In case you didn’t know, NASA has some serious sciart game when it comes to their mission posters. This is just a fraction of the full galleries for both Shuttle and Space Station missions. I love how all the astronauts are clearly so into this. 

Enjoy your Sunday rabbit hole. 

- Summer

NASA iTech Fosters Technology Needed for Journey to Mars

NASA is seeking innovative technology for the agency’s future exploration missions in the solar system and beyond, including the Journey to Mars, from other U.S. government agencies, academia, the aerospace industry and the public through the new iTech initiative.

the-autistic-canine  asked:

Throwback Thursday time tell me everything you like and remember about... The backyardigans

yoooo the backyardigans was my SHOW 

okay so there was pablo the penguin, natasha the hippo, uniqua the …ant??, tyrone the moose, and a kangaroo whose name started with an a i think

they would all hang out in the kangaroo’s backyard and make up these crazy stories and they would come to life and suddenly they would all be in this crazy adventure world

i remember one episode where they were astronauts and another one where they were all on this competitive race with canoeing and cycling i think

and then at the end someone’s mom would go “who wants snacks?” and they’d all go “aw yes” and the imaginary world would disappear as they ran inside to get some food

pablo was my favorite because if i remember correctly he was kind of a nerd and the one in the friend group who worries about everything