So I was trying to google something earlier and accidentally put astrological when I meant astronomical. But then I got to thinking… What about an AU where Hux is an astronomist and Kylo is an astrologist? Fighting about stars. The Star Wars AU.

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Christa headcanons ?

~Even as a child, Christa was shy and reserved, spending most of her time in the gardens or drawing

~ Because she was locked away by Karlheinz, she became quite the astronomist and knew the months/days because of the stars in the sky. 

~She named Subaru after the Pleiades star cluster located in her own zodiac: Taurus. (The Pleiades are located inside Taurus and shine from dusk until dawn in the month of November)

~The most affectionate of mothers, she would sing infant Subaru lullabies when he was tired or fussy. 

~ Despite everything he did to her, Christa always sent Karlheinz gifts on his birthday, their anniversary, Christmas, etc. and signed her letters to him as “Your loving wife” 

~She likes custards, tarts, and fresh berries

remember when I wanted to be an astronomist, before life happened and made me realise just how much I hated math? yeah that was fun

“He was very dedicated. Whatever task you gave him, he would exert 100%—no, 200% of his effort in order to see it through. If he needed to achieve something, he would give all his time and energy to make sure it happened, even if it was as impossible as salvaging a doomed project.

“My mom wasn’t too happy about that, and they fought a lot about his absence and how he spent too much time at work. And she would always point to me as the reason for her frustration, saying that he was being a terrible father for never being home for me.

“But he was far from terrible in my eyes. He might not have been present all the time, but he made sure that I felt his presence through the letters we sent each other. He would send me gifts as small as a nice-looking shell he found while he was working or as big as a Shelgon he caught in his research, and I would send him drawings I made in Trainers’ School and pictures of outings with my mom and her, as I called him before, ‘new friend’. Before his job became too time-consuming, we would always stargaze in Route 115 at a certain time at night, so he always ended his letters reminding me to watch the stars with him so we could continue that tradition.

“Unlike Mom, I actually admired all his dedication and hard work, and I remember thinking that when I grew up, I would be as hardworking as he was. And in a way, that’s what got me through those long years leading up to being an astronomist. I might not have seen him much after their divorce, and the failure of New Mauville certainly didn’t help him with being present, but he never stopped being an inspiration to me.”

“If by any chance he sees this, what would you like to say to him?”

“Daddy, I…I still watch the stars at night, and I hope you do, too. I always imagine you looking at the same set of stars wherever you may be, and it feels almost like when we were stargazing long ago. I hope we can do that again someday, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from you, it’s to always believe. So I’ll never lose hope, Daddy, and I’ll never stop believing that you’re still stargazing with me, wherever you are.”

R: I’ve never felt this way about anyone. It is all very new to me. That’s why it took me so long to figure out my feelings for you. I’d mistaken it for something it wasn’t because you were always there for me, Farkle. But please, please, tell me it’s not too late for us. Tell me my timing isn’t that bad.
F: I’ve never stopped loving you, Riley. Like an astronomist loves the stars ; from afar.
R: Farkle — Do you think you could kiss the stars tonight ?

if I ever meet an astronomist they’re so screwed cause I’m space slut who hardly knows anything about space so I would make so many questions