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Tag yourself, I’m the pants-less astronaut.

Bad pick up lines meme

The 100 fandom, you guys are hilarious…please don’t stop making the bad pick up lines meme!

And if you don’t know what I am talking about, I’ve compiled a list for you:

bellamyhblake  asked:

Fwb au. Which I know you've done before. But I always want fwb au's. Alternatively, ex-sex where they're broken up but can't get enough of each other.

It starts when he strikes out with this gorgeous redhead. Clarke claps him on the back and says, “It’s probably because you’re so ugly.”

“You’re a good friend,” he says.

“I’m the best friend,” she agrees. “I’m such a good friend I’ll blow you. To make you feel better.”

He chokes on his drink. “Sorry, what?” She cannot possibly have said that. It was something else. Something that rhymes with blow. Show, maybe. She’ll show him–something. A funny cat meme or something. That’s what friends do when their friends get shot down. Not–

“I’ll suck your dick,” Clarke says, thumping him on the back. “Since no one else is going to.”

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I rly want to write a helllsing fic where NASA is just like “pls let us send alucard into space…pls…let us shoot a vampire into space….u have two let us blast one off the planet……………”

also bc helllsing is sci fi as shit and im mad not enough ppl write sci fi fics for it

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I really love your blog! Anyway, do you have any recommendation for USUK fics with astronaut!Alfred or anything space theme? I've been listening to the song 'Space Oddity' and I just can't stop thinking of space-themed USUK xD

Thank you! I completely agree with you on the importance of David Bowie and space-themed USUK. Have you seen Labyrinth? It’s the best movie ever made starring David Bowie and his tight, tight pants.


Space Theme

  • Stars (by fakiagirl) - Alfred makes a strange new friend on the spaceship Britannia.
  • Beauty in the Unknown (by No Pain No Gain) - Arthur discovers an amazing AI with a secret…
  • Mission Accomplished (by Zo One) - “They had surrendered themselves to the fact that they would drift through space forever, trapped in stasis. Luckily for them, Naval Chief Emma Peeters believes in happy endings.”
  • To the End of the Universe (by EverythingIsMagic) - “The year is 2650. Many things have changed, but just as many remain the same. America and England, for example, still hate goodbyes and love each other.”
The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… The Latest Fashion Sucks.

Have you ever wondered what science is happening on board station? What opportunities are there for scientists? What benefits will the science bring? What experiments are on board and what in the world where the results? Check out NASA’s International Research and Technology web page to answer all these questions!

What better way to introduce you to the world of science happening on board the International Space Station than to introduce you to Liz Warren, Ph.D., one of the NASA Village scientists!

Liz says, “I think I was born to be a scientist! I have always been inquisitive about the world around me and I have always been full of questions. My parents fostered that curiosity, encouraged me to explore, and provided me with every opportunity to learn.”  Liz describes her career journey as one that was all about choices. She thought she would have to choose between NASA and becoming a biologist/physiologist. Then she learned about a space shuttle mission dedicated to space life sciences and realized she could do both. Liz devotes her career, not only to science, but communicating the science to others. Who said a scientist couldn’t do it all!

The latest fashion onboard the International Space Station sucks in a good way. Spaceflight affects the human body in some strange ways; bones get weaker, muscles get weaker, the heart gets weaker, the immune system is dysregulated, and there are other changes as well. We want space travelers to be functional when they land back on Earth (or on Mars), so NASA villagers work very hard on countermeasures to mitigate those changes.

So why is this fashion being studied in space? Perhaps you have noticed that astronauts in space look a little, well puffy? Without gravity’s influence on blood circulation, fluids accumulate in the upper body. This redistribution may be contributing to vision impairment in some astronauts as pressure may be elevated behind the eyes and around the optic nerves. The Russian chibis suit is designed to counteract the tendency for fluids to gather in the upper body by applying lower body negative pressure. Chibis works like a household vacuum cleaner to suck astronauts into the pants, load the bottoms of their feet, and expand veins and tissues of the lower body. By sucking blood and other body fluids back to the lower body, swelling in the face and elevated pressure in heads of astronauts may be avoided.

The yearlong mission embarked upon by Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko will be the first to test these pants out as part of the Fluid Shifts investigation, one of the most complex experiments undertaken by astronauts living aboard station. Fluid Shifts seeks to test the relationship between the head-ward fluid shift and a pattern NASA calls visual impairment and intracranial pressure syndrome (VIIP). VIIP involves changes in vision, the structure of the eyes and indirect signs of increased pressure in the brain. More than half of American astronauts have experienced VIIP symptoms during long spaceflights.

So why might you care about these rubber space pants? The results are expected to improve our understanding of how intracranial pressure impacts eye shape and vision. This could benefit people confined to long term bed rest or suffering from a disease that creates swelling/pressure in the brain.

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Perhaps you don’t want to regularly check on a website to be in the know? That is totally fine because NASA offers a list serve for new updates. Get the milestones delivered straight to your mailbox!

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Next time on the NASA Village… A Water Day.

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