[MafiaSubs Update] Jay's movie, Themselves, subbing process

Hi Guys! @jean22s (Jean) here!

I just want you guys to know that Jay’s movie will be a week or two delay due to the fact that my dad hid my computer because he thinks that my computer was the cause of me going to the hospital.


So…. I wish you guys won’t get mad at these unkept promises I’ve been making for the past 2 weeks.

I hope you guys understand.

I’ll make up an excuse so that he’ll give me back my computer.

I promise it’ll be out before February ends.

(or I’ll give it to you guys as a Valentine’s gift *wink*)

Sorry again!

- Subbing Coordinator Jean


제목: 늦은밤에ㅠㅠ

이제 조금만 있으면 여러분들 볼수있겠네요!!!! 

우리 덕진이랑 저랑 생일이라고 축하해주셔서 고마워요!! 

항상 감사드리구 곁에 있을순없었지만 꿋꿋히 자리를 지켜준 여러분들이 빨리 보고싶네요!! 

생일은 생일이다보니 잠이 안오네요ㅠㅠ 

여러분들이 써준 축하글이나 편지 하나하나 읽다보니 또 울컥해서ㅠㅠ….. 

그렇게 사랑을 주시는 만큼 

정말 저도 더욱 열심히해서 

더더욱 큰 사랑을 드릴께요 

항상 건강이 중요하니까요!! 
몸건강히 잘챙기시고!! 
그리고 시험기간이잖아요^^ 
시험준비잘하시고 100점맞아서 
부모님께 칭찬도 받고!! 

이제 그만 저도 자야될거같아요^^ 
좋은 꿈꾸시구요!! 

사랑합니다 여러분.. 
얼른 보러갈테니까 5일만 기달려!!

Title: Late at NightTT TT

I’ll be able to see everyone soon!!!! 

Thank you for congratulating me and Deokjin** for our birthdays!! 

(T/N: **Deokjin is Hyuchul/Karam’s former name before his mom changed it ^^)

We’re always thankful and even though we haven’t been by your side, I really want to see the fans that have kept our spot safe!!

Because a birthday is a birthday, I can’t seem to fall asleep TT TT

Reading all the birthday messages and letter is making me a bit sad TT TT….. 

As much love as you guys are giving me 

I will work even harder and 

I will give you more and more love 

Because health is always important!! 
You have to take care of yourself!! 
And it’s testing time^^ 
Study well for your test and get 100
And get approval from your parents!! 

Now, I think it’s about time I should go to sleep too^^ 
Dream good dreams!! 

I love you everyone.. 
We’ll return quickly and see you guys so wait just 5 more days!! 

Source: Official Fancafe
Translator: 대국남아 사랑해!~ ♥ @