Shout out to all my loyal followers. I’m behind on so much I’ve wanted to post, original and otherwise. Been so busy with the development of @AstronautMovie, achieving a major milestone this evening.

Without saying too much (because I must keep my mouth closed on this one)…let’s just say it’s reached “new heights”…and the press release is in good hands.

Major love to Director David Ruck and the entire team for all their efforts thus far. Good things to come and more are developing. Can’t wait to share all of this with you. Without the support of my followers/ friends, the entire Tumblr science community and the inspiration provided by Carl Sagan and the handsome young man in the image above (next to the other young man), I may have been a crumbling mess right now.

As Astra per aspera*

Rich (@sagansense)

Cheers to my not-so-distant brother, friend, and cohort of science communication, David J. Ruck. This man rescued me from so much and he continues to compliment my life with support and positive reinforcement.

We’ve brought astronautfilm from ground to low earth orbit. Now we’re positioning ourselves to present it to the masses.

Stellar things in the works, everyone. This is the beginning of the rest of my life.

During times of struggle, reflect on the great challenges faced by all those who earned their place amongst the short list of humans who’ve been off this planet and repeat – Ad Astra Per Aspera, “through hardship to the stars.”