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Okay, but, when we send cremated remains into space do we send an explanation with them? Because I’m just picturing some aliens cracking open a satellite and being really fucking confused.

“Human guide! Our scans indicate that this probe contains a cylinder full of ash and human bone fragments. I assume this deconstruction of form is a way for your species to travel greater distances through the stars due to your limited capacity for large spaceships and distance travel. Quite similar to the Quaxilains from the Centuri district of the galaxy, though I did not know your species had reached such advancements yet. Please instruct us in how to revive your colleague so we may interrogate him as well.”

“No, dude, whoever that was is dead. Probably some astronaut or scientist who paid to have their cremated remains shot into space once they died.”

“You told us that your species buried your dead, why did you lie to us?”

“No, I said that MY family buried our relatives. Never said the whole species did it. Sometimes we burn them, then scatter their ashes in places they loved, plant them with a tree, use them to make diamonds, shoot them into space, whatever. Lotta options.”

“I had no idea your death rituals were so…extensive.”

“Just wait until I tell you about mummification.”

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NASA just graduated its newest class of astronauts. Out of the over 18,300 applicants from all around the United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, there are the 12 who were selected. For those doing the math, that puts the odds of being selected at less than 1 in 1,500. 2017’s class is full of incredibly talented people with backgrounds ranging from engineering, the Navy, the Marines, to geoscience. One of the most exciting parts? Roughly half of them are women!

Jessica Watkins may be a new astronaut, but she isn’t new to space exploration. Already exploring Mars as part of the JPL team that operates the Curiosity rover, the Stanford graduate enjoys a rich life outside of work. With a Ph.D. from UCLA and a postdoctorate from Caltech working to discover Mars’ geological history, Watkins also writes short stories, flies planes, and plays rugby.

All these “humans are the weird ones” posts always assume humans are the everyman, and talk in slang and colloquialisms, while the aliens in these posts, for some reason, always talk in scientific terms and technobabble. Why? I mean, why would human scientists and astronauts suddenly stop talking in scientific terms, or the other way, why would aliens talk in these scientific terms in situations where humans use colloquial, or simple language? Why not the other way round?

“Excuse me, crewman Qlurx?”

“Yes, crewman Smith?”

“The electron microscope is broken. Do you know who can fix it?”

“I’m sorry, the what?”

“The…electron microscope. You know, the white machine in the lab that we use to examine organic specimens?”


“…the plants and mushrooms.”

“Ooooooh, you mean the ‘Look At Small Things Machine’! Sure, I’ll send a thing repairer over to look at it.”

“…okay. Good thing that’s settled then. I was afraid there was a problem with your xenotranslation module.”


“…ear talking thing.”


black astronauts who have traveled into space [x]

I’ve been super busy with other projects this month and had planned to do a bunch of illustrations for Black History Month, but my schedule never really permitted it.

However, I’m entering some more free time, so I first decided to do a portrait of Mae Jemison, one of my favorite ladies! Mae is a scientist, astronaut, physician, dancer, actress, and the first black woman to ever go into outer space! 

She’s a wonderful woman who stood up to racial inequality and sexism in her field. A real icon! 

apparently two frontrunners in the 13th doctor’s casting are hayley atwell and vicky mcclure and they’re both fine but

fuck, man. after 55 years they finally deign to consider casting a woman in the role and we go for young and sexy? the doctor is face-blind and alien, with poor social graces and an inescapable sense of otherness. it’s a great part and we’ve seen it taken up by everyone from young-and-pretty peter davison to punk rock grandpa peter capaldi, the men can be young, old, ugly, attractive, goofy, serious, vicious, almost human, but women always, always, ALWAYS have to be young and beautiful. we have to be young and beautiful scientists, doctors, astronauts. we have to be young and beautiful teachers, nurses, artists, designers. we have to be young and beautiful superheroes, secret agents, princesses, villains. even when slated to play an alien we have to be young and beautiful

tbh casting a young and beautiful white woman is only FRACTIONALLY better than just going with another white man. go with an older woman! go with a woman of color! go with a gay woman, a trans woman, an unconventionally attractive woman! why does it always have to be like this
Women in Science You Should Be Following On Social Media
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Hey check out who made the list ;) 

This list does a great job of covering a bunch of different fields within STEM so even if you are not interested in space there will be something for you!