astronaut b

Imagine your OTP 4

Person A is a complete space nerd. They want to go to space and become an astronaut.

Person B wants to protect people, and fight for world peace.

Person a and b fall in live and eventually they both go to their jobs. Person a stays at the I international space station longer then person b has to go to training, so b is at home alone.

But then on person B’s birthday, they get a call from space. They see A floating around in the space station laughing and giggling with b through the screen.


» astronaut (cartoon multicrossover & au: b-day collab)

who did what:
me (Nod x Marianne; Epic x Strange Magic)
DannyPhantomSG1 (Hiccup x Anna; How to Train your Dragon x Frozen)
Dzhelina (Kristoff x Rapunzel; Frozen x Tangled)
asorti495 (Hiccup x Merida; How to Train your Dragon x Brave)
Mad Valentine (Tadashi x Elsa; Big Hiro 6 x Frozen)
Animefreaknya (Flynn x Anna; Tangled x Frozen)
me (Hans x Elsa; Frozen)
Callthisanything (Hiro x Vanellope; Big Hiro 6 x Wreck-It Ralph)
me (Pitch x Emily; Rise of the Guardians x The Corpse Bride)

Astronauts, etc. are one of the most consistent bands I have had the pleasure of finding. I’ve yet to hear something in my 3 years of following that I’ve come to dislike. Eye to Eye is just the latest to add to their well-stacked repertoire. 

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