The 2016 Valentines from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories are here! Once again those indomitable braniacs have come up with an entirely new set of delightfully corny valentines that are a perfect nexus of nerdy, geeky humor, groan-inducing puns, and love.

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If the 24 new valentines for 2016 aren’t quite enough to share with all your geektastic sweethearts, you can still access the Evil Mad Scientist valentines from 2015, 2014, and 2013 as well.

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Stars and Globules in the Running Chicken Nebula

(via APOD; Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh )

The eggs from this gigantic chicken may form into stars. The featured emission nebula, shown in scientifically assigned colors, is cataloged as IC 2944 but known as the Running Chicken Nebula for the shape of its greater appearance. Seen toward the top of the image are small, dark molecular clouds rich in obscuring cosmic dust. Called Thackeray’s Globules for their discoverer, these “eggs” are potential sites for the gravitational condensation of new stars, although their fates are uncertain as they are also being rapidly eroded away by the intense radiation from nearby young stars. Together with patchy glowing gas and complex regions of reflecting dust, these massive and energetic stars form the open cluster Collinder 249. This gorgeous skyscape spans about 60 light-years at the nebula’s estimated 6,000 light-year distance.