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30 Rock: Liz Lemon [INFJ]

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Liz focuses a lot on the future. She’s constantly day dreaming about the future, including her improbable day dream fixation, the boyfriend she made up for herself, Astronaut Mike Dexter. She also dreams that she’ll have kids, be more successful in her career, and finally get a true hold on her cast. Even though she’s pessimistic most of the time, she also just senses and knows that she will find her prince (or astronaut), unwilling to believe the TGS moms that she just needs to go ahead and settle down and that she’s already met “The One” (“The Moms”, 4x20). This does, in fact, come true when she finally meets Criss.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Liz can seem unhealthy and selfish with her Fe, as she has learned how to manipulate people when necessary, especially Jenna, who she has known for years. Liz knows just what to say when she has to get Jenna to leave her dressing room or get her to participate in a sketch she refuses to do in order to act up (“The Shower Principle”, 6x15). She also has trouble, like many Fe users, controlling her emotions, such as in “The C Word” (1x14). In the episode, an employee calls her the c-word and she is horrified, so she decides to be as nice as possible, only to be taken advantage of which leads her to crying hysterically in front of her crew. She gets angry rather easily, especially when her food is involved, and will yell at the crew or even Jack when she gets worked up. She also is extremely stubborn, often refusing to back down or admit she’s wrong, even if it’s just hurting herself in the end (“Double-Edged Sword”, 5x14). Though she can seem selfish and stubborn, she also truly cares for all of her friends and family, though she tends to try to cheer people up through making jokes they might find rude instead of offering sympathy (as pointed out by Jack in “Reunion”, 3x05). She’s still willing to comfort the best she can, even if it just means giving Jack a simple hug or distracting the crowd when he embarrasses himself at a conference (“Retreat to Move Forward”, 3x09). In the end, she’s a truly warm person and is the mother of TGS not just because she provides rules and regulations but because she’s there to support her cast and crew when they need her. 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): While her life seems like a mess, she tries her best to streamline everything and organize everyone, especially her crew. Liz accepts Jack’s offer of mentorship eventually when she realizes he can help her organize her life. While she’s very messy, she values organization at work, even though she never receives it. When she and Criss are trying to have a baby, she realizes that what her sex life was missing all along was organization and as soon as she starts organizing it with the rest of her work schedule she, for the first time in her life, starts to look forward to sex (“Governor Dunston”, 7x02). She loves thinking through her ideas, especially with close friends like Jack, and she’s always there to help him think through problems the best she can.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): While Liz hates exercising, there is one sense she absolute loves to enjoy and indulge: taste. Liz’s love of food and junk food is referenced so many times it’s impossible to note them all, but a special note should be made of the fact she at so much offbrand cheese puffs (Sabor de Soledad), she missed her period and received a false positive on multiple pregnancy tests (“Cooter”, 2x15). She an be overwhelmed when too much is going on, leading her to seek meditation as a way to calm down everyone from the show coming to her for help or permission (“The Shower Principle”, 6x15). She’s often led to be exhausted from stimulation at work, leaving her no time to invest in her personal life.

muffinerd  asked:

Yoh dude wanna cry about hoechlin with me T.T

Oh dear, *hugs*. We must be strong. Trust me, I’ve cried like a baby yesterday and it’s ok to do so. I’m not even that attached to the show as I was, but Derek is… my baby XD. 

I’m happy for our Hoech though, and I can’t blame him for wanting to find something that will give him more than 5 minutes every episode and a plot that doesn’t revolve only around a new love interest.

And if you’re worried about sterek, don’t be.

The TW pr will finally stop baiting, making false promises and then treating us as the “unwanted” ones.

Also, we’ve literally had one sterek scene in 3b and one in this last season. 

Did it stop us? I don’t think so.

We make the calls in this world, a world where Allison is alive, Erica and Boyd are going to marry soon, Jackson is still douchey but Lydia can fix him with a glare, Scott has finally watched Star Wars and wonders when the Sheriff and his mom are going to tell him they’re “dating” and……. Stiles and Derek are in college, cops, single dads, astronauts, firefighters, princes, but still our same ol’ idiots in love. :)

 Quite frankly, the show could have never topped what this fandom has created in the first place. They never stood a chance :)

So yeah, stay strong dear <3 

And stay strong fandom.