2016 went to like a truck stop, like off out in the middle of nowhere, went to like a bathroom and on the wall it said “call for love at 12:00 pm,” and then just a big hairy anus dude came in and then 2016 was just, 2016 didn’t even flinch. It just went in, fucking spread those ass cheeks apart and went to town on that hairy ass.
—  Jacksepticeye: Astroneer #4 - 1/5/17

Rough Painting thing of Jacksepticeye and Pixlpit playing Astroneer :D This game looks so gorgeous and fun. I can’t play it on my mac but I can watch someone else till I figure something out. And damn is that rover jaunty it flies off at the slightest nudge. I honestly want to see what happens if you ride it in a sandstorm or if you can tie someone down on it XD

Should I lower the saturation? I feel like it might be too loud…


I’ve been playing Astroneer, which is like a space version of Minecraft with a dash of No Man’s Sky, and the cute charm of Animal Crossing. It’s in pre-Alpha, so it’s still a bit bare bones, but I’ve managed to sink over 8 hours into it in less than a week (which is a big deal given my work schedule). It’s really easy to play with friends, and it doesn’t really get boring because the game generates as you play. It’s a lot of fun and so far the devs have been super swift with fixing game breaking bugs. I can’t wait to see where this little game goes!

Hello everybody! So this is a little fanart of @therealjacksepticeye ’s gameplay of Astroneer with @pixlpit . I absolutely loved the colors in the game! I know it’s not the best drawing I’ve ever done but I was trying to experiment with lights and glow thingys. Hope you like it!!!
And sorry if I’m bothering to much with the fanart😅
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Have you thought of doing a small cute animation from the Astroneer videos??????

Nah, making an animation of myself feels a bit too narcissistic, I’ll leave that to anyone else if they feel like it :P