled, these became bound to electrons, forming hydrogen atoms. The very hydrogen atoms in the H2O that makes up over half your body. If you could separate one hydrogen atom from one molecule of water in your body, then reverse time and follow it back to through its unimaginable lifetime, you would find yourself in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang. That very hydrogen atom, an atom now inside you as you read this, has remained unchanged since the beginning of time.

Source: PBS NOVA “The Star In You”
Quote credit: Alan Watts
Music by: The Flashbulb- “Undiscovered Colors”
Animation credit: NASA Hubble

SGR 1745-2900: Magnetar Near Supermassive Black Hole Delivers Surprises

  • A magnetar near the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole is exhibiting some unusual behavior.
  • Since its discovery in 2013, this magnetar has been monitored by Chandra and XMM-Newton.
  • The X-ray output from this magnetar is dropping more slowly than others and its surface is exceptionally hot.

In 2013, astronomers announced they had discovered a magnetar exceptionally close to the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way using a suite of space-borne telescopes including NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Magnetars are dense, collapsed stars (called “neutron stars”) that possess enormously powerful magnetic fields. At a distance that could be as small as 0.3 light years (or about 2 trillion miles) from the 4-million-solar mass black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, the magnetar is by far the closest neutron star to a supermassive black hole ever discovered and is likely in its gravitational grip.

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Our spacecraft is gradually constructing an image of Earth for us to enjoy…


I’m so proud to be a member of the Planetary Society! Can’t believe this!

The signs doing a presentation
  • Aries:Sometimes there are random pictures on there slides and sometimes they will try talking without cue cards, which won't go so well
  • Taurus:Their main goal is to make the slide pretty
  • Gemini:Does really well, but if they make even just a tiny error they will stress about it
  • Cancer:Very, very, very long presentation
  • Leo:Can do either really good or really bad
  • Virgo:Everything is fine, but they decide to stay up SUPER late to memorize more
  • Libra:Gets distracted and ends up either making up some of the words as they go, or struggling at 4am the day of the presentation to finish it
  • Scorpio:Does well since they are the gods/goddess of presentations
  • Sagittarius:If they have to present it with a partner, it will go ok, but if they have to do it just by themselves it won't go so well
  • Capricorn:Hardly does any work until the week before it's due, but gets a good mark
  • Aquarius:They can take anything boring and turn it into a presentation
  • Pisces:May copy a few things from other peoples presentation